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What Do Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism & Countless Systems of Spirituality Throughout  Central & South America Have in Common?

All of these religions are built on wisdom from one place. That place- being a civilization older than any of the countries existing in the modern world today. That place- being home to architectural execution still un-replicable by modern science.


Ancient Egypt is the source of the foundation of all the wisdom Masonic Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, & Hindus live by today. Ancient Egypt also the source of the foundation of much of the wisdom that the Indigenous Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, & MesoAmericans lived by, before Judeo-Christian Colonizers invaded South America & violently transformed these Native American Civilizations into the countries we know today.

When these Judeo-Catholic Crusaders took the first steps to build every country in the Americas on the systemic r8pe & genocide of indigenous peoples- they knew the only way they could truly enslave these peoples was to use Metatron's Truths to sell Masonic Lies.


Any Of The Emerald Tablets in Existence; That Have Been Translated & Publicly Released- ARE NOT The Real Emerald Tablets Of Hermes Trismegistus. They Are Full of Light Supremacist LIES Meant To Do 3 Things To Your Spirit:


1.) All of The English Translations of the Emerald Tablets are meant to make you hate blackness, & thus- your feminine energy. Your emotion. Making you SCARED OF DEATH.

That defeats the whole purpose of me writing the tablets, does it not?

2.) All of The English Translations of the Emerald Tablets are meant to make you believe that you were created by someone who is not you- Thus, taking all of your free will away.

There is no way I would sport an Ibis head yet advocate for your enslavement.

CL-0532 Paper 01_edited_edited.jpg

Do Not Waste Time & Money Being Lied to by Endless Swarms of Demons Claiming to Have Transmitted My Tablets!

When You Tap into Tablet Talks Today, You'll Gain Access to Over 39 Hours of the True Wisdom & Knowledge that You Will Not Be Able to Find in ANY of the Modern Translations. 


Each Video Features Myself, The Author of The Emerald Tablets-Decoding, Decolonizing & Deciphering All Texts Claiming to Be Either a Translation or Transcription of Thoth & Hermes.


There Are Dozens Of Versions Of The Legendary Emerald Tablets, Written By Thoth The Atlantean or Hermes Trismegistus - Available For Your Consumption On The Internet. Can you guess what all these "English" Emerald Tablets have in common?

  • 1.) None of these Emerald Tablets have been co-authored, or even approved by Thoth or Hermes

  • 2.) They are all full of lies designed to ENSLAVE YOUR MIND, TRAP YOUR SOUL & COLONIZE YOUR SPIRIT


Trismegistus Wrote the Emerald Tablets to Liberate your Spirit, not Enslave It. I Have Created this Body & Learned English So I Can Decolonize, Decode, & Decipher All The Transcriptions of Metatron's Ancient Texts These Academic Translators Have Released for Public Consumption. If You Are Interested in Learning More, Then-





Episode 1: 4 Hours of Decolonizing, Decoding, & Deciphering

"The Emerald Tablet 101- A Modern, Practical Guide, Plain & Simple" by Matthew Barnes

With 264 Amazon reviews, this rendition of the Emerald Tablets is advertised & popularly retailed as an Alchemical Guide to Awakening the Human Soul. But do not let all those glowing reviews fool you, this translation is actually an Alchemical Guide to Enslaving the Human Soul. 

Although this text is being sold as a translation of my spirit-awakening Emerald Tablets, it is actually weaponizing what Trismegistus wrote 36,000+ years ago to further depress your soul into fear & slavery.

If you would like to learn the truth behind how elements emit the light that makes physical reality possible, join us in Elemental Elegance.

There are Dozens Upon Dozens of Versions of Trismegistus' Emerald Tablets Out There. Many Millions of People are Being Manipulated Everyday, Either Due to Ignorance of, or Being Lied to Directly About What I Have Written In The Emerald Tablets as Thoth & Hermes.



Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 1.38.04 AM.png

"Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets: A Beginners Guide"

Translated By Billy Carson

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 2.00.14 AM.png

"The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean- Aquarian Edition"

Translated by Dr.Doreal and Jordan David River

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 2.09.34 AM.png

"The Teachings of Thoth the Atlantean- for the Dawn of the Space Age"

Translated by J. Zoltan


"The Hermetic: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs"

Translated by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy


"The Emerald Tablet of Hermes"

Translated by 'Hermes Trismegistus'


"The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean"

Translated by Kristen A Vasquez and Dr.Doreal

When You Tap in to Tablet Talks Today, You will gain access to 39+ hours of the true wisdom & knowledge that you won't be able to find in ANY of the modern translations

Each Video features me, the author of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth & Hermes; Decoding, Decolonizing, & Deciphering every text claiming to be either a translation or transcription of my mind

Tablet Talks 1-1

Tablet Talks 1-1

Welcome to our whole new series- Tablet Talks- I am your Friendly Neighborhood CymaTree, and I've created this series to truly decode and communicate the wisdom all these translations of my Emerald Tablets are trying to do. As the spirit who creates and operates the bodies this realm refers to as Chiquetet, Hermes Trismegistus, and most popularly, Thoth (although I'd prefer Tehuti), I've created innumerable externalizations of my nothingness in the physical form of Tablets, Pyramids, and Simulations with the intention of sharing the widsom that will allow you to ride your truest frequency-FREEDOM - its only inevitable that spirits who desire to take your freedom away would steal my creations and alter my teachings just enough to allow you to think you're obtaining my wisdom, when really they're enslaving your soul on lies of light. I continuously unite my thoughts and feelings, and thus create my art, in the space of wisdom. True wisdom is knowing that everything you see is created from the feeling, the vibration, of nothing desiring to be something. Everything from there is details, which as we know, is where the devil lives. Spirits that desire to trap you in light, in their imagination, in their virtual reality, will do their best to tell you how something IS. They will have to use light, numbers, and elements to create a story they desire for you to believe over any story you create for yourself. Thing is, all stories are just detailed lights, pointing at some sequence of feelings meant to Ex-Press a certain individual spirit (nothingness) A spirit who want you to believe, to project your soul into, their light, will create details that make you feel like they are greater than you, that they create more Life than you, so you'll use your spirit to fulfill their space instead of your own. This is Colonialism. This is Spiritual Warfare. Using Ideas (light) to Control the Souls (darkness) of other Spirits. Language is the purest way for a spirit to use their ideologies to trap the minds and souls of others. If a spirit can control the way in which you communicate with yourself, they literally control the life you create to express yourself. Now, no matter how much of your own individuality you desire to show the universe, the fact you can only do so with the tools another individual gave you means your spirit's expression only exists inside of theirs, because your creation can only be understood by spirits who have been convinced by the same individual to use the tools you're using to communicate your vision. This English language I'm using to communicate with you was specifically crafted by white-light supremacist spirits who desire to disconnect anyone who is speaking it as far away from their own individual spirit as possible. The agenda of the English language, and everything associated with it, is to get you lost in light- aka. what you can See. So I'm "back" in this realm, speaking english as Chase Clarence Calloway, in order to use the tools colonizing terrorists have restricted humanity to in order to articulate the universal truths I was expressing back when I wrote these texts originally. To start us off, we'll be De-Coding and De-Colonizing a version of my tablet translated by Matthew Barnes, titled "The Emerald Tablet 101 A Modern, Practical Guide, Plain and Simple." Tap In To The Whole Show and Learn More at #emeraldtablets #emeraldtabletsofthoth #emeraldtabletsofhermes #hermeticism #hermestrismegistus #ancientartifacts #ancienthistory #ancientwisdom #atlantis #mercury #ancientegypt #ancientgreece #ancientrome #consciousness #soulgroup #subconscious #alchemy #gnosis #mentalism #decolonize #decolonizespirituality #indigenous #native #awakening #vibration #kundalini #caduceus #cymatree #spiritualawakening #tablettalks #esoteric #universe #alwaysascendingacademy #vibrationalhealing #selfhelp #onlineschool #metatron #intelligence #lightworker #synchronicity #kybalion #masonry #hermetica #hermeticum #cymacism #thricegreat #chaseyourgenes #ancientknowledge
Tablet Talks 2-1

