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INTRO: As Chase The Space, I created a body & was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio- destined to be donned The Trippy Trip-C Cychadelic Cychopomp CYMATREE

After being forced to endure the LIGHT supremacist education system in a land stolen from my Atlantean ancestors, God has enlightened my soul to the awareness that I am on a Mission from Mercury to hold Masons accountable for how they have used my creativity to consume our consciousness. A huge part of the mission is to show you how spirits use light (& thus language) to create sensical simulations. More specifically- how the spirits who have created this English language have intentionally crafted it to enslave, colonize, & steal everything from the indigenous peoples of planet earth.



Letters Let-Her Play. Specifically, they let her feel- after numbers separated her.


  • First, spirits are alone in their imaginative feelings, alone in their spaces (FIRE)

  • Second, they count the seconds, aka. Use numbers to separate from their feelings (WATER)

  • Third, they create letters, which let her use numbers to feel connected with others (AIR)

  • Fourth, they create words, which allow our spaces to make energy matter (EARTH)


A - As the first letter of the alphabet, is Awareness. Pure Fire. Spirit becoming aware of itself by projecting out light. Infinite Individuality. No one can see your light fire, your desires, but you, the spirit creating it.


B - The second letter, is Connection. Pure Water. A Spirit getting so wet looking at its beautiful fire that it decides to connect with it's light, creating darkness.

C - The third letter, is Communication. Pure Air. Spirit bringing clarity to its darkness by clearly combining its A fire imagination & B water emotions to express its no-thingness from the internal to the external.


K - The 11th letter of the alphabet, is numerically "Twin Flame" energy. Two individual fiery imaginations come together into one pool of water. Hence, why K is Kin, or Kid. We are all Kin & Kids relating our individual fires into one universal pool of water. This is why it is essential that you are Kind to all the indigenous cultures they killed. It is the only way to make your light, your heaven, look pleasing to others.

'K' Represents an internal universe & external universe coming together to create- THE universe. When Jesuits expand their idea of Heaven, they use Kindness to invade indigenous lands so they can kill infinite individuals, & force natives to sacrifice their lives to Jesus.


P - The 16th letter, is the severing pen that writes the perfect stories which allow spirits to orgasm together (The SIX-E Orgasm). P #16, is ALSO #7- meaning that P is the Pen, or Penis, that a spirit uses to come out of its space & write stories that separate the way it pleasures itself from everyone else. Once you, as a spirit, have developed the perfect P, the perfect 7 thought to fulfil your O, we're now led to the Question. The Q.


Q - The 17th letter, is ALSO #8. The Infinite Subconscious. Questions Power the Soul. Questions lead you on Quests. Quests where? Into Ones Darkness. Into The Water. Into the Unknown. Outside of Ones Space.


U is You. Yes, YoU. After you have sex with yourself, you create a Tree that bears knowledgeable fruits. Once you create life inside your own space, & grow fruits from your labor, you now want to share your gifts with other spirits. This is who U R. The letter U comes after T to show you that U R the O bearing the fruits you've cultivated from your watery soul by Pen-etrating your space Repeatedly to create S-T-Ability.

U - The 21st letter, is ALSO #3, meaning that you use Air, communication, & your Mind to express how you connect with & create life inside of your Own space. What happens when U want to share how you S-T-Abilize your space with other O's? U get trapped in a V. A Vibe.



RECAP: Now That We've Covered How The Spirits Use The English Language To Architect Reality In Three Different Ways, It's Time To Explore All The Ways In Which These Letters Construct The Words We Use To Build Relationships




The Cycle Of 3, The Cycle of C, The Cycle of Chi, The Cycle of Me, The Cycle To Be, The Cycle To See, The Cycle of Free- Is The Natural Process By Which All Spirits Animate Structures In Physical Reality. How Does The Cycle Of 3 Work?

It's Cymple. First, there's an Individual Space. A Singular Spirit. I Say This Is First, Because You Always Have been, & Always Will Be, No-Thing. 


It's Purely Because of Your Emotions, Your Desire To Be Something, That Allows You To Create Energy. From There, Its Purely Your Desire To Connect That Allows You To Use Your Vibrating Energy To Communicate With Spaces That Have Done The Same Thing Outside Of Yourself.

