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At AlwaysAscendingAcademy, we diligently cultivate our AlwaysAscendingAwareness- so we can create on a more consciously cosmic scale everyday. We know that we create, and are not created by, these bodies we inhabit and observe in order to learn about ourselves as spirits. By living everyday expanding our minds, raising our vibration, and reflecting internally, we cultivate an awareness that allows us to ascend above and beyond any world we've chosen to be in for the time. Dong this simultaneously allows us to express more of our infinite natures in the physical world we inhabit.

So how do we level up, no matter where we are?

By under, over, and innerstanding the natural cosmic laws of all things in and out of existence, we can navigate the infinite waters of the universe in as conscious of a way we desire.

How do we as spirits create life, 
and by extension,
the entire universe?


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How Do spirits use geometric shapes to create life?

How Do spirits use vibrations to create  life?

Did you know that we can explain the entire development of life and death with numbers? No matter what realm or reality you live in, fact of the matter is, its existence is not possible without numbers.

   This is why the people that seem to be the most intelligent, or at least the people the collective consistency boosts up as the most intelligent, are always the scientists, chemists, biologists, and architects.

   Why are the people in these profession widely regarded as the smarted in the world?

   It's because every spirit subconsciously knows that the language of the universe is inherently numerical, so anyone who appears to speak that language more fluently than others must certainly be wiser, and thus more fit to create life for everyone to participate in.

   Thing is, the way humans have ben taught about numbers is extremely limited to the physical reality- and considering the physical realm is created from the mental realm of the spirit realm, the main issue here is that billions of individuals are lost in the billions of details inside of the box of what the school system taught them math is.

   As 'they' say,  "The Devil is in the details" and when it comes to math's place in the universe, it seems like everyone is in hell, dancing with the infinitely devilish details given to them to get lost in.

   But guess what

You're rolling with Hermes Trismegistus now, babii. I am more than happy to share with you the true spiritual simplicity of how we create numbers to infinitely express ourselves. Once you start to build your awareness with mental mathematics, you'll start to manifest magic in your life. Magic, Science, both are two hemispheres of One Mind- and that mind, YOUR mind, uses numbers to express itself through space and time.

If you would like to learn how I, and countless other spirits, use numbers to consciously express ourselves throughout lifetimes, Click here.

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Can you imagine a shape more "perfect" than a circle? By perfect, I mean a shape that best represents the concept of "space" or "all possibilities."

We can already see the perfection of a circle in the fact that it takes 360° degrees to encompass all of conceptual "space."

360 is, numerically, a perfect representation of the spirit, considering its literally the three digits that combine the three most balanced numbers to then create the fourth most balanced number, 9.


0 3 6 9


These four numbers are the box, the structure, to all of reality- everything in existence is contained in the "box" of 0, 3, 6, and 9.

The Box is Physical Reality.

The Circle is Mental/Emotional Reality

Everything Outside and Inside

is Spiritual Reality

This is where all the patterns of all thought processes come from, a Spirit using light to logically separate the circle inside of itself.

This is where the phrase- "Think Outside the Box" metaphysically comes from. The moment you "Believe" in a singular idea. you are now limited to seeing all of infinity from that perspective.

0 = balance = The Idea

1= negative = The Problem

2= balance = The Solution

3= positive = The Conclusion

Right here we can see the three most popular shapes in all of existence, and how they're all expressive of the process in which spirits use their minds to create life, and by extension, physical reality, with other spirits.


A Spirits Mental Expression of Infinite Possible Ideas.


Half of a System that Supports the Growth of an Idea.


One Full Logically Blocked Structure that Facilitates the Growth of an Idea.

Two Triangles create a Full Square System, which Logically mimics the circle in the best way it can, in order to create a "black hole" vortex that sucks, transmutes, and utilizes the feelings poured into the idea to serve the desires of whoever created that idea.

This is the purpose of the square. To provide stability, whereas a circle cannot.

Square = Earth = Stability

Circle = Air = Mobility

A square represents a system that supports the stable growth of a single idea.

This is where the concept of a pyramid scheme comes from.

A pyramid scheme entirely relies on

projecting out a fiery idea that grows larger and larger the more other spirits connect on communicating about it. 

