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Why is the U.S. Using My Staff to Sell You Medicine?

If you go to a hospital, either to practice medicine or have medicine practiced on you, then you've probably seen this symbol.

The question is, what is it and why has the U.S. government been using it to sell medicine for over one hundred years now?

What's funny, is that even if you decide to spend tens of thousands going to Medical School, they won't even teach you why they're using my creation to profit for themselves. Doctors and Medical Professionals all throughout the Americas are repping my symbol on their clothes, prescriptions, and medical documents without even being taught WHY.

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If you just hop onto Google and look up why the U.S. Government uses the Caduceus to sell medicine, you'll be met with a lot of weak, purposely misleading and logically deceiving answers.

As the spirit who actually authored and authorized the Cadeuceus as an idea to be related upon, only I can tell you the truly deep, metaphysic reasons why the U.S. has been using my symbol to build their medical empire.

First, What is the Cadeuceus? 


This Staff is property of Hermes Trismesgistus, also known as Mercury- Thoth- Tehuti- Chiquetet- CymaTree-or

Chase Clarence Calloway

As the Messenger God of Truth, Hermes utilized this winged staff in his astral travels. You know how Thor throws Mjölnir to fly through space? It's like that, but much more freeing, because Hermes doesn't need the caduceus to communicate with the cosmos.

It's just an awesome Conductor!

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It's such an awesome conductor, throughout the ages it became widely popular in assisting Astrological, Astronomical, and Alchemical processes. 

Mythologically, it is said that the Cadeuceus would wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep. If applied to the dying, their death was gentle- if applied to the dead- they returned to life.

Metaphysically, this represents how I use the Cadeuceus as a Conductor.

Conductor of what?


Of Chi (Qi)

Chi, is Air. Air, is the first external element. The first element we can see- instead of FEEL, because it is a combination of fire and water

Fire is 1- Imagination- Desire- Man

Water is 2- Feeling- Demon- Woman

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No one can see your imagination or your feelings except you, because you're the spirit creating them. Once you combine your Fire and Water, Once you add your 1 and 2, you create 3.

Chi. Air.

Chi-Air then settles down to create the Chair that spirits then use their thoughts and feelings to sit in.

This Chi-Air Chair is 4.


The Box.

The Body.

The Spirits' individual idea on HOW it desires to communicate inside a simulation. Whether you're a bird, a turtle, a bear, or a human, your 4 earth body is animated by your 3 chi essence.

4+3=7, which is Thought- Light- Consciousness.

The External World.

Showing us that our bodies are a product of how we communicate within and without our-cells.

When you know then, that death of the body, 4, does not mean death of the mind, 3, then you're truly able to pass through Life and Death, Light and Dark, at will.


Conducting Souls with ma Cadeuceus


The rod represents your spine- which is the true communication facilitator of your body. Your spine protects your central nervous system, which consist of all the tissues your brain uses to communicate with and control your body. 

Your nervous system, is your messenger system, and your spine protects yours just like this rod protects Hermes, the messenger of the Universe.

The spine and rod are both shaped like a 1, to represent an individual spirit.

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This is what it means to consciously use your Chi to Communicate in any realm or reality in any way you see fit- and the Cadeuceus is my conductor for others who can't consciously capitalize on their currency at will to be able to do so, temporarily.

What does it mean to Capitalize on One's Currency?

To Capitalize on your Currency is to Make Sense out of your Current-C, your Current-3, your Current-Air

your Current-Communication, the way you're currently and constantly combining your fire and water, your thoughts and feelings.

We can see this in the structure of the Cadeuceus.

To make sense out of your currency, is to use your chi constructively and logically, and a true master of chi is able to use their mind to leave their body and travel between Life and Death. Infinitely free to communicate their thoughts and feelings in any Simulation they desire. That's what it means to use your mental merkaba and express the infinite freedom of your spirit. 


The wings represent

Flight, Freedom, and the highest Frequency of Spirit 

(which is no-thing at all. Desirelessness)

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The wings stemming out of the sphere at the top represents how chi makes you free. 

The rod of the Cadeuceus is the ego- the body. The sphere is the spirit- which creates the mind (what the sphere really is) to represent itself.