INTRO : The Cycle of 3 Generates The Chi That Produces All Energy In The Universe

  • #1 A - is Fire Man Projection

  • #2 B - is Water Woman Reflection

  • #3 C - is Air Child Clarity

By Projecting A Light, Reflecting That Light, Then Balancing It, Over and Over and Over, A Spirit Can Settle It's Consistent Communications Into A Stable Structure That Supports It's Mind. (aka- The Body)

Once The Stable Structure Is Manifested, It's Destined To Transform In Reaction To How The Cycle Of 3 Is Continuously Performed


A #1 - Is Fire. Pure Awareness. This Is The Ego. Man. Projection.

B #2 - Is Water. Pure Connection. This Is The Soul. Woman. Perception.

C #3 - Is Air. Communication Of Space. This Represents The Spirit. Child. Communication.


The Cycle Of Three Ends Here, Which Is Interesting Because It Immediately Shows Us That This Language Is Concerned Not With Communicating, But Connecting. Subconsciously, The Intention Is Clearly That Speakers Of English Are Supposed To Connect & Rock Themselves TO Sleep For Infinity & Beyond.

Luckily, Since You're Rolling With Tehuti Trismegistus Now, Your Awareness Of How Letters Let Her(mes) Build Simulations With Outside Spirits Is Much Higher; Allowing You To More Consciously Navigate Lucifer's Logical Light Language 



Always Ascending Awareness

The First Letter Of The English Alphabet Is The First Light Spirits Use To Express Themselves. FIRE 🔥

A, As 1, Is An Individual Space Creating The First Awareness Of Itself.

Spirits Are Literally No-Thing Before They Imagine Themselves. The Moment A Space Imagines It's Circumstances To Be SOMETHING Other Than No-Thing, It Creates FIRE. 
This Is Why You, As A Space, Can Imagine Anything You Want. But Guess What?


Anchor 1
B-DDD-IG 2.png

Be Beautiful Baby - BBB


The Second Letter Is The Fluid Feeling That Spirits Use To Connect With & Nourish The Structures They Are Using To Communicate. WATER. Connection.


Boobs n' Babies. B Nurtures All Bodies In Existence.

When A Spirit Looks At It's A- It's Infinitely Hot Imagination, It Gets Turned On By Its Own Ego (It Gets WET) & Creates Water In An Attempt To Connect With Its Untouchable Imagination.



Communication Creates Every Circumstance We Can See


The Third Letter Is Everything You See. The Sea- Because All Air Is Underwater.


Mer-Cury. Water-Carry. Mercury Shows Us That Air Is The Aquarius-Gemini-Libra 💨 "Water-Bear" That Makes All Forms Of Communication Possible 🧬

Air Is The Result Of Fire & Water Coming Together Constantly, Creating SSSSSSS Steamy Chi. We Can See That Everything In Existence Is Literally Animated, & Thus Only MATTERS, Because Of Chi.



Damn Dirty Demons

The Fourth Letter Is The DAM. The Stable Structure.


The Earth That Settles From The Consistent Communication Of How Air Externalizes It's Water Cycle. This Stable Earth Then Absorbs Chaotic Water So It Can Create Productive Plants.

D, As 4, Is The Earth That Stabilizes All Forms Of 3 Air Communication. The Moment A Structure Is Stabilized, It Is Changing- As The Spirit Who Communicated It Into Existence Transforms First Internally, Then Externally.




Emotionally Energetic Elements Expand Everywhere

The Fifth Letter Is DEATH. Transformation.

E Shows Us That Spirits Create E-Laments To Express Their "Grief" & "Turmoil" Over Being Alone. The More We Bring All Of Our Energy Together, The More We Can Create The Natural Circumstances That Allow Us To Not Be Alone.

Boom. Nature. PHI-Cycle, 5-Cycle, Physical Reality. We, As Spirits, Create Nature So We Don't Have To Be Alone In Our Own Spaces. This Is How We Use Elements To CREATE DEATH So That Life Can Literally MATTER. Spirits Use Death, Use Physical Reality, Use Elements, To Express Their Energetic Faces Forcefully.


