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Dissect Da Dialect

What are Letters? 

In Magic Math (click here if you haven't learned about numbers, then come back, cuz we're building here. Always Ascending Architects babii) and The Building Blocks Of Life, we've covered how Numbers, which Numb-Her to her feelings, are used by all spirits, universally, to ground and "make sense" of their connections.

Once spirits use numbers to numb-her to her feelings, and step out of their own water, they can now start believing in being a body and evolve from there.

This is where letters come into play.

Letters, literally, Let-Her play

-or more specifically, let her feel,

after numbers separated her.

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So first, spirits are alone in their imaginative feelings, alone in their spaces 


Second, they count the seconds, aka- Use numbers to separate themselves from their feelings


Third, they create letters, which let her use numbers to feel connected with other spirits


As air, in this magic square, letters allow spirits to use numbers to carry the intentions of their imagination, meaning that the order, or sequence in which the letters of an alphabet fall are no coincidence.

Letters are air, words are earth.

Words can only matter cuz of letters, like your body only matters cuz of your mind.

In Dissect Da Dialect, we're exploring how the order of the letters in the English alphabet spell out the subconscious ways in which spirits use numbers to connect with one another, and what the intentions behind each letter is, so if you want to learn how to communicate much more consciously, then simply read, watch, listen, absorb, and reflect upon this priceless wisdom I'm bestowing upon you.

Use It Wisely ;)

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As Tehuti Trismegistus, I created a body and was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio- destined to be donned

The Trippy Trip-C.

Chase Clarence Calloway

After being forced to endure the white supremacist education system in a land stolen from my ancestors, my spirit has enlightened me to the awareness that I am on a Mission from Mercury, and a huge part of mission is to show you how spirits use light (and thus language) to create simulations.

More specifically, how the spirits who have created this English language have intentionally crafted it to enslave, colonize, and steal everything from indigenous people.

-Let's Go-

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A, as the first letter of the alphabet, is Awareness.

Pure Fire.

A spirit becoming aware of itself by projecting out light.

Infinite Individuality.

No one can see your light fire, your desires, but you, the spirit creating it.


B, as the second letter of the alphabet, is Connection.

Pure Water. 

B is a spirit getting so wet looking at it's beautiful fire that it decides to connect with it's light, creating darkness.

C, as the third letter of the alphabet, is Communication. 

Pure Air.

C is a spirit bringing clarity to it's darkness by clearly combining it's A fire imagination and B water emotions to express it's no-thingness from the internal to the external.

D, as the fourth letter of the alphabet, is Structure.

Pure Earth.

D is what naturally settles from a spirit communicating consistently enough. Thus, structure are created by spirits who desire to stabilize how they connect (water) their ideas (fire) with others, which is only possible through communicating in relatable and realistically "grounded" ways.

E, as the fifth letter of the alphabet, is Phi-ve.

To Die-ve.

E shows us that the moment a structure is stabilized, its destined to transform based on the emotions of the spirits creating said structure.

This is why every THING, every Earth, no matter how still it looks, is constantly transforming. Vibrating at a certain Frequency.

The moment a spirit connects with a phi-cycle structure, it must die-cycle forever.

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F, as the sixth letter of the alphabet, is to F**k.

Or, instead of F**k, Fornicate. Fun. Function.

The alphabet shows us that all structures are being transformed by spirits who are fornicating for fun, aka- having sexy six together to create a life that supports their dreams and feelings.

G, as the seventh letter of the alphabet, is separation. aka- Generation.

All Generations of humans are connected by nature, but clearly, Greatness is defined by how well you can separate your energy from the collective energy.

Every spirit thinks Fornicating with Energy is Fun, but the ways in which we do that are separate and individual to all of us.

If you want to be Great, Separate, and then Levitate your Seven Into Heaven.

H, as eight, is HATE.

A spirit, wouldn't go G, wouldn't separate from energy, if it didn't Hate where it was.

Hate, is Great, because it inspires you to separate and create Happiness for yourself as a spirit.

This is why H, as eight, represents your soul, 

your HOME.

As spirit, if you're not aware of the two sides to H,

what you Hate and what makes you Happy, then you won't separate from energy and create a true home you can be healthy and harmonious in.

Thus, you won't have your own heart, or your own vibration.

I, as nine, is the Eye.

Once a spirit uses G to separate their H from E, they now have their own I.

By cultivating their own home, a spirit creates its own soul, and thus its own individual perspective on the universe.

Nine, is the last single digit number to show us how, once you realize with your real eye that you're creating your vibe based on what you hate and what makes you happy.

Hence, why no one can see what you see; even if you're all looking at the same thing, everyone sees the lights of external-life differently based on the darkness of internal death-feelings cycling inside their individual space.

Once you have your own H, your own Home, your own Heart, you now have an individual perspective no one else can see.