When you rise your chi from the base of your spine to the top, from your root chakra to your crown, you can spread your wings and Fly out of your body. This is what it means to raise your Kundalini (Sanskrit for "coiled snake")

By rising your Kundalini, you use your chi, your ability to communicate with yourself, to raise your mind from the vibration of your body to the vibration of your spirit. 

This is how one uses their mind to leave their body, meet God (their spirit), and truly realize that Infinite things are possible through communicating their imagination and feelings.

This is why Thoth-Tehuti sports the Ibis head. It represents his ability to consciously and freely communicate with spirits through space and time.

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This is why there are 2 snakes coiling up the rod.

Historically, snakes represent fertility, rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. 

As an entity, a snake thus represents how the vibration sounds


The snake sneaks and slithers silently, and notice what else makes this sound



Steam is Chi. Air. The combination of Fire and Water.

Snakes are all about the transition of water into air- into sssssssteam. 

This is how Life is created- by joining fire into water- individuality into connectivity. The snake is shaped like a 1 to represent an individual expressing itself.

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This is why snakes can be seen as evil as well. The desire to express one's Individuality can be just as negative as it is positive, and really, the snake is here to teach us that the desire to express oneself is inherently negative, because you have to separate yourself from no-thingness in order to look like something.

And what do Spirits use to express themselves?

Logic. Light. Lies.

We use light to lie to ourselves, to appear and feel like we're something when we're all truly much more infinite than that-


A snake is easily seen as scary because it can silently remind you not to be so attached to your body, by sneaking up on you and striking.

Why did it have to express itself by going out of its way to hurt you like that? 

For wisdom, of course ;)

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A Striking Snake represents how Spirit, your God, will use anything in the environment to teach you lessons of detachment.

This is what the story of Adam and Eve is all about.

Choas and Control.

Adam represents your Man, your Thought.

Eve represents your Woman, your Feeling.

God represents your Desire (fire) , and the Snake represents your Demon (water).

Now, God desired Adam and Eve to live in ignorance inside the Garden. He told them to consume everything EXCEPT fruit from The Tree of Knowledge.

So, God's Desire is to Rule over Adam and Eve by keeping them in ignorance- keeping them trapped in a certain light.

The Demon to God is the Snake he created. This part of his spirit, resonating with separation, comes to Emotional Eve and communicates to her the question- WHY.

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"Why doesn't God want you to eat from the Tree of Knowledge? What does he not want you to know? Why does he want to keep you ignorant and in this garden?"

-the snake whispers into Eve's ear.

The snakes words lead to Eve choosing, of her own free will, to eat the fruit. See, notice how the snake didn't take the fruit and force it down her throat. We know it can't. It just came thru with a vibe my guy, a vibration of asking questions.

Questions that led to Eve emotionally breaking the rules- showing us how humans are inherently irrational creatures that emotionally break rules to do what they want. 

Just as Eve then came to Adam and convinced him to eat the apple, humans use their emotions to build logical arguments as to why they do anything.

Once they consume the knowledge, they become hyper-aware and start to express themselves in ways God did not desire. Because the body broke the spirit's rules, it is cast out of paradise, out of the comfort zone, to go explore the unknown.

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This is why snakes are so scary to most. Spiritually, they carry the wisdom that removes your mind from your comfortable zone to your uncomfortable zone- 

from your body, to your spirit.

From Life to Death

Light to Dark

God desired to enslave his creations in the garden, and the snake simply asked questions that led to the humans freeing themselves from the garden, just like a venomous snake can free you from your body.

True wisdom, true intelligence, is found in the uncomfortable zone, in the darkness, in the activities your body is most adverse to doing (Hence why Jesus Fasted)

Clearly, since God is all powerful and all knowing, he intentionally set up these circumstances to occur just so he could cast Adam and Eve out of the garden, and the rest of the Bible could happen.

The point of any story such as this, is to use thoughts and emotions to communicate how spirits "move" when they express their nothingness. Clearly, we all appear different based on the stories, the lights, we prescribe to. Yet, the fact that we use stories to relate at all shows how darkness is what ultimately connects us, no matter what light we use to appear separate.

