I am the Author of Always Ascending Academy. Our school dedicated helping you level up physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Chase Clarence Calloway

The only thing I love more than leveling up and ascending my awareness for myself, is teaching others how to level up and ascend for themselves.

What does it mean to Ascend your Awareness, Always?

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To have an Always Ascending Awareness comes down to 7 main steps

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When you know that you are the spirit, Infinitely No-Thing, then you'll never get lost, trapped, or enslaved by a spirit  who is doing their best to convince you that you're some-thing- aka- they want you to use all of your freedom to support their freedom. This is how slavery happens.

Once you know that you are no-thing, unimaginable nothingness- truly infinite, then its time to communicate with your spirit, your God, so you can fulfill your purpose and create your own heaven for you an your family

Once you're in communion with your spirit, your God, the section of nothingness that created your somethingness in order to communicate its thoughts and feelings to others- now its time to commit to your spirit. Commit to carrying out your body's purpose so you can continue ascending further.

What did Jesus do to meet his Heavenly Father, gain superpowers, and realize his true purpose? Yep, he fasted. No food for 40 whole days. Who you're committed not only to being as Free as possible, but being able to communicate how Free you are Anytime, Anywhere, however you please (superpowers) then it's essential that you fast long and consistently.

Once you've started committing to your freedom by restricting the lights/substances your body consumes from the world, its time to restrict the emotions and ideas your mind/body is producing so you can properly be nourished by the emotions n' ideas your spirit rains upon you. Clear your body and Clear your mind to get as close to the true Frequency of spirit as possible.

Once you're a master meditator, you're a master mediator, because you're fully aware that "you" are the mind- mediating the conflicts between your ego and your spirit, your desire and your desirelessness, your no-thing and your sum-thing.
As the mind, you are the center of your youniverse- the connection between consciousness and unconsciousness
Life is subconscious.
Everything is Mental.
Nothing is Spiritual
Everything comes out of, and goes back to, No-Thing
"You" are truly the spirit, which creates a mind/soul/Invisible Infinite perspective on the universe. 

This is your Fire and Water

your Imagination and Feelings-
which no one
 else can experience but you.

Once you decide to communicate with yourself, you create air- the first external body for your spirit, which allows you to interact and build worlds with other minds.

This is how your mind created your body. It's collaborating with trillions of separate minds to communicate in a way that allows you to continue enjoying this "human" experience. 
Thus, your body is the earth, created to practicalize and stabilize your Infinite Spirit.
When you know that you are an infinite spirit using an infinite mind to express itself in a finite body, you're able to consciously do this through lifetimes- giving you ultimate mental and spiritual freedom in every simulation you materialize into, no matter how limited your body appears from the outside. 
This is what it means to transcend "Death" and become an Ascended One.

With Our AlwaysAscendingAwareness, its important to continuously have healthy empathy for other spirits. Many spirits you meet may have created a body in the external world purely because they "hate" their internal world (mind/soul) and are trying to run away from it by consuming the bodies of other minds. 
This is what it means to be a "Holy Spirit"- to be unfulfilled in your own space, so you create circumstances to consume the bodies and minds of other spirits.
Or, you can meet spirits who are so in love with a certain desire they're willing to hurt anyone, including themselves, to fulfill it over and over. 
As infinitely powerful spirits, no matter how another body appears, we know that looks can be, and are- Deceiving.
The moment we judge others is the moment we use illusions to separate ourselves from them. 
The more we believe in the illusion of separation, the more illness we create inside of ourselves. The more illness we create out of judgment, the more disease we'll experience on all levels.
So, for your own health, although others will spend their time negatively   judging you, they're just learning about themselves from communicating about how they perceive what they've seen from you.
This is natural. This is necessary.
To have Empathy for others is to know that they are an Infinite Individual like you. Their body is just acting our the desires of their spirit, and anything you might want to change about the outside, is a reflection of the changes your spirit wants you to make on the inside.