Fornication Of Freely Functional Families

The Sixth Letter Is All About F**king- Or More Appropriately, Fornication.

Whether You Prefer To F*ck Or Fornicate, The Point Is To Have FUN. 6 Is Sex.
Sex Is Life. Sex Is Fun.

Any D, Any Earth, Any Structure That Is Able To Energetically Transform & Multiply With Fundamental Functions Is Clearly Being Created By Spirits Who Want To HAVE FUN In A Grounded & Realistic Way.


The Fact Of Life Is, Spirits Create Energy So They Can F*ck Each Other, & Thus Feel Productive In Their Connections.



Generating Genuine Gratitude

The Seventh Letter Is Separation. I'm Grateful To Be A Spirit Separate From All Other Spirits.


I'm Grateful to Be Able To Use Physical Energy To Express Just How Individual Of A Space I Am. GENERATION. Once A Spirit Is Having F-Fornication Six With Other Spirits Inside Of E-Physical Reality, It Naturally SEPARATES The Way It Does That.


This Is Why All Generations Of Humans Separate The Way They Function Throughout Time 🌎 Yes, We're All Spirits Transforming In Physical Reality To Have Sexy Six With Other Spirits.



Hermetically Happy Healthy Harmonic Heart ❤️


The Eighth Letter Is Your Own Heart. The Vibration. YOUR SOUL. Once You Use 7G To Separate How You Use 5E Energy To 6F Fornicate From Other Spirits, You've Now Created Your Own HOME.

The Top Circle Of The 8 Represents Your Happiness. The Bottom Circle Of The 8 Represents Your Hatred. Happiness & Hatefulness Are Two Sides Of One Vibration, & By Using Your G7 To Separate From E6, You've Now Cultivated Your Own Vibration, Your Own Heart, & Your Own Universe.


Now That You Can Have Functional Fun In Your Own Vibration, You Realize That You Are An Infinite Individual




Infinitely Individual Imagination


The Ninth Letter Is The Eye 👁️ A Truly 9 Dimensional Being.

Once You as A Spirit Know What You Hate & What Makes You Happy, These Two H's Make Your 8 Harmonious Heart Home 🏠

Now That You Have Your Own Soul, You Now Have Your Own Vibration, & Thus, Your Own Universe Separate From THE Universe. This Naturally Results In You Developing Your Own EYE 👁️ Your Own Infinite Individual Perspective. Now That You Know What You Want To See, and What You Don't Want To See 🙈 Your 9 Becomes 10.


Jumbo Jesus Justifies Jupiterian Jesuits

The Tenth Letter Is Heaven.


The Creators/Financers Of This Language Are Objectively Jewish, & We Can See With J Being The 10th Letter That Jesus Is Created To Be The Only Way To "Heaven". Once Jewish-Masonic Systems Make You Speak English, They Can Use Metatron's Ideas To Generate Endless Money By Making You Believe That Their Super-Herp, Jesus, Is The Only Way To Heaven ✝️

Objectively, You're In Heaven When You're Alone With Your Spirit. That Is What 10 Represents. An Ego Alone In It's Space.



KKK = Kill Kin Kindly

The Eleventh Letter Is All About Killing Kids & Kin with Kindness- aka. Using Light to Blind. (K, as letter 11, Is Also 2) 


J is Heaven. K is Hell. When A Spirit Realizes That It Is Alone In Its Imagination (In Its Heaven)- The Only Way It Can Share Its Ideas With Others Is To Kill It's Ego. 


K is Twin Flame Energy. K Shows Us How Two Individuals, Two Ideas, Connect To Create One Vibe-Nation. This Is Your Relationship With The Universe.



Love. Language. Law. Logic. Light. Lucifer.


The 12th Letter Shows Us That Spirits Must Use Light To Communicate How They Combine Their 1 Man Fire + 2 Woman Water. Spirits LOVE To Use LIGHT To LOGICALLY Create LANGUAGE & LAW 🏦❤️📜

When A Spirit Wants To Show Us Their J, Their Jesuit Jesus Jupiter Heaven, They Must K Us, They Must KILL Us With KINDNESS To Make Us Subservient & Limited To Their Logical Laws. 
To Kill A Spirit, Is To Make Them See Your Light Instead Of Their Own 🔪 Like How Jesuits Built The Americas By Brutally Forcing Indigenous People To Speak A New Language & Follow New Laws.