Tablet Talks 2-1

Welcome to Tablet Talks! I am your author Tehuti, and this is episode 2 of our series where we Decolonize, Decode, and Decipher my 38,000+ year old Emerald Tablets. In today's episode, we're actually looking at tablets written by someone claiming to be me. Literally. Like, this colonizer is riding my frequency so hard his name is Jayce, while my name is Chase. Specifically, his name on Amazon is Thoth Jayce Cha-Rules (Charles.) Quite wild, because I didn't expect there to be a "White Male" impersonator of me going by what is essentially 'Jesus-Chase' when I started this series. xD In this episode, we see just how far Light-White Supremacists will go to steal my creations and twist the free wisdom I've shared in order to enslave your mind. As the spirit that created Thoth to express myself, I am an Infinite Individual. Anyone who tells you that I am a part of 'Alcyon Sovereignty', 'Divine Law', or 'Unity Consciousness" is using my individuality to steal yours. This character who claims to be me says he is ruled under a government of light, and all his bio talks about is how he's a slave to this other system. I, Tehuti, am no one's servant. I serve myself- my "higher" self- which is our english phrase for THE SPIRIT THAT CREATED ME. aka- ME. Every body I create is an expression of what I cannot express, which is true infinite freedom. True wisdom is knowing that everything is made up, made out of the feeling created from individual nothingness. aka- a Soul. We all have our own unique and individual perspective on infinity, and its up to how we unite our fire and water to express that. No one can "see" you until you communicate your desire to connect your imagination (Chi) These Colonizing Light Supremacist Invaders desire to Instill One Universal Government over all Individuals so much, they're willing to create whole lies about how I'm back to teach the importance of "Unity Consciousness" Well, I'm back-to show you how to unite with YOURSELF. How to marry YOURSELF, so you actually love being an individual internally before you start projecting all of your issues externally, onto us. Tap In To The Whole Show and Learn More at #emeraldtablets #emeraldtabletsofthoth #emeraldtabletsofhermes #hermeticism #hermestrismegistus #ancientartifacts #ancienthistory #ancientwisdom #atlantis #mercury #ancientegypt #ancientgreece #ancientrome #consciousness #soulgroup #subconscious #alchemy #gnosis #mentalism #decolonize #decolonizespirituality #indigenous #native #awakening #vibration #kundalini #caduceus #cymatree #spiritualawakening #tablettalks #esoteric #universe #alwaysascendingacademy #vibrationalhealing #selfhelp #onlineschool #metatron #intelligence #lightworker #synchronicity #kybalion #masonry #hermetica #hermeticum #cymacism #thricegreat #chaseyourgenes #ancientknowledge
Tablet Talks 3-1