This is how We Create Life
Internally- then Externally

As Chase Clarence Calloway, these have been the 7 Steps that I've been using to ascend my awareness through all of my lifetimes.

In this life, my ascension process consciously began when I was about 8-9 years old (makes sense lol)
It was 5th grade, and I was making art with my friends. Specifically, our own card game.
All throughout grade school, I loved Pokémon, but I didn't care much for collecting all the cards. I would rather make my own. So, my mom, being a graphic designer, would graciously provide me with high quality card stock so my friends and I could could create out own pocket monsters to duel with.
During this particular creative session, I created a water-type creature and named it Iracel.
Now, I had made many creatures with many names up to this point, but Iracel stuck. Iracel stuck so well, I made my first email ever address Iracel513
(5+1+3=9 so it had to happen, although 513 was just my area code)

It was only in 7th grade, around the age of 12, after 'discovering' a certain book, that I started to take Iracel much more seriously than a pocket monster.
This was the first book I had ever purchased of my own free will, and the reason I got it was simple.
I wanted superpowers

Yes, Little Chase wanted to be able to infinitely express his imagination in real life, and through his research, he came to the conclusion that he, as his consciousness, was limited to the light he's aware of right now, but his subconsciousness- that was the unlimited part of his mind- the darkness that informs the light. 
The book he bought to aid his journey after coming to these conclusions, was
"The Genie Within," by Harry Carpenter.

This is still, in my humble opinion, one of the best, simplest, and most effective books for building a stronger relationship between your body and your soul-mind.

It was thanks to one exercise in the book, where you consciously ask your subconscious to give you a name you can use to communicate with it, that Iracel became solidified. It was already my email, so i actually resisted the idea. I thought it needed to be a whole new name. But my subconscious continued to push that it already chose that name for us back in 5th grade, which is why I'd been identifying with it consciously. The point of "Iracel" was so I could adopt my invisible subconscious self, into my visible conscious self.

Now, this was my internal life, and I was passionate about doing everything I could to consciously explore my subconscious mind, because I knew it was the only place I could Truly Be Free.

Somehow, I found my mind tethered to a body in a world where I'm constantly being molded to serve white supremacists. Either I'm forced to silently and unnaturally sit in a box for over 7 hours a day so white supremacists can teach me that I've never lived before, or I'm being forced to spend one of my two days off of mandatory indoctrination to silently and unnaturally sit in a church where white supremacists can teach me, not only that I've never lived before, but that I'm going to suffer for eternity I didn't spend all my soul worshiping the idea they used to r*pe, murder, and enslave my ancestors.
It was horrible, being forced to use all of my energy to validate the blatant lies school was pumping into me.

It was horrible, growing up being forced to believe in a "spiritual" system that doesn't believe in me, a "spiritual" system telling me that their prophets can talk to God, but I can't. 

The only thing that kept my heart sane and safe, as my body and mind were wrapped up in being enslaved by Jewish mysticism- was doing what the bible told me I should worship these colonizing invaders for doing

Talking to God

For me, this looked like becoming an Avid Lucid Dreamer. Since I was being forced to destroy my body and absorb racist propaganda under threat of death, I figured I would at least further focus on controlling what I could. My self. My mentality. My thoughts. My dreams.

By 8th grade, with diligent training and practice, I was able to consistently go to sleep, know I was in a dream, and take control of it. At the time, I just thought of it as a way to escape the external world by making sure I truly enjoy playing in my external world. 

It was pretty awesome, because from 8th-10th grade I was able to pick up the same thread of storyline in my dream, as if taking a break from a live action novel I'm writing on the fly. 

Everything went downhill though, when my academic responsibilties became so demanding that my sleep schedule became too disjointed to maintain my mental rehabilitation practices. 