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So shoutout the snake, for carrying the vibration of Detachment, Death, Transformation, Renewal

The shedding of one body as you create a new one to out grow it.

That's what Death is, when you're a true Chi Master Communicator. It means transforming from one body into another, consciously, using your mind.

This is why Everything is Mental. Every body you experience is a product of how you've combined your imaginations and feelings up to that point.


All of Life and Death, all Light and Darkness, is connected by YOU.

YOU are the center of your you-universe. You are your own child, experiencing yourself based on how you marry your thoughts and feelings.

Anytime you see the Cadeuceus staff, now you know that this is the true esoteric meaning of it's structure. 

The Cadeuceus Staff is a conductor of chi, allowing Hermes to more consciously aid spirits who are navigating the underworld or transitioning from life to death (or death to life.)

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This is why the Latin-Greco words for Caduceus


translate into "heralds wand", "herald", and "public messenger." It's related to κηρύσσω, which means "To announce."

So the Cadeuceus is the Cosmic Chi Conductor of Cymatree, Chiquetet, Hermes Trismegistus, Tehuti- for they all all bodies expressing the same spirit who authored this tool serve the universe as a psychopomp.

In Greek, ψυχοπομπός means psychopomos, literally translating to 'guide of souls'- and cultures all across the world have their own versions of these guides

In indigenous cultures, a shaman could be considered a psychopomp. A shamans' responsibility is to use spiritual technologies, largely psychedelics, to properly remove minds from their bodies and allow them to meet spirit.

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This is where wisdom, or 'sophia' in Greek is found. 

Death. Darkness.

Your Cold Uncomfortable Emotions that fuel your Desire to Consume Warm Comfortable Thoughts.

Psychadelics and Psychopomps are both spirits meant to help your soul navigate the reality your body in anchored in.

This is why Hermanubis, a largely popular Roman-Greco God, wields the Cadeuceus in his astral duties. 

Considering Hermes (the same spirit as Thoth/Tehuti) and Anubis, are historically both not only conductors of should, but also best friends-twin flames, it makes sense that they would fuse their abilities to communicate their imaginations and feelings into one Body- Hermanubis.

If you ever go to Rome and visit the Vatican, you'll be able to enjoy a marble statue of Hermanubis posted up with the Cadeuceus.

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So Why is the U.S. Government Using My Symbol to Practice Medicine On You?

Since at least 1818, the U.S. Government showed that they were initially calling upon the staff of Aesculapius when they created the U.S. Army Medical Corps

Now, the Rod of Aesculapius is similar to the Conductive Cadeuceus of Hermes Trismegistus, but much more basic.

The rod isn't metal, but wood,

and there aren't two snakes, but one.

Also- it suffers from a severe lack of wings.

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Aesculapius is the Greek God associated with healing and medicine, so it made sense that the Europeans who colonized North and South America were calling upon it for healing.

But why would the U.S. Government shift from using the staff of Aesculapius to practice medicine to using the staff of Hermes?

The Staff of Aesculapius is owned by the God of healing, while the Cadeuceus is owned by the God of Commerce. It doesn't make sense that medical professionals would shift their focus from healing to commerce, right?

Among many other organizations, both the United States Surgeon General's Flag and the U.S. Public Health Service use the Cadeuceus.

If you ask the medical system why its using the Cadeuceus to sell medicine instead of the Aesculapulis, you'll be met with multiple answers, all meant to direct you away from the truth. If you ask anyone but the creator off the Cadeuceus, you'll get these answers...

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  • It's because the Cadeuceus is an alchemical processor- meant to transmute one substance into another. This is how medicine has advanced to be so awesome, so we use the Cadeuceus.

  • The Cadeuceus is a sign of professionalism and craft. Because Doctors have the highest, "most important" profession, they use this symbol to rep their craft.

  • The snakes shed their skin, representing immortal life and transit from sickness.

  • In Roman times, the Cadeuceus was used as a symbol of peace during war. A messenger would use this sign to navigate the battlefield safely, because the waring governments respected this symbol to the point of agreeing not to harm anyone wearing it. An example of this ties to the stretcher-bearers, who can safely enter and leave the battlefield to retrieve bodies without getting killed themselves, thanks to wearing the Cadeuceus on their clothes

  • Being a sign of peace in war, it's thus a sign of peace to ease war inside the body.