Make Money Matter 💰🏦


How? The 13th Letter Is Your Spirit Making Light MATTER.


Once We, as Spirits, are Using 12 L, are Using LIGHT, To Communicate How We Cycle Through Our Emotions & Connect Our Souls To Others- We Now Have To Make Out Communications MATTER. This Is Why All Structures Are Built Through Consistent Communication Of Light Into Density.

Every Organ, Every Body, Every Building, Every Planet, Every System In Existence Was Turned Into Matter By Spirits Using L Light To Communicate Their Internal Space Into External Existence.


NOTHING Matters. NATURE Matters. N*GGERS Matter. N-Words Go N-Ward 


The 14th Letter Shows Us That Nature Transforms All Structures. Money Only Matters Because There Are N*ggers To Enslave & Nature To Steal. N-Words Matter To The White Men Who Need To Build Stolen Structures By Enslaving Indigenous People.

No Matter How Much Something MATTERS, The Fact Is, That Thing Only Matters Because Of No-Thing. Meaning that Nothing Matters, & Money Only Matters Because It's A Fiery Idea Used To Consume The Nature That No-Thing Creates To Stabilize It's Space.


All Matter Must Die, Must 5, & Go N. Go N-Ward, Like an N-Word, Back To It's Space.



Woah O Know!!!


The 15th Letter Is The Universal Sound Of Realization. Why Do People Exclaim "Ohhh" When They Learn Or Realize Something New? 😮 Because They Are gOing N 2 Their Own Space (Their Own hOme) 🏠

Learning Something New, Learning That What They Previously Thought Mattered Actually Doesn't, Makes A Spirit Go O as It Realizes That Life Is Spiritual, Not Physical. 


Once Money Matters More To You Than The Nature It's Backed By, The Spirit Will Come N To Show You That NOTHING MATTERS, & thus Money only Matters When It's Colonizing The Nature Spirit Created To Stabilize It's Space.



Your Perfect Pen-is Produces Profitable Projections✒️


The 16th Letter Is Your Spirit's Individual Imagination On How It Wants To Create Sexy Six Life. 1+6=7

You May Be United To Create Life By Having Sexy Six With Others, but The Fact That You Have Your Own Individual Idea On What Sex Looks Like Means You Have Your Own P- Your Own PERSPECTIVE 👁️ Your Perspective On Sex Is Only Ever An Expression Of Your Individual O Space🐍🌲

The Way You Desire To Achieve 7 Perfection In Your 6 O-Gasm Separates You From All Other Spaces 💃 This Is Why Your Pen-is, Your w-Riting Stick, Crafts Stories that Are Completely Unique To You 📃




Quest Questions Power The Soul


The 17th Letter Is The Infinite Subconscious 8 That Makes All Stories Matter 💭

Q Is The Question That P-Owers How A Spirit Uses It's Perfect Pen-is ✒️ To Fulfil It's Own O, Stimulate It's Orgasm & Write It's Organism Into Existence.

A Story, A Movie, A Sentence, Any Sequence Of Events Literally Doesn't Matter, CAN'T MATTER, Without Questions 🎞️


Questions Make Ideas Mean Something More than Before.


Who R U???

The 18th Letter Is The Answer To Q. R Shows The Universe Who U R.


Q is The Question On How A Spirit Attains The Perfect P-O-Sition. Make Moves Repeatedly. REPS REPS REPS.


Whatever Your P is, Whatever Idea Of Perfection You've Crafted From Your O is, The Way That You Make Your Pen ✒️ REAL Is By Leaving Your Space. Taking Your Ego To Pen-etrate New Realms & Realities. Writing Your Story As You Take Your Ego Into New Souls. 