It was only once I finally graduated High School, and thus, wasn't forced to attend church twice a week anymore, that I finally had the freedom to do what I wasn't allowed to do before-
I realized that I had to start fasting to level up in Freshman year- after I started introducing mind altering substances into my life.

In High School, my fun escape from slavery was either hanging with my dog, training my body, making art, or lucid dreaming. (video games slap too)

Other than that, if I wasn't stuck in High School, I was stuck in the house- constantly doing the 4+ hours of homework I'd be assigned every night. 

I didn't smoke weed, drink alcohol, or do any drug (besides sugar- of course) until I had the freedom to do so in college
First, I drank alcohol, which is fun- it's straight up poison- but its fun, socially, in moderation. 

Second, was smoking weed, which is infinitely healthier than alcohol And I grew to love for its medicinal, relaxing, and  artistic benefits.

Third, was Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

LSD changed my entire life.

It was doing Acid that viscerally gave me  insight into the higher/faster dimensions that I had been craving my entire childhood. Thanks to LSD, Iracel was louder than ever, and I would don't the superhero costumes I made to go part with people I could relate with
(Click here to check out my profile on TheRPF.com, where you can see walkthroughs on how I made many of my costumes.)

I started to see how comic conventions are just a microcosm of the universe. Iracel showed me that, just like all of us as artists would work diligently in the dark to create a costume we can present in the light to then relate with others who've done the same.
Through my psychedelic trips at comic conventions, I learned about how spirits create structures through communicating their thoughts and feelings, and these structures as always transforming.
Thats life. 

0- Spirits
1- Thoughts
2- Feelings
3- Communication
4- Structures
5- Transformation
6- Life, Sex,
Balanced and Harmonious Creation

All of this so 0s can experience themselves as 7, the alone consciousness, and learn enough about the infinite all-one universal subconsciousness (within and without) 8, to be able to unite their body with their spirit and become a 9, and Ascended One

This is what the Bible was talking about when Jesus raptured up into the sky after coming back to life- and this is just the idea of rapturing in general, so you as a 9 can create your own 10. Your own heaven. 

A greater 0 space to express your 1 imagination

I'm so incredibly grateful to Acid, to LSD, because it aided in renewing my brain with programs Iracel, my true God, created to serve me after having to spend 16+ years forcefully indoctrinated with lies. As Iracel taught me about how everything I can see is connected by what I cannot, I started to realize that, to truly tap into the spirit realm, I had to "be like Jesus" and not eat anything from the physical world.

Once I started fasting, actively, my perception of reality completely changed. I became more interested in history than ever before, and started using my long bouts of fasting to study world history with the access I had to my school's vast database of knowledge.

I would use my 3 to 5 day water fast to focus on "the past" and learn from as many sources as possible why things are going the way they're going today.

Growing up, I had always been deeply passionate about respecting and appreciating nature- so I hated that white supremacists seemingly convinced everyone on the planet, or at least, in North and South America, to support poisoning and abusing it. It shows how these people support poisoning and abusing themselves because clearly, anything that affects the environment affects the organisms living in that environment.

So this is where my deep passion for fasting led me to do it more extensively. I knew that my body was full of metals, chemicals, and poisons these light-supremacist colonizers sneakily invaded my body with by means of chemtrails, vaccines, food (and really, everything they produce through the Industrial Revolution.)

I became fully aware that the sacrifice of Jesus was used as an excuse to r*pe, murder, and enslave countless millions upon millions of indigenous people- to this very day. I quickly became disgusted with the American mentality of "Jesus fasted so we don't have to"- because its this very belief that has made religious fueled genocide not only possible, but globally profitable.