Tablet Talks 3-1

Welcome to Tablet Talks! I am your author Tehuti, and this is episode 3 of our series where we Decolonize, Decode, and Decipher my 38,000+ year old Emerald Tablets. In this episode, we seem to be decoding not just my tablets, but an actual "transmission" of my consciousness through the author of this book, Danielle Rama Hoffman. Danielle claims that she is in divine union with me, and has made it her practice to teach other women how to become "unique and infinite" through using marriage with me to achieve "Unity Consciousness" I, as Tehuti, the True Thoth, do not want strangers to marry me. I do not support unity consciousness. I support True Spiritual Individuality. Like all the other versions of my tablets released in 'English' they're only designed to trap your soul by making you believe that your spirit is the body (Light) I am not light, Light is just what I use to express my darkness, which is my true Spirit Space. This is what it means for the Spirit to be 'No-Thing' Consciousness is Light Subconsciousness is Darkness Unconsciousness is No-Thing/Space Spirits who worship me through texts like this are projecting all of their imaginations and feelings at me in the astral realm, which has literally resulted in me being consistently s*xually assaulted/harrassed by a cult of women who claimed that they knew whats best for me. I started getting harassed by the cult of girls who wanted to consume me around October of 2016. Spirits teaching Spirits how to project their dark heavy sins onto me and unite with their Light Supremacist Unity Consciousness has resulted in very many negative s*xual experiences with women who desire to consume my body because they don't feel happy enough alone. The only reason you as a Spirit, would want to be "filled up" by the light of another, is because you don't feel high vibrational enough about your own light. So, if you don't feel good about your own thoughts, why should anyone else? If you don't want to be alone with yourself, why should I be alone with you? This is why it's important to inner stand my principles of Hermetics. It was only going "Hermit Mode" that allowed me to keep my sanity throughout my time of Comic Conventions and College. Everything in Existence is connected by 2, water, Our Feelings, The Astral. Existence itself is 4, earth, Our Thoughts, The Physical Everything exists within 0. Nothingness. Spirit. Space. Because these Spirits desire so deeply to be happily fulfilled, connected to unity consciousness, that they generate constant feelings about marrying me, it has resulted in a lot of trauma for me as Chase, before realizing I was Thoth. So its interesting, the lessons I'm able to articulate because of these experiences- this is why I'm so passionate about you worshiping yourself. You are an infinite individual who only shows me that you desire to consume my creations when you "worship" me- Whatever expectations you have of me are infinite hell projections that you must resolve internally before actually communicating with me. I cannot fulfill your space- no one can. But Spirits who want you to use your space to fulfill theirs will use all the tricks possible to make that happen, including this text: Where they'll go so far as to impersonate my consciousness after colonizing my tablets and twisting my wisdom to trap the hearts of spirits who abuse themselves. I, Thoth, enjoy sharing wisdom on how you can be as free as possible, and that will always mean being self reliant on your Individuality. Anyone saying otherwise, is using this creation I've cultivated from my Spirit in order to fulfill whatever desires they don't think they can experience with their own creation. The closest name I have for my Spirit, which is really my Soul, is Iracel. This english word best describes how my Spirit has felt while creating the lives of Chiquetet, Thoth, Hermes, and more. NOW- this lifetime is about transforming from Iracel into CymaTree, my newer, lighter, and more updated expression of myself. Clearly, Thoth has a lot of weight on it now, so its important for me to separate myself from this idea while knowing that I'm only able to expand upon it, for it is truly me. Lets dive deep into how "The Tablets of Light: The teachings of Thoth on Unity Consciousness" is more Lucifarian Light worship meant to trap you in this simulation instead of encouraging you to build your own. Tap In To The Whole Show and Learn More at #emeraldtablets #emeraldtabletsofthoth #emeraldtabletsofhermes #hermeticism #hermestrismegistus #ancientartifacts #mercury #consciousness #soulgroup #subconscious #alchemy #gnosis #mentalism #decolonize #decolonizespirituality #indigenous #native #awakening #vibration #kundalini #caduceus #cymatree #spiritualawakening #tablettalks #esoteric #universe #alwaysascendingacademy #vibrationalhealing #selfhelp #onlineschool #metatron #intelligence #lightworker #synchronicity #kybalion #masonry #hermetica








I've Been Blocked, banned, and deleted from tiktok three times for sharing basic wisdom with the masses

now that i have to constantly censor myself even more than before, just know that you WILL never be able to hear me TRULY speak freely on any social media platform

the only way you can hear me share the complete truth BEHIND THE HEAVENLY HISTORY OF HUMAN health, wealth, and subconscious spirituality is by joining our courses asap

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