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1. The Principle Of Mentalism (1).png

" The All is Mind, The Universe is Mental "

  • ​The Universe Is A Mental Projection Of Light Becoming Matter

  • Spiritual Thoughts Create Physical Reality

  • God Is The Spiritual Fire That Imagines Reality

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IN CYMACISM? You are the Spirit, The Space, The Observer. By combining your 1 Fire Ego and 2 Water Soul, you create a 3 Air Mind that breathes life into all things. Thus, The Mind Is All, The Spirit is No-Thing, and The Universe that connects all of our minds is mental, because we constantly create it by expressing our individual forms of consciousness.

2. The Principle Of CORRESPONDENCE

" As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. "

  • ​The Thoughts and Feelings you Hold in Your Atmosphere Will Build The Nations You Imagine

  • Nature Is Collectively Created By Individual Spaces Looking To Manifest Something That Allows Them To Relate With Other Spaces

  • All Universes Exist Inside Of Space, and All Simulations Exist Inside Of The Universe. Space (Spirit) Becomes Water (Universe) So Water Can Become Earth (Simulation) and Earth Becomes Blood (Transformation)

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IN CYMACISM? Everything in The Universe Is Connected. If something in the Universe is not connected, then it does not exist. Perception/Connection is Water, Projection/Separation is Fire.

3. The Principle Of vibration

" Nothing (Spirit) Rests, Everything (Matter) Moves, Everything Vibrates "

  • If Something (Earth) Exists (Air), Then That Thing Is Vibrating (Water) At A Certain Frequency (Fire)

  • Nothing Is Still, Everything Is Moving. Spirits Are Alone In Their Space (Stillness) So That They Can Create Bodies To Chase Each Other (Movement)

  • If A Structure Is Not Connected, That Structure Cannot Exist, Because It Would Be Too Separate From The Vibratory Universe To Be Related Upon By Others. Without A Vibration

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IN CYMACISM? If Something Isn't Vibrating  Inside Of The Universe, Then It Doesn't Exist "All-One" In A Collective With All Of Us (Physical Reality), It Insists To Be Alone With Itself (Spiritual Reality). 

4. The Principle Of polarity

"Everything Is Dual, Everything Has Poles; Everything Has Its Pair Of Opposites; Like And Unlike Are The Same; Opposites Are Identical In Nature But Different In Degree; Extremes Meet; All Truths Are But Half-Truths; All Paradoxes May Be Reconciled"

  • Something Can't Be Perceived, Or Conceived, Without Being Created From No-Thing, Meaning Everything Is Opposing The No-Thing It Is Coming From. This Is Why Religions Say That The Body Is Of Sin. Every "Body" Opposes The Spirit That Created It. A Structure (Something) Is Always Opposite To Space (Nothing)

  • The Vibration Is What Connects Space To Structure So No-Thing Can Generate The Emotion To Make Something Actually Matter. Thus, All Forms Of Matter (Earth) Are Energy (Air) Vibrating (Water) At A Certain Frequency (Fire)

  • As The Vibration Of A Spirit Cycles Between Nothing & Something For Infinity & Beyond, Balance (Air) Is Constantly Expressed Into The Universe. This Is Why The Universe Is Constantly Expanding Based On What Every Participant's Ego Is Choosing To Be Aware Of

5. The Principle Of rhythm

"Everything flows out & in; Everything has its tides, All things rise & fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates"

  • The Principle Of Polarity Plays Out In Nature As The Principle Of Rhythm. The Connection Your Spirit Creates To Animate Your Body Plays Out As A Vibrational Rhythm We Call Your "Heart-Beat." Your Heart-Beat Changes Based On Your Emotions, Because Its A Manifestation Of Your Soul Choosing To Make Something Matter. And Nothing Matters More Than Family, So Let's Dance.

  • The Fact That Something Didn't Always Exist, Means That It Cannot Always Exist. Hence, Why You Must Transform Out Of The Body You Transformed Into. The Spirit Is Forever, Thus The Soul Is Forever, But To Transform Through Physical Realities, The Spirit's Soul Must Create Bodies That Allow It To Connect With Other Souls In A Logical Way.

6. The Principle Of CAUSE & EFFECT

"Every Cause Has Its Effect, Every Effect Has Its Cause; Everything Happens According To Law; Chance Is But A Name For A Law Not Recognized; There Are Many Planes Of Causation, But Nothing Escapes The Law"

  • Every Action You Take Is Your Spirit Choosing To Express It's Fiery Ego Into The Universal Body Of Water That Allows Your Space To Exist As A Structure. Because The Laws Of Nature Show That Water Is Always Reacting To Fire- This Means That The Universe Is Always Reacting To The Gods Projecting Into It

  • Every Action A Space Takes (Fire) Is Met With A Reaction That A Space Makes (Water)

  • Actions Are Taken Because Fire Consumes Space, While Reactions Are Given Because Water Creates The Circumstance For Fiery Actions To Be Seen.

7. The Principle Of GENDER

"Gender Is In Everything, Everything Has Its Masculine & Feminine Principles; Gender Manifests On All Planes"

  • All Things Have Masculine & Feminine Qualities, Because All Energy Is Vibrating At A Certain Frequency

  • Men & Women, Males & Females, Naturally Have Children With Each Other For The Same Reason Fire & Water Create Air So Earth Can Exist. To Build Relatable Structures

  • All Children Of God Are, By Default, Gender Fluid, Because The Soul Can Play Out In Any Form Imaginable

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IN CYMACISM? The Principle Of Gender, shows us that every body has Masculine and Feminine qualities, because every body (home-earth) is energy (child-air) created by an individual spirit (space-circumstance) vibrating (woman-water) at a certain frequency (man-fire).

leaf seamless pattern_edited_edited_edited.jpg
leaf seamless pattern_edited_edited_edited.jpg

I just shared trillions of dollars worth of wisdom with you, because I love you, & all of the spirits creating the Universe we are connecting inside of right now. Out of the love in my heart, I shared this wisdom once before, but sadly, this is information that the creators of Money, English, and Mono-Theistic Religion have done unspeakably horrible things to steal from Ancient Cultures like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, & Indigenous Individuals across the world.

Now you can see why the New World Order "Illuminati" Banking System Is Sexually Obsessed with using the creations of Tehuti The Atlantean, Zoroaster The Prophet, Enoch The Metatron Star, Your Friendly Neighborhood Quetzalcoatl, and Hermes Trismegistus To Consume, Control, and Colonize as many conscious children as they possibly can, whether they're culturally considered "White" or "Black", "Jewish" or "Indigenous."

If you want to learn the secrets of Hermeticism and wisdom of Zoroastrianism that your Governments, Religions, and World Leaders have infinitely benefitted from Stealing, Suppressing, and Twisting into new religions designed to enslave you in someone else's idea of heaven as they Profit from Projecting Problems into your physical environment, then join our online courses and become a Metaphysical Member Of Always Ascending Academy to Get Woke Today.

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