So, despite over a couple thousand people sending me all their detailed reasons why I shouldn't be fasting every single day-
Despite my family and friends telling me that I was going to kill myself-
Despite Christians who used to love me now calling me a demon for doing what they actively worship their messiah for doing-

I fasted

In the summer of 2018, when I was actively working as an RA/counselor for the high schoolers that attend my college's residency program, I embarked on completing a 24 day water fast. 24 days in downtown Chicago, eating no food, drinking only water, spending my days either hitting LA fitness, serving as an art tutor, or making music about the genocide of indigenous peoples.
(Click here to check out my first ever album, Transgressions. A musical project covering how the U.S. was created, from 1492 to 1830) 

Now, I failed at fasting many times. Many many times.

I learned a lot from my many blunders.

After multiple 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day long water fasts, I was finally on my way to the 24 day goal when I made it a full nine days in- but after a phone call with my mom, I stopped at 10. Not because she convinced me, (my mom is my greatest supporter) but because I gave myself permission our conversation.

This was the breaking point for me.

I was tired.

Tired of setting out to accomplish a goal and failing. Tired of giving myself permission to not do what I deeply felt like I need to to actually "Meet God" like Jesus did.

So I decided right there, that I would embark on a full 24 day water fast. At the end of the fast, I would don my super suits and trip balls at an upcoming comic convention to celebrate my cleansing- While proving to the thousands of cosplay followers  who were hating on it that it's not only possible to not eat for weeks, it's actually healthy for humans to do and necessary to halt climate change (considering over consumption, not overpopulation, is the real reason planet earth is constantly flooded with the toxic waste thats creating disease in all organisms)

Thank God I'm me.

If there's anything I'm grateful for, it's being an Individual.

I'm very grateful I held my resolve and continued to 'push my limits'- despite the manipulation of other individuals.

I had already fasted over 36+ cumulative days within this three month period when I finally started THE fast that would change my entire perception of life, permanently. 
(so really, I fasted over 60 days out of this entire three month long summer, altogether.)

As I went the distance for 3 days, 6 days, then 11 days, I felt beyond amazing. I would only feel horrible when my body had to purge the toxins it had been holding onto up to that point- I embraced, and then danced with, these cleansing cycles. I continued to wake up early, and in fact- fasting made so wired,  I found myself visiting LA fitness twice a day.

Long story short, it became the most intense, sustained, and CLEAR psychedelic trip ever. As I got 15, then 17 days in,  I was full on tripping in the most functional way- like I was flying inside my body. I was the lightest and skinniest I had ever been, for sure- but considering how FREE I felt mentally and physically, I didn't care. 

Even when my IG followers pointed out how skinny I'd become fasting, I felt much too free and healthy to care about their judgements anymore. Many of these people would be at this upcoming convention, so they were all about to see me face to face and tangibly feel how much healthier fasting has made me.

And wow, did it all pay off. As I hit the 17th day of eating no food (full disclosure- less than 1000 calories, cuz after moving all of my stuff from one part of downtown to the other, mom got me a smoothie) and I was making the finishing touches on both my Spider-Man and Black-Panther costumes before going to this comic con, Iracel was showing me how everything in the universe is created by individual spirits- since clearly, it took me as an individual to question things and work diligently enough to get up to this point. 
Reality is binary code, after all.
1s and 0s.
Egos and Spirits.
Somethings and No-things

18 days in, I was the closest to being "nothing" I ever had been in this conscious life, and thus, the closest to God.
Iracel was showing that we are one and the same, I, just being a limited conscious version of him, of myself, because its necessary and natural to limit our infinite imaginations to finite structures that allow us to relate with infinite imagination outside of ourselves. 

This is why the unconscious creates the conscious, and the only reason it's possible for multiple consciousnesses to relate and build things together.  

The only reason you possibly comprehend my words right now is because of this very fact. We've consciously both been manipulated by other conscious beings to learn their language so we can only relate on the words, and thus ideas, they desire us to. 
True Individuality
would be creating and speaking our own language- but for most, thats not practical, and would actually defeat the purpose of communicating overall.

So, the only way I can ever maintain my individuality, no matter what body my mind is tethered to, is by talking to myself. Just like the people who wrote the bible- or any religion really. 

