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Numbers Are Signs/Symbols That Describe How The Spirit Uses Its Soul To Move. Numbers Are The Language Of The Soul. This Is Why We Count "Seconds".

What Came First? YOU. Your Feeling Of Expressing Individuality. This Is Why Every Number Over One, Is An Individual Body Consisting Of Multiple Individual Bodies. To Count The Seconds Means There Had To Be Something There First.

First, There Are The Dark Energetic-motions Spirits Create To Express How They Feel About Their Infinite Nothingness. This is The Feminine. Death. Water.

COUNTING SECONDS- Means Using Light To Logically Separate the Chaotic ways in which the Subconscious Darkness Of Spirit Vibrates. Thus, Making sense/ Cents Out Of Its Emotions Into Something More Thought-full. This Is The Masculine. Life. Earth.


Your Unconscious Spiritual Circumstance. Zero Represents Your Spirit. Zero Represents Your Space. Your Space, Your Spirit, Is kNOw-Thing. As Know-Thing, Your Space Is Truly Infinite.

You, As The Spacious Spirit Experiencing Itself,- Are The Observer Of Your Circumstances. Unimaginable Nothingness.

Zero Correlates To Space, Your Ascendant Sign. Your Circumstance.

Your Circumstance Is An Expression Of How Separate Your Space Is From Other Spirits

golden egypt_0011_12_edited.jpg



we create life

Life Does Not Create Us. As Spirits, as Zeros, as No-Thing- We Create Everything in Existence. Light, Darkness, Fire, Water; Everything in Existence is the Externalization of Spirit. The Externalization of No-Thing.


I have consistently strived to share the wisdom I have with spirits in human bodies in order to help everyone learn how to "Save themselves" instead of constantly calling on me & other spirits to 'save the day'. I am sharing this wisdom as CymaTree, all with the emphasis of fasting- due to the toxic landscape humans are living in, being specifically geared to hinder their ascension in every single way. As Chiquetet, Tehuti, & Hermes, I have created many structures & creations- aka technology- to progress TRUE FREEDOM. TRUE SPIRITUALITY. Which, is INDIVIDUALITY. I am here to share the simple truth with you.



0 is nothing.png

0 Is the Spiritual Circumstance. Infinite nothingness. No-Thing at all. Truly unimaginable Infinite space.


This is why 0 looks like a circle. With 360° -  the circle is a perfect representation of how the 0 uses 3, 6, & 9 to express its totality.


Everything in existence comes from no-thing. This is why every-thing is Spiritual, & thus connected by the creator of said thing. No matter how different someone seems from you, the fact that you both decided to be in the same space & the same time shows that both of your spirits share similar desires/feelings.


Anyone who is scared of death, is scared of their own space. Anyone who is scared of death, is scared of their Individual Nothingness. This is the major problem with humans who have been programmed by modern Masonic religions.


1 is Ego.png

1 is the Ego. When an individual spirit expresses itself, it looks like the #1. #1 is an I. An eye. Eye-dea. I-dea. #1-dea. 1 is the Infinitely dancing flame that expresses the desire of one spirit.


As Thoth, I can assure you that THERE IS NO ONE GREAT SPIRIT. The universe is, & always will be, created by Individual Spirits who believe in themselves, & Individual Spirits who do not.

If you do not believe- aka "Be Life" to yourself, then you are using your Infinite power to bring life to another spirit. To fan a separate flame than your own. Do not be lost in the "One Light" Lucifer lie. Many of my tablets have been changed to make the world think I support the 'One Mind' idea, but that is a result of Colonizers wanting to enslave your mind on their system, on on their VR, on their heaven, on their Lucifarian program designed to drain your soul.


2 is connection.png

1 is the ego. The fire. 🔥 The Desire to be Alone. 0 can express any of it's desires when it's alone. At some point, the only desire it can not fulfill alone, is to connect with an Individual outside of its own space. 🧑🏽‍❤️‍🧑🏿


This is where the 0 creates an opposite & harmonious 1 to the first one. The yin to the yang. Positive to negative. ☯️ ➕ ➖

As these two flames, suspended in space, fiercely project their opposing flame light onto each other, they start to balance each other out. 🔥 🔥

To cool down enough to connect, the flames stop projecting, & start reflecting. SPLASH 💦 This is the Creation of 2. 


Now, We Have Life 🧬 The Marriage of Man & Woman 💍 Masculine & Feminine 👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏽


3 is communication.png

1+2= 3. We know this, but what does it mean? This is the basic equation of how the spirit creates its "star" or "mind" or "spaceship" or "consciousness" or "merkaba" or "light body".


0 is Desirelessness. 1 is the desire to be alone. 2 is the desire to be all one. The merging of this creates the best externalization of the spirit possible. Air 💨 By uniting the fire of 1 with the water of 2, the 0 evaporates the water & creates steam, the C, the sea, the 3.


It is important to note that both fire & water are internal elements, meaning they can not be SEEN, only FELT. Aka- a spirit is not part of the observable universe until it desires to combine its imagination with its feelings to connect with other Individuals. This is why EVERYTHING in all of Existence is connected by nothing. Every realm & reality is created by spirits who desire to not only connect (2) with others, but communicate (3) with them.