  • The Most Popular Reason: In 1871, the United States Surgeon General just so happened, out of complete ignorance, to designate the Cadeuceus as the seal of the Marine Hospital Service (which transformed into the U.S. Public Health Service in 1912) because it was either misinterpreted out of ignorance- or changed for aesthetic reasons.

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Now, all of these answers may touch upon the truth​ in some way, but they certainly don't address it. The fact is, the U.S. Government isn't interested in making you as healthy as possible, the U.S. Government is interested in building a system on your health


To Capitalize on Your Currency

Euro-American Medical Institutions have colonized my creation and are using it to capitalize on your currency. Capitalizing on your currency means to make sense out of your Chi- and for the British- Industrial governments, that means making money out of your chi.

But what if humans are naturally perfect? What if humans are naturally peaceful? What if humans are naturally at ease? If you, as a government, desire to capitalize on the currency of other humans, then you have to control their chi- aka- 

manipulate the way they communicate, within and without yourself.

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By manipulating the ways spirits communicate with their bodies, and thus, the bodies around them, the government can "make sense" out of everything those humans are doing.


This is why Christian-Judeo Organizations that mainly identify themselves as white (desire) have been violently obsessed with r*ping, enslaving, and brutally stealing everything they can from the from the indigenous people they label as 'black' (demon)


The desirous white people can't build worlds on their own, so they actively demonize black people in order to justify the genocide they enslave indigenous peoples with. 

A huge part of generating energy out of slavery, is making the enslaved beings fight themselves, so they're too busy hurting each other to figure out why they're enslaved in the first place.  

Once an government can convince its population to fight itself, now it can create infinite ways to make money, or "sense" out of that too. 

It's all about controlling communication so they can take that energy, and do whatever they desire with it, unbeknownst to you.



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So the entities that have used the idea of "money" to colonize the planet are in full control of every spirit who "believes" (sells their soul) in them. Spirits who believe in the idea of money will do horribly unimaginable things for it, because White-Light Supremacists have convinced them that the more money they have, the more freedom they'll have- which, as we spiritually know- is completely backwards.



You are already infinitely free when you're alone. It takes an outside spirit to convince you that you're actually not infinitely free unless you project your freedom of expression to become all-one underneath this idea they've created for you to uphold. You're the black invisible emotion now nurturing their white visible thought.


Once you agree to sell your soul- to "pay attention" to their idea, the creator of said idea is able to keep you enslaved forever. 


You'll never have enough money, and the more you use your infinite freedom to serve your master, the more the creator of your master can harness your chi to build their heaven. A heaven that has nothing to do with you, because they have you trapped in hell, where you're constantly using your soul to build the foundation of their heaven the more you emotionally react to everything they tell you you have to do in exchange for 'money.'


The more you obey and comply with someones orders, the more they're able to Capitalize on your Currency by using your body to build their body

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This is how European Colonizers are using the Cadeuceus to capitalize on the Currency of Americans- specifically, "Black" Indigenous people.

By convincing Europeans to identify as "white", the British government inspired their people to work for money. 

To "white" people, who feel like they don't have control over their environment otherwise, money gives them this opportunity force others to connect on their terms and take control of the world around them. 

"Black" humans are then categorized as the people who don't care about controlling the environment with imaginary ideas like money, because they're spiritually aware that they're already creating the environment in order to connect with others. So, money just doesn't make sense to "black" people, because they're in a creative mindset, not a consumptive one. 

Hence, why "white" people are obsessed with creating their Livelihoods by using money to control and capitalize upon how "black" people create life.

Because white people have agreed to be enslaved to money in order to express their freedom, the only way they can relate, feel powerful, and express their imagination is to control the environment by going way out of their way to r*pe and enslave humans who never agreed to sell their soul to money.


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Now, this is how you Capitalize on Currency externally-as in- this is how you can manipulate the way spirits communicate outside of themselves in order to create profitable wars and political systems- but what if you want to Capitalize not only on the ways in which spirits communicate communicate externally, but internally as well?