Welcome to Nine-Dimensionality.

From here, all that's left to do is turn your Home into Heaven.

This is the purpose of levitating your seven into heaven.

To create heaven, you must first identify that you are "trapped" in a vibe which you can't control and doesn't resonate with your soul.

Second, by realizing that you "hate" the outside, you learn how to create thoughts (7) that allow you to cut through this dense vibe, connect with your spirit-space, and expand your imagination.

This is why 9. becomes 10, and thus why I, becomes J.

J is the letter that represents the Jesuits, Jesus, Justice, and Jupiter.

To create Heaven, a 9 I individual combines its ego and spirit, its 1 and 0, to create 10, which provides extra space for their imagination.

As we can see in this language, the inventors of English want to enslave all of us by making us think the only way to heaven, is through J, when in reality, J needs to colonize the I-eyes of Indigenous Individuals and violently spread their heaven, because 'Jealous Jews' hate to be alone in their imaginations.

This is why Jesuits need to Kill

Indigenous Individuals (with Kindness) to

"Make Money"

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This is why K is the eleventh letter in the English alphabet.

K represents how the creators of English Kill Kin with Kindness to Expand Their J Into Indigenous Is.

K, as 11, is numerically "Twin Flame" energy. Two individually firey imaginations comign together into one pool of water.

Hence, why K is Kin, or Kid. 

We're all Kin and Kids relating our individual fires into one universal pool of water.

This is why it's essential that you're Kind to all the indigenous cultures they killed. It's the only way to make your light, your heaven, look pleasing to others.

If you're triggered by the fact that 'Jews' have been the ones using Jesus to r8pe, enslave, and colonize the individuality of indigenous peoples, even after seeing how this truth is expressed in the alphabet they've forced upon us, then you have a sense for how deep their twisted religious witchcraft works to coax you into actively supporting genocide and slavery.

K, as 11, represents an internal universe and external universe coming together to create- THE universe.

When Jesuits want to expand their idea of Heaven, they use Kindness to invade indigenous lands so they can kill infinite individuals and force natives to sacrifice their lives to Jesus.

If Jesuits we're happy in their own heaven, then climate change, rampant genocide, and fear of death wouldn't be such a global problem, but it is.


Because the Jesuits are only happy when they're building systems off of literally consuming indigenous peoples, and doing everything in their power to logically Justify it with Kindness.

And how do white supremacists rationalize using Jesus to Justify the endless r8pe of indigenous people's and our creations?

By using Light. Logic. Language. Law. Love.

That's right, the creators of this language train us to Love Light because it allows them to blind our indigenous eyes with their J, which effectively Kills our individuality- forcing us to connect with them and transform our "old land" into their "new world."

L, as Twelve, represents Light, the substance that spirits use to express their individuality to others.

It's no coincidence that L, as Twelve, is a full clock. Light is what spirits use to build the universal clock that allows them to cycle through how they connect with others forever.

J uses L to K the Is they want to colonize.

Now that the Js are forcing the Is to

Love their Light and Live their Law,

it's time to make how Jesuits are using their clock to control natives MATTER.

aka- Make Money Out Of Time

Jesuits use Light, Love, Language, Law, and Logic to enslave Native Americans inside a clock that allows them to

"make money" by limiting how spirits communicate. 

This is why Light, Matters.

L, as 12, is 3. Air. Communication.

M, as 13, is 4. Earth. Structure.

Money and Matter are both structures created by infinitely individual spirits agreeing to limit their communication abilities to something realistic. The more consistently we communicate, the more the Light we're using to express our spiritual no-thingness settles into our physical somethingness.

Money only Matters because the creators of the concept have used it to control how spirits who create what actually matters, NATURE, to connect.

By using L to make everyone worship J, the creators of English are able to use our minds to build their bodies-

our air to build their earth-

our communication to build their structure.

The fact is, money only matters because of 

Negros, Nature, and No-Thing.

This is why N, as fourteen, comes in right after M to show us that, no matter how much you believe "money matters", the only thing that truly mattes is No-Thing. 

aka- The Spirit.

This is why Jesuits and the colonizers they fund enjoy enslaving indigenous peoples and erasing our spirituality by calling us N*gger,

or more appropriately, the N-word

It's absolutely no coincidence that N-word sounds exactly like iN-ward.

Spiritually, this shows us how white supremacists are obsessed with calling us the N-word, because they feel so Negatively about the fact that we create New Nature from No-Thing by going iN-to our space.

White people call black people the N-word because they feel negatively about how much they need negros to make their knees (saturn-stability-structures) grow.

N, being 14, is 5, meaning that all structures must die, transform, and go iN. 

iN to what?

iN to their O-wn space.

M, N, O.

Once a spirit realizes that its not money that matters, but no-thing that matters, it goes Oh!