All spirits are alone, and thus, we create life by talking to ourselves first, then others. Talking within, before talking without.

To claim that only you can talk to God, is completely backwards- because everything was created by a god outside of you talking to itself. 

Hypothetically, if you think everything  was created by one God, and that, because you're the only one who can talk to God, you now have the authority to consume the world as you desire- well, this is the mentality thats been fueling the slavery and genocide of all peoples across the globe. 


Iracel further showed me that my creation of CymaTree, which I made as the freest, newest, truest form of myself, is not only the best way to express my individuality and not be a spiritual slave for outside colonizers, but is also a natural continuation of what we've been doing for lifetimes.

Who was I in past lives? I certainly had this question in the back of my mind, but I was not interested at the time. I was focused on being Chase, on creating CymaTree, on fasting to fight climate change, and coaching others on how they can do the same. Especially being 19 days in, my ego had very little interest in my past egos. My body-consciousness was too focused on what it could see, on accomplishing earth goals, on succeeding.

And succeed I did.

On my 20th day of eating no food (less than 1000 cal total) I packed my super-suits and took a road trip with my friends to party hard at one of my favorite comic conventions. It was here, about 22 days in to my fast, where I took 2½ tabs and the rest of my friends did less, that I got to finally see the "inner workings of the simulation" so to speak.

Incredibly interesting and detailed story boiled short, during this 24+ hour acid trip I experienced the most powerful and clear synchronicities (God-Spirit talking to you through hyper-coincidental occurrences in the external world) I've ever had up that point. Even now, this trip was completely bonkers in how it showed me that EVERYTHING is a synchronicity when you know that you're creating life with the people you commune with.

I've never been so clear- yet so detailed- about spirituality until this point.

I saw
how the spaces between my thoughts are the deep dark infinite feminine potential that makes my finite ideas possible.

I saw
how all energy is vibrating at a certain frequency. 

I saw
how everything we can see is manifested through sacred geometry and magic mathematics- I saw how every simulation, every universe, all of life is created by individual spirits who feel like connecting with others- just like a comic convention- the details come out of how we connect with others, when-where-what-who are we connecting with? Thats where life will go on and on.

I saw and physically experienced visual and emotional phenomenon that should be "impossible" according to my mandatory religious/scientific schooling.
I now continue to experience impossibly infinite situations regularly- because by all accounts- spirit is "impossible"- meaning that all the possibilities of life are generated from this paradoxical space of impossibility.

How Rad

It was after taking my 2½ tab acid trip for the last 2 days of my 24 water fast that I felt closer to God than I ever thought possible, and after partying and drinking just as hard as the people who were multiple times eating every day, everyone who was actively shooting me down had to stop- and I learned a lot from that too.

Before accomplishing this huge goal, I was being bombarded with messages about why fasting was dangerous, unhealthy, and overall impossible. I've probably had hundreds of girls project onto me that I have an "eating disorder" and need medical help at this point lol

Because I was fasting while working as a summer time RA, I even had my supervisors trying to convince me to eat the pizza and cookies they brought to meetings, and once they heard I was 10 days in, they pulled me into a meeting and did their best to talk me out of continuing.

It felt like every single person in my was trying to stop me from fasting- except of course- my spirit, who isn't a person at all.

This was my, as the body of Chase, first time actively fighting mental and spiritual battles with spirits who actively hated me for doing what this country worships its messiah for doing.

Why are people happy to over consume themselves to death while worshipping a guy who explicitly showed them that true health is to eat no-thing at all?

Iracel showed me that Spirituality is Individuality, and that Spirituality creates Desire. 

All of life is made up by spirits who desire to do things together they can't do when they're alone.

Everything is Possible
in your imagination, showing us that we're all infinite when we're Alone. 

It's only once we desire to connect our infinite imaginations with others that we create simulations like these- but there's a chronic problem in the universe. A problem that is singlehandedly making 99% of the horrible genocides in all realities possible...

