If you have not learned about numbers In MAGIC MATH, then CLICK HERE. (I highly suggest going there first) In Always Ascending Architects & The Building Blocks Of Life, we've covered how Numbers, which Numb-Her to her feelings, are used by all spirits, universally, to ground & "make sense" of their connections. Once spirits use numbers to numb-her to her feelings, & step out of their own water, they can now start believing in being a body & evolve from there. 


This is where letters come into play. Letters, literally, Let-Her play. more specifically- let her feel, after numbers separated her. 


  • First, spirits are alone in their imaginative feelings, alone in their spaces -(FIRE)-

  • Second, they count the seconds, aka. Use numbers to separate from their feelings -(WATER)-

  • Third, they create letters, which let her use numbers to feel connected with others -(AIR)-

As air, in this magic square, letters allow spirits to use numbers to carry the intentions of their imagination, meaning that the order, or sequence in which the letters of an alphabet fall are no coincidence. Letters are air. words are earth. Words only matter BECAUSE of letters- like your body only matters BECAUSE of your mind.

In Dissect Da Dialect- we're exploring how the order of the letters in the English alphabet spell out the subconscious ways in which spirits use numbers to connect with one another, & what the intentions behind each letter ARE. So, if you want to learn how to communicate much more consciously, then simply read, watch, listen, absorb, & reflect.



IntroAs Tehuti Trismegistus, I created a body and was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio- destined to be donned The Trippy Trip-C. CHASE CLARENCE CALLOWAY

After being forced to endure the LIGHT supremacist education system in a land stolen from my ancestors, my spirit has enlightened me to the awareness that I am on a Mission from Mercury. a huge part of THE mission is to show you how spirits use light (and thus language) to create simulations. More specifically- how the spirits who have created this English language have intentionally crafted it to enslave, colonize, and steal everything from indigenous people.


A - as the first letter of the alphabet, is Awareness. Pure Fire. A spirit becoming aware of itself by projecting out light. Infinite Individuality. No one can see your light fire, your desires, but you, the spirit creating it.


B - the second letter of the alphabet, is Connection. Pure Water. 

B is a spirit getting so wet looking at it's beautiful fire that it decides to connect with it's light, creating darkness.

C - the third letter of the alphabet, is Communication. Pure Air. C is a spirit bringing clarity to it's darkness by clearly combining it's A fire imagination and B water emotions to express it's no-thingness from the internal to the external.


K - as #11, is numerically "Twin Flame" energy. Two individual firey imaginations comE together into one pool of water. Hence, why K is Kin, or Kid. We're all Kin and Kids relating our individual fires into one universal pool of water. This is why it's essential that you're Kind to all the indigenous cultures they killed. It's the only way to make your light, your heaven, look pleasing to others.

K - Represents an internal universe & external universe coming together to create- THE universe. When Jesuits expand their idea of Heaven, they use Kindness to invade indigenous lands so they can kill infinite individuals, & force natives to sacrifice their lives to Jesus. If Jesuits we're happy in their own heaven, then climate change, rampant genocide, & fear of death wouldn't be such a global problem, but it is. Why?

LETTERS  p - t

P - as #16 is the severing pen that writes the perfect stories which allow spirits to orgasm together (The SIX-E Orgasm). P, being #16, is also #7, meaning that P is the Pen, or Penis, that a spirit uses to come out of its space & write stories that separate the way it pleasures itself from everyone else.

Once you, as a spirit, have developed the perfect P, the perfect 7 thought to fulfil your O, we're now led to the Question. The Q.


Q - as letter #17, is also #8. The Infinite Subconscious. Questions Power the Soul. Thus, Questions lead you on Quests. Quests where? Into Ones Darkness. Into The Water. Into the Unknown. Outside of One's Space.

LETTERS  u - z

U is You. Yes, YoU. After you have sex with yourself, you create a Tree that bears knowledgeable fruits. Once you create life inside your own space, & grow fruits from your labor, you now want to share your gifts with other spirits. This is who U R. The letter U comes after T to show you that U R the O bearing the fruits you've cultivated from your watery soul by Pen-etrating your space Repeatedly to create S-T-Ability.

U - as #21, is Also #3, meaning that you use Air, communication, and your Mind to express how you connect with and create life inside of your Own space. What happens when U want to share how you S-T-Abilize your space with other O's? U get trapped in a V. A Vibe.






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