Fire= Idea= Sun

Water= Problem= Other Planetary Bodies

Air= Solution= Orbit around the Sun

Earth= Conclusion= Soul-Air System 

Now the Sun is being worshipped, orbited around, by all these other bodies of water that reflect its light. This is how the brain works when its creating and expanding any idea about anything. 

An Idea grows larger and larger the more other spirits build into it with either positive or negative energy- either way -if you can get others to 'react'- aka pay attention (pay their feelings and time) the more they'll use their souls to build your world.

An Idea is an Ego, for it is driven by a Spirits desire to express itself.

A Spirit is a 0. An individual is a 1.

This is why a cat eye looks like a 1 inside a 0. 

It's also the brain. ϕ

Unsurprisingly, this symbol ϕ is Phi in Greek; And it's the first letter of the Greek word phos, which means light.

Right here we can see that the Greeks knew to express Phi, which is Phi-cycle reality, as a circle with a line through it.

We especially see that they're making the point that Phi-cycle reality is made up of light, which is being created to express the deep dark mind of that individual.

For every idea, for every individual, for every imagination, there are the creators, and then there are the consumers.

If you're the creator of an idea, you'll consistently benefit from the positive conclusion of the structure that supports it. If you're the consumer of an idea, you'll constantly suffer from the negative problems believing in that idea opens up for you, aka. be the slave to the master, the hate to the love, the Demon to a God.

This is why "pyramid schemes" are so prevalent and predatory. The shape of a triangle is the physical representation of half a brain, or half a "government" to be more precise. If you're the victim of a pyramid scheme, its because you're suffering inside the negative side of the idea so that your soul can build the positive side of the idea for whoever created it.

Examples of pyramid schemes include:

1) A nutritionist specialist creates a protein shake company where you can get money from reselling the products you bought from them. To make as much money as possible, and thus, extend the pyramid, you as a consumer must embody the creator of the idea as much as possible. This means using your Soul-Air System power to push this idea onto the connections the in your life in the hope that they'll want to consume what you're consuming, and thus allow you to do it much more by becoming extensions of the pyramid through you. No matter how "big" you grow in this world, you're only as big as the person who created the idea you serve allows you to be- and if they want, they could easily cut you off the system once you've given them everything you have. Any riches you may accumulate in this system, are a fraction of a sliver of the riches the creator of said idea is receiving from you.

2) Someone starts a travel company app, where they offer travel discounts to members who pay a $25 monthly fee. To get on the system, you have to pay a $25 flat rate for the first month, and you will have to pay that every month if you don't recruit four people as fast as possible. If you can recruit four people to join the system, you get free benefits. If you convert more than four, you'll get paid a $1 for every recruited person per month. 

   To convince people in your life to join you in the pyramid scheme, you'll probably be transparent and tell them that it will be free travel benefits for them, after the flat fee, if they can each recruit four people within a month.

   Boom. Now the creator of this app just made $525 and everyone else is just spreading the word with further hopes of making him more money- so they can receive a sliver back. Notice how, the more spirits talk about something, they're spreading that idea like a FAN. Fanning the Flame is how all firey ideas spread, and its no coincidence a fan is shaped like a triangle. 

3) A group of spirits decide to create a concept called money, which they tell people controls everything inside of the circle they're in. They tell people that the more they participate in the r*pe, murder, and enslavement of indigenous peoples, they'll be helping create a world where the money they're being given will actually control the minds of everyone who decides that genocide is "profitable." 

   So, this concept, with literally means nothing on its own, is given more meaning and weight the more other spirits use it to chase their desires, whatever those may be. 

   Now, as more and more spirits commit genocide, and help create systems that prey on/for more genocide in order to earn the most numbers possible that allow them to exist as high up in the pyramid as they possibly can. Over many years, they convince so many spirits to enslave other spirits in exchange for a concept that only controls life inside of their pyramid, there comes a tipping point on the entire global population where most humans on earth are now either r*ping and enslaving others for money, or being r*ped and enslaved for money. 

   Over time, slavery becomes the new normal, for no one can do anything in the environment without permission from the spirits who created the concept they're worshiping.