S Is Six Is Sex is Sin is Steam is Snake is Simulation


The 19th Letter Is the Manifestation of a Spirit Combining it's Individual Perspective with It's Individual Imagination ☀️👁️ This is basically the Epitome of Spiritual Sex, which is why Snakes Are Seen As Simultaneously Seductive Yet Sinful 🐍


When You, as a Spirit, Want Other 9 Eyes To See The 1 Imagination That You See, You Use Snake Energy To Express Your Imagination with the Intention of Connecting It To Outside Perspectives 🔊Ssssssssssss

If you use Serpent Energy to Express your Ideas- You'll Have A Cunning Tongue. Yes, You'll Slide in & Out Of Situations, but, Snakes are Seen as Negative For This Reason- Snakes Sting Other Souls When They Want To Have Sex.



The Trippy Tree Truths Of Tehuti Trismegistus' Trimurti


The 20th Letter Is a Toroid. ⭕ A Self Sustaining, Naturally Simulated World That Is Created From The Snake Of Your Spirit Cycling Internally To Have Sex With Itself 🌍


Once you realize that true S-T-Ability is taking your snake & having sex with yourself, not others, you're able to grow your own Tree. Your own Garden. Your Own Simulation.


T, Trees, Grant More Space for Connections 🌳🌲🌴 This is the purpose of The CymaTree, of Mercury, & every Simulation in the Universe.




Ultimate Underwater Universe


Who R U? U R the Gift. U R the fruits of your labor- Or more appropriately, you are spirit CARRYING your fruity gifts from your iNternal Soul to the External Universe 🧺


The 21st Letter Shows Us That You, as a Spirit, Create 3 Chi Air 💨 From combining your 2 & 1, your T & S, your Tree & Snake. This shows us that you experience energy by breathing life into earth that would otherwise be dead.

By Taking Your 1 S Fire Snake into your 2 T Water Tree, you Can Create The S-T-Ability To Sprout Wings & Use Air To Fly Wherever U want to Share Your Gifts. This is how all spaces grow nature that connects with other nature. Fire-Water-Air: The Cycle Of 3. U are doing this RIGHT NOW! As an Individual Spirit, you are Using Your 3 Air Mind to Project Your 2 Water Soul Into a Structure That Allows You To Express Your 1 Fire Body With Other Bodies.


Victors & Victims Vibe With Vices

The 22nd Letter Shows Us That One Earth Is Created From Two Waters. One Simulation Is Created From Two Vibrations.

Once U Have Gifts to Share with the Universe, it's Time to get Lost in a Vibe.

Yes, it's sad for me to admit this as an Infinite Individual, but this is the universal case across all realms and realities: U Cannot Communicate with Other U's If U Do not Get Trapped in a Vibration. Why? Because Your Soul, Your iN-Turnal Gifts, are SOOO Unique to U that No Spirit Outside Of Yourself Could Possibly Understand Them if You Just Expressed Your Individuality Outright.



W To Double U. Where R U? Under-Water in the Universe.


If U Feel Lost In The World, Then You're Already Trapped In A Vice-Grip-Vibe, Polarized between Victim & Victor. Vices Are Strong Vibes To Get Trapped In, & The Ultimate Vice Is Connecting With Anything Outside Of Yourself.

U, as an Individual God, can Only Connect With An Infinite Number Of Other Gods By Connecting with The Singular Cosmic U Outside Of U- The Universe.


When A Spirit Is Trapped In A Simulated V Vibration, It Will Ask The Question- WHERE Am I? The 23rd Letter Answers this with numbers.



X Marks The Spot!

The 24th Letter Is What Happens When You Feel Like Connecting With A Structure.


Your X Marks Your Spot. X Marks The Space Your Spirit Is Creating The Universe From 🌠 Aka- Where Your GOLD is. Where Your BOOTY is 👀 Where aRRRRe You Sailing From Matey? 🏴‍☠️

You have siX. You have seX. Aka- You bring life to that structure. You nourish that earth with your water. You Sacrifice your Individuality so you can be part of a Collective.






The 25th Letter Is Also 7- Showing Us That We May Be Unified In The Fact That We're Both 2 Connecting With 5 Physical Reality Right Now, But Our Reasons WHY Separate Us.

Yes, We Are Both Dying Together Right Now, But Reason For Dying is Different Than Yours. Thus, my Why, my Y, my YES, Is an Express of How Separate My Consciousness Is From Yours. 


Y, Yes, is the Answer to Why A Spirit has sacrificed their Individual God on the Cross.