O. being the fifteenth letter, is six, showing us how sexy, and thus lifegiving, an organisms orgasms are to their spirits "survival" and "success."

O, as 6, represents how an individual spirit achieves orgasm, aka pleasure, in their own space.

Do you feel like a whole space, fulfilled in your emotions, or do you feel like a hole space, unfilled in your emotions?

As spirits, we are always alone in our own O, spinning in our own water-cycle. It's our desire to stop orgasming alone, and start orgasming with others, that make us create the

wide-wet-water based universe which allows us to connect with each other.

O shows us that, as separate spaces, we all have our own pleasures, and thus we have our own ideas on how to PERFECT the way we attain pleasure.

This is where O, becomes P.

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O15 is the six-e orgasm, P16 is the severing pen that writes the perfect stories which allow spirits to orgasm together.

P, being 16, is 7, meaning that P is the Pen, or Penis, that a spirit uses to come out of its space and write stories that separate the way it pleasures itself from everyone else.

Once you, as a spirit, have developed the perfect P, the perfect 7 thought to fulfil your O, we're now led to the Question.

The Q

Q, as letter 17, is 8. The Infinite Subconsious.

Questions Power the Soul.

Thus, Questions lead you on Quests.

Quests where?

Into Ones Darkness. Into The Water. Into the Unknown.

Outside of One's Space.

It's only by using your P, your Pen, your perfect penis, to penetrate Realms and Realities Repeatedly, that you perfect how you O to discover who you truly R.

O, P, Q, R.

O 15 = 6 

O is a spirit feeling and sexing itself

P 16 = 7

P is a spirit perfecting the penmanship of how it writes stories that fulfil its space

Q 17 = 8

Q is a spirit asking the Questions about HOW it uses it's Perfect P to fulfil its O, which lead it on Repeated Quests into Real Realms and Realities

R 18 = 9

R is a spirit realizing that the answer to how it attains the perfect orgasm to power its organism is to penetrate the subconscious-eight-soul-space with perfect ego thoughts repeatedly

Reps Reps Reps

R, being the 18th letter, is all about becoming a 9 dimensional being and giving birth to a new perspective by inserting ones' ego into a new womb

This is why R, being 18, shows us that (if you're over 18) having sexy six with someone who is younger than 18 is technically r8pe (statutory) because a spirit under the age of 18, according to English culture, is not mature enough to give birth to new ideas, and thus does not know who they truly R to make such sexy decisions.

In English culture, its only once you're 18 that you're allowed to start realizing who you truly aRe as leave the home and enter the real world to establish your Individual 9 Perspective.

It's only once you're 18, and you know who you aRe, that you're free to have S with whoever you want

S, being the nineteenth letter in the alphabet, is Sex, or Sin.

Now, Sex is only seen as a sin in Judeo-Christian culture because their idea of using sex to create life is invading indigenous lands, stealing our resources, and building a new world reliant on the systemic and constantly brutal r8pe of natives who we've been taught to call "black" people.


Sex is not a Sin when you're doing it with happy consent of all participants


Sex is a Sin when you use religion, law, and made up concepts like money to Ram R8pey Rail-Roads and Running caRs into the watery wombs, universes, and thus lands,

of N-digenous N-dividuals

Sex and Snakes go hand in hand, and thus, are both seen as sinful in Judeo-Christian cultures.

This is because the desire to have sex and create life can make a spirit r8pe others and spread death.

This is why snakes are so sneaky and sexy.

As 19, the S shows us that Sex is something spirits do when they want to use their individual perspective to give birth to their individual imagination.

Creating life by having Sex with other spirits, although necessary for connection, is FOREVER UNSTABLE

The only way to truly be happy, healthy, and harmonious in your hermetic heart is to have sex with YOUR SPIRIT

Once you do this, your curvy S will turn into a straight T

Coincidentally enough, this is the main message I

relay with the Caduceus

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Wix Home column darkness.png

See how the Caduceus how Two Snakes curling up a column with wings at the top?

This represents how you, as a space, have created a spine that conducts your chi by having sex INTERNALLY, not externally.

By bringing your snakes internal, you create a T. A Tree.

T, as the 20th letter, represents how the Tree grants extra space for spirits to connect in.

Thus, by having S with your O through R Repeated P Penetration, you're able to create a gaRden, a simulation, that allows you to connect with yourself how you see fit.

From here, True S-T-Ability, True Stability, is born

By having sex with yourself, you create your own Soul Garden Simulation that grows fruits which you might want to share with other spirits

This is where T 20, becomes U 21

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U is You.

Yes, YoU.

After you have sex with yourself, you create a Tree that bears knowledgeable fruits

Once you create life inside your own space, and grow fruits from your labor, you now want to share your gifts with other spirits

This is who U R

The letter U comes after T to show you that 

U R the O bearing the fruits you've cultivated from your watery soul by Pen-etrating your space Repeatedly to create S-T-Ability

U, as the 21st letter, is 3, meaning that you use Air, communication, and your Mind to express how you connect with and create life inside of your Own space

What happens when U want to share how you S-T-Abilize your space with other Os?