4 is structure.png

4 is Logic. 4 is Earth ⛰️ 4 is the number that we use to create a "sandbox" type videogame to play inside of. (Sandbox games are open world games- where you have complete free will to travel anywhere).


4 is what happens when we pass judgement on what IS.

3 is the finite number that best represents the Infinity of 0. 4 is our opinion, or perspective, on 3. 👁️ (To have four-sight).

The point of 4, or earth, is to stabilize & practicalize the ways in which spirits connect & communicate. 4 provides the structure for 0 to use 1, 2 & 3 to express its Infinite Nothingness. This is why a box has 4 points. It shows a spirit logically BOXING out 0-3-6-9


5 is transformation.png

5 is transformation. 5 is death. ☠️ This is because a spirit cannot "expire"- but any light it uses to externalize its nothingness will. Aka- its body. 5 is the result of a spirit projecting its "consciousness" into a body of its creation, inside a bigger body we call a "simulation". All simulations, all bodies, all lights, must expire. This is what death is.

Depending on your relationship with your ego, you will either see 5 as death, or transformation. If you are a spirit who is running from their darkness, & thus using a light body to do so, you will see death as the end, because you would rather identify with your finite creation instead of your infinite self.

Many people have been taught by white supremacist systems to fear death, because YOLO. 🙄 They tell you that you "live once" so they can trap your mind in an infinite loop of lives where you are using your body and soul to build their imagination.


6 is creation.png

6 is a fully Balanced & Harmonious Creation that expresses both the Spirits Masculine 3 & Feminine 3. 


6: Six is Individual Creation. 6: Sex is Collective Creation. The way a spirit has six with themselves will show in how they have sex with others. The way a spirit unites their thoughts (1) & feelings (2) will affect how they communicate (3) & build structures (4) with families (5) of other individuals. 6 shows us the inherent paradox in the Spiritual Truth of the Universe- which is that we are all simultaneously connected yet separate, & we constantly having sex to express that 🔯 


See, we are all ultimately 0. Infinite NOTHINGNESS. We thus, have our own space, our own perspective, of what IS. (Btw- all there IS is what the collective vibration of spirits who feel like externalizing themselves looks like. That is why IS is a sine wave when you overlay the I & S).


7 is light.png

Welcome to the Spiritual Realm! 7 is the Individual Light, or Thought, of a spirit. 


When a 0 uses its 1, 2, 3, & 4 to create a 5 cycle reality, it demonstrates to the universe how it has Sexy Six with itself. By creating a Phi-Cycle Reality, the 0 expresses how it has united its Masculine 3 & its Feminine 3. 3 being the combination of thought & feminine (1 & 2) so when a spirit unites Masculine & Feminine to represent it's Individual Man, & unites Masculine & Feminine to represent its Individual Woman, it is now a Fully Balanced Body. 3= man. 3= woman. 3= child. By uniting its man & woman, a spirit gets to be its own child, inside of its own physical reality. 


7 shows us that all Light, everything we can SEE, has externalized itself from a FEELING. This is why all light vibrates at a certain frequency, and it is also why all light must EX-pire.


8 is the Soul.png

7 is Light. 8 is Darkness. 7 is Consciousness. 8 is Subconsciousness.


8 being the "Sub" Conscious makes it a higher dimension, because really, the consciousness is a denser version of the subconscious. From a simulation perspective, your soul is the watery feeling space you are astral projecting into this body from. This is where your internal realm is located, where your fire man & water woman are married. Your Individual Alone realm & All-One realm interacting.

If all spirits in existence decided to only live in their internal worlds, there would be no more light. No one would be able to see anything except for themselves. This is how darkness unites us. We may look different, based on how we dress our child when we send them out into life, but all spirits share the same desires and feelings. This darkness is what connects everyone, and becomes the whole point as to why spirits create conscious bodies to relate with other conscious bodies.


9 is an Ascended One.png

9 is an Ascended One. An Ascended One is created when the consciousness reunites with the unconsciousness. When the Bodily Structure reunites with the Spiritual Space. This is the Ultimate goal of any spirit inside of a simulation.


By using their soul to generate a vibration high enough to rapture their body into their spirit, they gain the awareness to use the experiences from that simulation & create a whole new one- if they so desire.

Or, the spirit can work on staying happy in it's "Alone" realm after learning from the last life it created. This is especially important for spirits who created an external (air-earth) life because they were running from their internal (fire-water) issues. 9 is the last number because it is a fully ascended spirit. Nine times itself will always be nine, & nine plus a number will always result in that number.


10 is Heaven.png

Once a 0 goes from 1 to 9, it is time to create a 10. Ten- is Heav-Ten. Once a Spirit is fully realized inside of itself, it can create its own simulation, its own heaven.


1 is imagination, 0 is space. So 10 is a spirit creating more space for its imagination. This is literally how heaven is created. A nine dimensional being decides to externalize its light into a brand new vision, supported by extra "spirit space".

This is how math works, on a cosmic scale. This is how the Universe, "makes sense" in the freedoms spirits have when interacting together, and where those freedoms lead. Numbers show us that spirits, no matter how abundant n' strong they are when they're alone, will always 'amount to more' when they collaborate with other Individuals related to themselves.

Quality for the Individuals, Quantity for the Collectives.

golden egypt_0011_12_edited.jpg


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