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Elemental Elegance Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Is Knowing That Your Feelings Are The Vibration That Connect You To Your Space & Individual Spaces Outside Of Your Own


When you know that your heart is beating because a "Higher Version" of yourself wants you to have experiences with other individuals that you wouldn't be able to have alone, you're able to better understand how we, as spirits, HAVE TO CREATE NATURE WITH ELEMENTS in order to connect with one another.

From here, we can see is everything in life is elemental, which only matters because everything in death is emotional.

  • Life (Your Elements) - Only Matters Because Of Your Emotions

  • Death (Your Emotions) - Only Matters Because Of Your Elements


Most of us learned in school that energy cannot be created or destroyed...

Funnily enough, that itself is an idea that an individual space had to make up to express their individual imagination. Therefore, they as an individual space had to create the energy to  express that idea in a consistent enough way to actually matter to the individual spaces around them.

If you believe that every mind outside of your own is an expression of one individuals imagination, then you're using your individual ego to project onto the entire universe that every one's mind is created by your idea.

By believing that every individual outside of yourself is created by, & thus an expression of one idea, you are effectively ignoring & erasing not only the individuality, but the consent of every one you'll ever be able to meet.

Here in Always Ascending Academy, we believe in YOUR CONSENT.

We don't only believe- we KNOW that your heart is beating because you, as individual, are choosing to connect with individuals outside of yourself.

Once you know that YOU, The Observer, are the spiritually infinite individual making your physical body matter with your soulful vibrations, then you'll be able to level up & consciously communicate yourself into a healthy heaven created by YOUR IMAGINATION.

Once you know that your space created a soul to vibrate your metaphysical consciousness into physical existence, you can connect with your past lives and learn why God truly created you.

It took me a significant amount of time water-fasting to raise my vibration to the point where I could finally separate my mind from my body and learn why God created me to live life on earth. This is what it means to have a personal relationship with God. To separate from the body and meet your spirit face to face, inside of what Jewish religion calls "A Merkaba"

Of course, so much power comes with a lot of responsibility, so if you are not ready for greatness, I suggest you turn away now...

For all of my Subconscious Super-Heroes, welcome to Elemental Elegance.

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Learn How we Alchemize our Elemental Emotions   Into Something That Matters

What You'll Gain Access To When You Join ELEMENTAL ELEGANCE

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  • Learn How Your Spirit Is The One Observer Of Your Circumstance

  • Learn How Your Spirit Knows Everything About You

  • Learn How Your Spirit Is Completely Satisfied In Its Own Space

  • Learn How Your Spirit Is More Infinite Than Anything That Can Be Imagined By Anyone

  • Learn How & Why Everything You Can Imagine Exists Inside Of Space


  • Learn How Your Spirit Creates An Awareness Of Space Separates You From Every Other Individual In The Universe

  • Learn How Your Spirit Creates An Infinite Imagination To Express It's Coincidental Circumstances

  • Learn How Your Spirits Creates Your Ego To Be The Ultimate Expression Of Your Individuality

  • Learn How Your Spirit Persistently Projects Profitable Problems and Projects For Your Soul To Prosper From

  • Learn How & Why Fire Is The Pure Expression Of Your Ego


  • Learn How Your Spirit Manifests A Soul By Consistently Connecting With Its Awareness Of Space

  • Learn How Your Spirit Creates The Circumstance Where It Can Connect With Its Own Imagination Forever

  • Learn How Your Spirit Creates An Infinite Vibration That Allows You To Experience Your Dreams For Infinite Lifetimes

  • Learn How Your Spirit Reflects Upon Its Light To Create A Circle Of Self-Sustaining Memories

  • Learn How & Why Water Is The Pure Expression Of Your Soul


  • Learn How Your Spirit Cultivates A Circumstance Where It Can Show All Of Us How It Feels About Having An Infinitely Individual Perspective On Life In The Universe

  • Learn How Your Spirit Manifests A Mind That Allows It To Communicate With Individual Minds Outside Of Itself

  • Learn How Your Spirit Combines It's Internal Elements To Create A Balanced Consciousness That Controls Your Actions and Animates Your Body Externally

  • Learn How Your Spirit Breathes Life Into Death With Metatron's Merkaba

  • Learn How & Why Air Is The Pure Expression Of Your Mind


  • Learn How Your Spirit Settles Into Stable Structures That Satisfy Space

  • Learn How Your Spirit Manifests Muscles So It Can Make Its Mind Matter

  • Learn How Your Spirit Creates The Perfect Particles To Project Into Physical Reality

  • Learn How Your Spirit Summons A Spine To Conduct The Cosmic Currency We Know As "Chi"

  • Learn How & Why Earth Is The Pure Expression Of Stability

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