U get trapped in a V

A Vibe

V, as letter 22, becomes 4, to show us that one spirits desire to connect plus another spirits desire to connect results in a body.

Thus, the universe shows us that the only way you can share your individuality with other spirits is to combine your waters and create one structure that supports everyone's desires to build a collective

This is what the Vibration is, and why the V is the Vice Grip

Once U, as a spirit, are trapped in a Vibe, you've now lost the individuality your desired to communicate into that collective, and thus, are "not in control" of your circumstances 

Thus us why there are Two Sides to a Vice Vibe

Victim-Hood and Victor-Ship

When you feel like a victim, you feel like you're trapped in the hood, trapped in the ghetto, trapped in a community of concrete coffins with no way out. Victims focus on the outside, and enjoy using their creative power to communicate about how they have no power and how the entire simulation is against them

When you feel like a victor, that means you've observed vibes you hate/vices not in harmony with your soul, and instead of getting lost in what you can't control, you focus on what you CAN control.


Your spirits conscious communication with the outside world

Strong Spirits create Virtues that support their relationship with themselves, thus allowing them to channel God into their simulated lives and become victorious over all the whiny victims they're trapped in a box with

Whether you're a Virtuous Victor, or a Viscous Victim, you're Vibing.


Your awareness is limited to the UV radiation raining down from the "Sun of God" because agreeing to consume and be conscious of the same light as other spirits is the only way you can communicate your individuality to all of us in a grounded, comprehensive way

Thus, U goes V to become Double the U

Once U R N a simulated vibe, the Question becomes Where are you Wearing Your Genetic Vibe Body?

Why Are You Wearing Your Genetic Vibe Body?

When Are You Wearing Your Jeanetic Vibe Body?

The answer is, the Universe, our constantly transforming phi-cycle reality.

23=5 Meaning that our desire to connect with communication results in phi-cycle transformation

W, is the Wonderful Wet Water World

that connects all the Us in the Universe

aka- The World Wide Web

Double U shows us there are Two Us in all of existence.

An Individual U- This is you

The Collective U- This is the Universe, where gods outside of U create water connections forever

The answer to W, to Where you R (N a V) is the Universe.

The answer to W, to Why you R N a V, is that you have sacrificed your God, your individual imagination, on the X.

The Cross is the X. X marks the sacrificial spot

X, as the 24th letter, is 6, showing us that your spirit must sacrifice its individuality to have sex with other spirits

X represents how all of our spirits are too individual to vibe without creating a structure which they can connect under the UV rays of

This is why only U can see your imagination, your T, how you have S inside your space, and thus, you can't use your pure desire to transform the environment to prove that you're an all-powerful infinitely all-knowing God, without using your mind to communicate into the structure you're a part of.

You've sacrifiXed your unrelatable power of projection, so you can actually connect and share your individuality with the relatable superpower of communication

Sacrificing your God on the X is Y-whY you are trapped in a boxy Vibe right now

Doing this is allows you to communicate with us in a grounded and conscious way, stabilizing whatever desires you have as a spirit.

Y, as letter 25, is your severing seven 7, which separates you from all other spirits in the simulation you're a part of

U may be connected to all the spirits in the simulation of your choice- U may be connected to all the consciousness you're able to communicate with, but the REASON WHY you're participating in the universe is unique to you.

The reason Y you're dying by connecting 2 5 phi-cycle reality separates you from all spirits in the universe, because the imagination you want to share with us is completely unique to U

Once U k-NO-w the reason Y you sacrificed your Individuality on the X, you can comfortably Zzzleep with other Gods

Z, being letter 26, is 8, showing us that Z is all about the infinite soul vibration.

As spirits, our souls are the water we Zzzleep in,

while our imaginations are the fire we A wake in


This is the Full Alphabet, from A to Z

A is 1, pure Fire. An Individual Spirit's Awareness.

Z is 26, watery connection to a creation. This results in spirits creating an infinite 8 subconscious reality that allows them to "sleep" together

aka- be unaware of their God-Spirit, and instead be aware of their Human-Body, because this allows spirits to relate their individual dreams with each other to make deep subconscious connections possible.

Once you use your Y to comfortably Z, you're now unaware of your spirit as you ride the vibe.

At some point in your slumber, you'll develop another awareness (like when you "wake up" in a dream) and thus, the alphabetically elementary process of spiritual ascension cycles over again.

Congratulations on Learning how Spirits Use the English Alphabet to architect reality- and more specifically, how white supremacists have used wicked witchcraft to trap us in a ZZZsleepy vibe and colonize, enslave, and make money from r8ping N-digenous N-dividuals