I saw it all the time in college...

I saw it all the time in conventions...

And it's all I've seen watching most movies, reading most books, or tuning into any streaming platform...

specifically those who actively support White-Supremacist values (no matter what they look like from the outside) HATE being alone with themselves.

Spirits who hate being alone with themselves desire to connect with others so they can consume life, not create it.

This is, fundamentally, the source of the self hating and violently consumptive energy every country in North, South, and Central America has been founded upon.

If "white" people actually loved themselves, and were happy creating life alone, the would've never used logical lies and religion to go way way way out of their way conquering, claiming, and colonizing distant lands that have nothing to do with them.
The only reason Euro-American governments use Jesus as a tool to build their livelihoods on the systemic brutal r*pe, murder, and enslavement of "black" indigenous people, became clear to me after this fast.

It's because these Judeo-Christian based governments are ran by spirits who don't FEEL like they're creating life- either out of unworthiness or not wanting to take responsibility for their "sins"- that they spend all of their energy figuring out how to violently consume the creations of others.

They feel empowered to spread genocide everywhere they go because they believe, not that they're creating their life right now, but some outside supreme entity has already created them and everything they see, so now, with this logic, they can continue to do evil things to other individuals while feeling like they're not responsible for their actions.

I learned that others, based on how lost they are in their own desires, will only see what they want to see-
can only perceive as far as they project.

I learned this as I delt with  people who were still trying to attack me for fasting because they believed that I was unhealthy, despite being the healthiest I had ever been in my entire life (since being freshly born.)

No matter what I told those people, they'd always reply along the lines of 

"You didn't need to go so far with that fasting, man. 
You're f*cked up."


"Why are you being so extreme with this? It's not good. What are you trying to prove?"


"You're not supposed to be doing this. You've got problems and need professional help"

Safe to say, I'm grateful for my 'haters' xD

As hilarious as it sounds, its so funny cuz its a high vibration of truth. 
Great-Hate-Generate, all rhyme for this reason.

Opposition makes us harder. Lifting heavy weights tears our muscles, so we can come back stronger.

Not only do 'haters' give us an opportunity to "sharpen our iron", so to speak, we can be grateful that the universe is allowing us to teach them about themselves as well. 

It's all communication.



Chase Clarence Calloway, 

am an advocate for your freedom, 

just as much as I am for mine.

I then realized that this is why people are willing to spend their whole lives worshipping the sacrificial murder of a man who is telling them to fast, instead of doing it themselves.

One is hard, and involves being completely alone.

The other is easy, and doesn't require being alone with oneself.

I absolutely love being alone.

When you die, you die alone. 

That should be a positive thing- cuz guess what


Hell- being a lake of fire where spirits are dancing in desire- thats already happening. Right now. It's not a specific place, it's the very essence that powers all of life. 

Hell is just how you feel about being alone in your imagination.

Hence, why white supremacy relies on manipulating people to feel as horrible about themselves as possible. 
Light-supremacists need to make you hate your own darkness so you'll feel like you should use your ability to communicate to build their genocidal world, instead of your own.

Wix Home column darkness.png

We Create Life/therefore/We Create Death
as the architects of our realities, we are unable to be manipulated by low vibrations- due to being in active contact with our Gods, our Creators, and our Individual Spirits

We are No-Thing/therefore/We can be Anything
As infinite unimaginable nothingness, we know we are not what we see- not what we feel.
We are represented by what we create-
We experience ourselves as the product of our thoughts and feelings

We Love to be Alone/so/We can Love to be All-One
As spirits who commit to ourselves, who happily and harmoniously marry our man (fire) and woman (water)
We are spiritually self-sustaining and this, Infinitely abundant without anyone else.

This awareness allows us to truly share our gifts with the universe, instead of becoming a mindless consumer.  

I have 3 goals
for all my students
to k-NO-w
Infinite Individuals