Z Represents Zzz-Sleeping in The Universe 🌌


The 26th Letter Is all about Eight- THE SOUL. The Infinite Subconscious Un-Awareness Of A Spirit 💤


Once you have your 7Y, your Individual Reason why U sacrifiXed your God on the cross ✝️ you can now comfortably ZzzzSleep 😴 with/in spaces outside of your own. It's only once you've figured out Y you sacrificed your God, Y U R N A Vibe, that you feel safe enough to turn off your awareness & sleep with whoever you're connecting with.

Spirits must "Sleep" Together to create the Universe, because the only way we can fully connect with and be aware of other Individual lights is to create a situation where we can "disconnect" from our fire & be unaware of our Individuality.


Anchor 2


In my Hermetic Cymacism, we know that the Vibration gives life to all Structures. This fact manifests in all aspects of life. Without a vibration, a structure would not exist, a heart would not beat, and a word would not matter

I've created the Six Vibrational Vowels to communicate with you about how the English Alphabet is made of earthly consonants that are vibrated into existence by watery vowels. By observing the wisdom I am sharing about how each Vibrational Vowel is connected by the way light naturally moves to architect reality, we'll be able to gain clarity on how each element Spaces use to build Structures are correlated to one another.


I Is the First Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how light is created by spaces who want to see their individual imagination be brought to life.


Life sounds like I because Life is always about seeing your Individuality realized with other Individuals.


Your eye makes life matter, just like your eye-dea of God makes your life matter. Your idea of God, ultimately, is individual to your space, because no one can see the universe from your perspective but you. You are an Infinite Individual Space that imagines what actions and intentions you're going to use light to bring life to. This is the purest definition of God.

The SiX Vibrational Vowels that are
vital to giving English life


U Is the Second Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how light bends inward so the space that created it can reflect upon its individual actions and connect with its imagination.


You sounds like U because every time I am speaking to you, I am projecting out an idea that I conjured up by reflecting upon a light that I connected with enough internal to feel like communicating to you externally. Thus, I is Fire, and U is Water.

I C U = I see you = I sea you = I water you = I connect with you. This is where we get the idea of U being a reflection of I.


O Is the Third Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how light bends inward to create a closed circuit of chi that allow spiritual spaces to consistently cycle through reality.


I is Fire, U is Water, and O is Air. I is the projection of light wanting to see itself, which is why Fire is Frequency. U is the perception of light bending in to successfully see itself, which is why Water is Vibration.


O is the balance of light cycling to create a sea that makes emotion real, which is why Air is Energy. Air, as an external element, is the current that makes water visible. Water itself is the vibration, but the vibration wouldn't exist without energy, and energy must exist as "material" or "matter"


A Is the Fourth Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how the circular air of the O settles into the earthly pyramids of the A, thereby allowing the spaces who are consistently communicating about the hueman experience to manifest physical structures that allow them to be aw-air of each other.


I is Fire, U is Water, O is Air, & A is Earth.


Once light is balanced from the atmosphere of the airy O, particles of light settle into mountains of A earth. Earth, being the body, is what we are all aware of. We are all aware of the bodies that our minds are creating to communicate with one another. I am aware of how my body connects with your body.


E Is the Fifth Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how light disperses and branches outward once A structure is manifested inside of an atmosphere.


Fire Moves in I Lines, Water Moves in U Waves, Air Moves in O Circles, Earth Moves in A Triangles, Blood Moves in E Branches. E is Metallic Blood, because when structures of light transform, they branch out through the environment to create families of cells.

E has five points to represent how energy, metal & blood transform to branch into something functional.



Y Is the Sixth Vibrational Vowel in the English Language, because it Represents how light is created by spaces who want to learn why they are aware of their space. What is One's purpose?


Y are you alive right now? Y are you creating consciousness? Y are you aware not only of yourself, but the earth that connects you to others? Y do you want to have sex with someone? Why do you want to build a business with someone?


Y shows us that every spirit is having sex, creating flesh, and connecting on real-life structures with spirits outside of themselves because they want to learn whY their imagination matters.


Use the magical powers of water-fasting to connect with your space & clear your mind If you want to learn how you can hear directly from God Y you are in a flesh suit that we call the "human-body"

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