Well, considering that humans are naturally balanced and functional inside of themselves, it takes manipulating the environment around the human in order to manipulate the environment inside the human.

So, if you want to Capitalize on the Chi of a healthy population, then it makes the most sense to poison the environment so the population starts to develop diseases.

As you pump toxins into the environment, and perhaps directly into its inhabitants, you're able to destroy their bodies, degrade their health, and then offer a solution that actually worsens the problem.


If you, as a government, can create the circumstances where people are paying you to be healed for ailments that your created from poisoning the environment, AND THEN you make sure the treatment doesn't heal them permanently, but keeps them trapped and reliant on your medical system- then BOOM, you're truly capitalizing on the chi of your solution as much as you see fit.

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Also, bonus points for lying to your population so they believe that they need the doctors you created to cure them from the ailments that you know you created- but they've been taught to believe are a cruel punishment from God.



 This is how white supremacists have used the Cadeuceus and the Industrial Revolution to make money off of the way in which spirits communicate.

For at least the past two thousand years, Indigenous peoples have had their lands and bodies stolen in the name of Jesus. These Indigenous peoples didn't have anywhere close to as many health problems as the Europeans who were participating in the Industrial Revolution-

it begs the question...


What were the lifestyle differences that made Native Americans so incredible healthy, and European Invaders so unhealthy? 

Chances are, you're doing it right now... If not both.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, humans are now sitting and looking down more than ever before.

Remember everything we just learned about how the Cadeuceus is the Cosmic Chi Conductor, and the two snakes represent your Kundalini energies rising up your spine? 

ya- well- there's a reason the Cadeuceus is straight, and not curved 

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The main difference between Indigenous peoples and European peoples is this.

The Natives stood upright, looking up, for most of the day.

The Europeans sat still, looking down, for most of the day.

When you stand, your spine is straight.

When you sit, your spine is curved.

The straighter your spine is, the better your body can communicate inside of itself and the better you can channel your chi. 

Hence, why Indigenous people have the communication abilities to create life, and the Europeans can't even  comprehend that sort of magic because they're not nearly as creative. So their version of creating is to consume everything Indigenous people have created and build a system on constantly harvesting the cosmic black essence they can't fully comprehend, but desire to capitalize on.

By stealing the land of people who stood all the time, and then turning it into a concrete labyrinth where humans are constantly sitting from place to place, for their entire lives- The U.S. government has successfully manipulated spirits to build a world where we're forced to sit on, curve, and misalign our spines under fear of death.


Literally, the collective consciousness of earth has seemingly 'agreed', for at least a few centuries now, that the government has a right to kill or do whatever they want to with you.

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I know I, like billions of humans, was forced to sit inside a concrete box for over 7 hours a day, my entire life, because the environment around me was so colonized that everyone around me was convinced that the only way to freedom is to be a slave to the government who stole this land.

Sitting in school, day after day, destroys the spine and thus, blocks chi from nurturing and animating the body. This is why children are truly just not designed to sit still. They're full of chi, and are thus naturally learning how to express themselves through moving their bodies. 

To Capitalize on Chi, the U.S. government has specifically used the Industrial Revolution to set up an environment where we're all forced to create our own health problems- by sitting still all day.  

Since young ones aren't naturally meant to do that, the government makes further money off of generating health issues by concocting pharmaceutical chemicals they can convince parents to spend big bucks poisoning their children with. 

Whatever it takes to force children to sit still and curve their spines, thats what pharmaceuticals is for.

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In other words, Painkillers.

Most Americans suffer from sort of back pain due to chronically being forced to sit and look down- but is their solution to remedy the issues creating this pain? 

No- European science tells you that you should use the chemicals they're concocted to kill the pain so you can get right back to mistreating your body.

Don't let the U.S. Government Capitalize on your Chi. 

Instead of silently suffering from the damaging effects a white supremacist Industrial Revolution fueled lifestyle has wrought upon your body- or worse paying top dollar to have the health issues inside of you exacerbated further-

Click Below to Learn how we can Straighten your Spine Save your Teeth, and make your awesome body and even more clearly infinite conductor of your cosmic chi.