   Now, every thought and feeling a spirit creates about freedom, security, and abundance is related to how high up on the money pyramid they are. Now, they'll sell their soul for what looks like more freedom, based on how they perceive this concept ruling over the minds of the people they're around.

   Boom. Now the spirits who created money have been successfully enslaved the entire human race on a concept that only matters as long as the people continue participating in indulging in the genocide and slavery that makes money manipulate reality.

   Now, every single thing someone does for money is only because they're open to the 'problem' of not having enough, according to whoever gave them that concept. Once the person is convinced they don't, and will never have enough money, they will go through the negative problems forever, which reflexively builds a whole world of unseen positive conclusions for whoever convinced them to do that. 

    For anyone who believes in the Idea of money, they are only going to experience the Idea-Problem-Solution side of the square. 

   This is why there's a pyramid with an all seeing eye on the U.S. dollar bill.

The pyramid concept of money.

As you can see, in the circle of infinity, of all possibilities, the spirits who created the concept of money are free to explore the universe at the expense of all their followers, and do whatever they with all of the positive conclusion triangle, as well as the negative problem triangle, that these people are building for them.

On the other side of the Idea, we have the consumers, the servants to the masters who give them trickles of freedom through numbers.

   This reflexively results in all the spirits who worship the concept of money having, an incredibly toxic relationship with what they were taught numbers are.

   Since the nature of numbers is inherently about true freedom, about building a world for yourself just to "break" out of it, the entities who created this concept of money to trap and transmute your mind to fuel their genocidal desires literally cannot share the truth of life, or else no one would want to be a servant growing their pyramid- everyone would be too busy building their own governments instead of the New World Orders governments.

I hope you have a much greater understanding of how circles, squares, and triangles represent the ways in which everything in existence is mental. 

If you'd like more secrets to the universe, and further development on these cosmic concepts,

get tapped in to True Wisdom below-

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How Do spirits use their vibrations to create life?

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How do you feel right now? How do you feel about the way you feel right now? How do you feel about the way you feel about the way you feel right now?

Isn't it cool how the moment you feel a type of way, you can create another feeling (that creates the thoughts) to contain and reframe that first one?

And you know what's even more wild?

For all intents and purposes, you can only create all these infinite pools of feelings about the world around you because your spirit feels like beating your heart every single second. If your spirit didn't feel like expressing itself in a human body, it would stop beating your heart, and you this would be the last sentence you ever read (in this lifetime.) 

But, its not, because, because, as per the law of vibration, you feel like being here for whatever personal reasons.

Sure, you may hate many of the responsibilities you seem to be burdened with, but that emotion is just showing you what you truly love.

Most spirits genuinely love to hate, and they create whole worlds just relating on things they hate.

Yes, spirits create spaces because they love hating things together. You've seen this in high school or the workplace, where groups gather just to gossip about their perceptions of other people.

Love is the emotion spirits generate when they desire something to be inside their space.

Hate is the emotion spirits generate when they desire something to be outside their space.

   It's cathartic, and very powerful, to purposely step out of your comfortable H-OM-e as s spirit and create a whole world full of things that you would never allow in your home, just so you can create a body in that world and truly learn about who you are in relation to thoughts and feelings that make you incredibly uncomfortable. The more spirits resonate with your Hate-filled world, the more they will use their souls to generate the current-sea that will power this negative simulation. 

    This is how spirits learn what they truly love, and thus, level up even higher than before.

As we can see, everything is vibrating, for everything is emotional. Humans may act like they're rational, logical creatures, but that is a lie. It is, in a fact, a lie-(ei)ght show meant to blind others from peering into the darkness of their soul.

Naturally, a spirit can only create a light from their darkness- aka- they can only create a thought from the emotional space they're swimming in at the time. This means the light, by law, must vibrate at the rate the spirit creating it was feeling at the time.

This is why everything we can see, is


All of reality, all of EXIT-(leaving one's individual spirit space) TENCE (being stretched tight) is created by spirits who feel like participating.

We can feasibly separate all of the universe into two realms. 

The Fire Realm, where spirits love to be 


and The Water Realm, where spirits love to be All-One with other individuals like themselves.

If you FEEL like being alive, then you'll bring your thoughts and feelings together to create a heart, and by extension, an body, that allows you to connect with other spirits who did the same as you.


