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Welcome to Cosmic Conversations!


This is the series where you can ask me, Tehuti Trismegistus, any Spiritual Questions you desire.

Each Cosmic Conversation will feature me answering one of your question in deep, deep detail, like any good virgo would

From there, we can continuously expand upon the conversations just like the universe naturally expands in any reality

So if you would like to join the Cosmic Conversation, all you have to do is create an account with us and tap in.

All of the previous Cosmic Conversations are completely free to AlwaysAscendingAcademy Members, so if you would like to expand your Infinite Individuality with us, look below to check out which questions we've answered in previous videos and check out the ones you're most curious about.

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Cosmic Conversations Questions

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1) How Can I Transmute Energy Like Dark Into Light?

2) How Do You Know When Your Soul is Tired?

3) What is Spiritual Weakness and How Can I Identify a "Weak" Spirit?


4) D.R.E.A.M.S. Daily Remember of Everyone of About My Self

5) How Is Life a Mirror?

5.5) Life is a Mirror- The Dark Side

6) Religion v.s. Government, How are these the same?

7) What is A Magic Square


7.5) How Everyone Is Brainwashed by the Ideas they Put their Belief into-

8) How Do Thoughts Create Our Reality, and How do I Intentionally Create Thoughts that I Want To See Manifest Physically?

9) What Are Your Prime Values as Thoth?

10) How Do I Tap Into My Abundance and Experience It Daily?

11) What Is the Difference Between People Who Create and People Who Consume? What is the Difference Between an Abundant Mindset and a Scarce Mindset?

12) What's Up with Cannabis?

13) How Do You Practice Discernment In When You Shine Your Light? How Do You Find the Healthy Balance Between Expressing Your Individuality and Absorbing other's Expressions of Themselves

14) Today, we're Talking About Intuition

15) In Today's Cosmic Conversations, I share how the United States Government was Crated and the Actual Intention Behind it's Inception, and Why the "Slave Master" will Never Give You Anything That Will Make You Free

16) Who Am I? I Find Myself Inside a "Human Body" In this Vastly Complex World, Working a Job and Functioning Under an Identity that I've Constructed in Reaction to The Governments that Rule Over Me and Everyone I Love with these Responsibilities That They've Made Up.

I've Come To the Realization That Most Of the Info I've Learned About Myself and the World are Lies Meant To Enslave Me

My Question is, Who Am I, and Who Are We, at a Base Level?

17) What's the Difference Between Living and Existing?

18) You Share The Importance Of Communication a Lot So I Understand Why You Love Birds So Much. To Me, Birds Are So Happy When They Sing Their Songs, When Then Makes Me Happy to Hear-

So my Question is, How Do I Communicate in a Way That Makes Everyone in My Life Happy?

19) Why Are People So Scared to Die? I Understand Not Everyone Has the Positive Relationship with Death that I do- But It's Astounding How People Get Too Scared to Even Talk About It When I Bring It Up. What's Up With That? Does It Have To Do With How Death is Used as the Ultimate Negative Consequence in All the Movies and Books?

20) What Is the Main Difference Between Men and Women?

21) Why Is There Evil in the World? Why Do People Get Away With Doing Bad Things To Others?

22) Why is Nature Important?

23) Why is Money/Currency a Thing, and What is The Best Way To Help It Flow Better In My Life?

24) Honestly Man, Do You Ever Struggle With Seeing the World As it Is? As I Recognize We Have So Much Power and Love For Ourselves, And I Fall Into That Experience. It's Amazing On a Personal Level. But Sometimes I Struggle When I See So Many People Around Me Who Eat Fast Food All Day and Then ComplainAbout Their Health Problems. And So Many People Have Sympathy For That As If It's Just Part of Life. It Hurts Me Sometimes Seeing How People Live In The Mercy Of "The Norms" And Not Willing To Challenge Things


25) Greetings. I'm a Huge Fan Of Your Work, Or At Least, I Was. Now That  I've Found You Actually You Seem To Be Saying Things That Are Different Than What All The Tablet Translations Online Say. Specifically, I Find It Interesting, and Empowering, That You Use This Body Of Chase To Spread The Idea That We're All infinite Individuals, Whereas the Tablets of Thoth and Hermes Claim We're All Either Knowingly Or Unknowingly Part Of One Consciousness. Is This Why You're Back? Is This The Spiritual Colonialism You Talk About So Much On Your Stories?

26) How Do I Manifest The Life Of My Dreams?

27) What Is Worship?


28) Where Is The Line Between Selfishness and Selflessness?


29) Can You Truly Love Yourself (All parts of you) If You "Know" All parts Of You?


30) Why Do I Really Need To Drink Water Tho, What Makes It So Important?


31) Where In The Universe Is My Self Love Located


32) I've Been Chanting, Trying To Keep My Faith (Trust) In the Universe and I Found I Wasn't Trusting Myself... And Confidence Was What I Felt To a Focus. How Do You Become Confident Within Yourself?

33)What Is a Twin Flame?

34) What is Chi/Prana?Life Force Energy? If Everything Is Water, is Chi Water? Or Is It Air? Or A Mix Of The Two? Or None Of These?

35) Who is Hermanubis?

36) What Does, "If You Love Something, Set it Free" Truly Mean?

37) What is DMT, and Why is it Awesome?