If a spirit doesn't feel like being expressing themselves in the observable all-one universe, then they'll stay a-lone in the unobservable universe. 

So, the only reason you, as a human, would be scared of dying, is because you don't want to go back to your firey alone realm. Religions like Christianity capitalize on this Self-Hate/Fear by colonizing spirits' minds with the idea that, if they don't follow the rules and serve the government their whole life, until they inevitably "die", then they will suffer for all of eternity afterwards.

   This is such a blinding light that many spirits are lost in, and the only spirits who can see past such a blatant Lucifarian lie would be the ones who intentionally close their eyes and dive into their own darkness instead of filling themselves up with someone else's light. 

  This is super effective if they pair closing their eyes off from the world and meditating with closing their stomachs of from physical food and fasting. Doing both of these things forces you to become the light and love you seek, granting you truly infinite freedom to express your individuality, instead of building someone else's imagination that has literally nothing to do with you beyond how you feel about it. 


  By combining fasting and meditation, a spirit can raise their vibration so high that they realize with their real eye that they were already in hell, and the fear of being alone with themselves is what kept them trapped there.

   See, spirits who desire to be all-one with others because they're scared of how firey their alone realm is, are only bringing those low vibrations anywhere they go.

This is how hell is actually created. By spirits who are using each other to run away from themselves.

It doesn't take too intelligent of a spirit, especially if that spirit is narcissistic (Loves being alone and only wants others to love being all-one with it under its terms) to utilize its awareness to manipulate the others who desire to be all-one to connect with them.

This is where you get the concept of Suns and Moons.


Suns, or Stars, are bodies of water that love to be A-Lone. 

Moons are bodies of water that love to be All-One.

One Sun can have 10, 100, 1000, even a million moons orbiting it if its big enough.

The moons, being water, enjoy reflecting the light that the sun loves to project.

Heres where vibration is everything, for two objects that are vibrating at different frequencies won't be able to interact with each other. Or, to be more exact, the lower frequencies cannot interact with the higher frequencies nearly as much as the highs can influence the lows.

This is why when super heroes like The Flash, Quicksilver, or Sonic hit super speed, time seems to stop around them- granting them infinite freedom to change reality beyond everyone else's awareness.

This is essentially a limited version of what "Spirit Time" is like, whereas body time would be like purposely moving as slow as a turtle while everyone else darts around you.


Spirit Time has you moving so fast the world Seems slow

Body Time has you moving so slow the world seems fast

The higher vibration you cultivate through fasting, meditation, and psychedelics, the more you'll start navigating the world from hyper-fast spirit time, instead of super slow body time.

The point is, then, to spin your infinite spirit time into your finite body time, so you're able to navigate the world with much more freedom than ever before.

The concept of Heaven and Hell is purely e-motional, and it relies entirely on two things.

1) How an individual spirit feel about their H-Om-e

2) The frequency at which that spirits feeling about its personal H-Om-e vibrates. (high or low frequency)

   If a spirit loves being A-lone, then no amount of emotional manipulation will convince them that they're inherently sinful and unworthy of their own love.

A spirit who loves to be alone has a vibration light enough to ascend hem out of the world and create their own personal heaven.


A spirit who loves being alone will naturally create their own world, their own simulation, their own Soul-Air system,  that spirits who desire to be All-One will want to connect with.


   Meanwhile, spirits who fear being alone will cling to life, because its the highest vibrational form of existence they have. Of course, these spirits are only on earth because they're running from themselves, so they can only bring that feeling and thoughts created from that feeling into their existence, thus making the body of water they chose to project their imagination into a reflection of their deeply dark desires.

   Hopefully, the spirits who are scared of being a-lone realize how most "problems" in their life, if not all, are a reflection of what they choose to believe in- So then, they'll hopefully decide to spend their time on earth LOVING themselves by truly fasting and meditating a-lone. Once these spirits see and feel how infinite they are without the limiting beliefs of the world, and by extention, their bodies, holding them down, then they will truly internalize and embody the famous quote, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

If you want to learn how you can use Fasting to free yourself from limiting beliefs, raise your vibration, and truly love how infinitely awesome you are,

Click Here

How Do spirits use numbers to create life?