3 Valuable Tips to Start Unlocking Your Genetic Potential Today!

YA!  Hey, you made the right choice. Sure, you only clicked a link. But if you are truly dedicated to making drastic positive changes in your body and your world like I believe you are, then my excitement is totally justified. :)

 Before I start sharing value for your brain to consume, I recommend reading through the nifty categories at the top of this page. Each subject contains pertinent information to how our genes and bodies function, which is information you clearly want to know. Of course we don't need to understand every tiny thing that happen in our bodies for the proper action steps to work. The Native Americans may or may not have known about sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy, or how our diets affect both our skull structure and microbiome, but they (collectively) were the some of the healthiest humans on the planet before Europeans murdered most of them. Why? Because they had ENOUGH understanding to advance themselves and their genes in the healthiest way possible.

Thanks to additional centuries of continuous scientific studies and experiments, we have a vast wealth of knowledge mostly accessible from our smartphones (So much valuable info is strictly still contained in books. Read books.) So why not learn as much as you can about yourself and the world around you, you feel me? The more we learn, the more we discover- leading to countless more advancements advantageous to ourselves and the world around us. 

            I also refuse to tolerate willfully ignorant people. :) I am Spider-Man and they are my bug spray.


Step 1. Strength Training

Do you want to have the strongest (not necessarily biggest) muscles that you possibly can? Do you want to have a brain that functions at its highest possible cognitive ability? Do you want bones that provide reliable stability and protection? Do you want a powerful heart that effortlessly supplies your body with nutritionally saturated blood? Do you want to increase your confidence in not only yourself but your ability to change your world? I believe strength training is a key element to gaining all of these.

            When we lift heavy weights on a consistent basis, our bodies adapt to handle increasing amounts of stress. And no, if you strength train on a regular schedule, you won't turn into a behemoth who makes people cross the street when you walk by. What WILL happen is you will feel lighter and have much more energy. Your brain will make stronger varied neurological adaptations and improve your muscular function by recruiting more muscle fibers. Your movements will become more effortless and fluid by the day, and your descendants will thank you for your strong genes.

            Fun Fact: Even when you exhaust yourself, even when you think you’ve worked to maximum capacity, you were only using about 1/3 of your available muscle fibers.           

Without further ado...

Weightlifting beasts Don Akim and Rosanna Beckett.

Couple Goals epitomized. 

    I’m about to tell you a story right quick. 100% true, this recounting of events is non-fiction. Cut to Tom Boyle Jr, who was chillin' in his pickup truck with his wife Elizabeth. They had just gotten done eating dinner at this shopping mall (P.F. Changs perhaps. Or Cheesecake Factory) and were waiting to get out of the parking lot when shit suddenly hit the fan in a deadly way. The Camaro sitting in front of them wildly jerked into traffic and while doing so, smashed into an unsuspecting cyclist. When Boyle heard the commotion, he glanced up to find that this vehicle had actually run over said cyclist who was now pinned under the moving vehicle. The bike was crushed and being dragged along too, resulting in red sparks due to friction and blood.

      This unfortunate human was an 18 year old dude named Kyle Holstrust, and Kyle was truly messed up; while one of his legs was pinned between the bottom of the Camero and his bike frame, the other leg was stuck between the bike and the asphalt. Boyle hopped right out his whip and chased after the death machine, which finally slowed down to a stop after dragging screaming Kyle across the pavement for about 20 or 30 feet. With no conscious thought, Boyle gripped the frame of the car and literally lifted 3,000 pounds of mechanical engineering off of this teenager. Granted, he lifted the front end of the car about several inches, enough so that the driver, dude-who-just-scored-200-points John Bagget, could pull Holtrust out of this deadly situation. Boyle held 3,000 pounds for about 45 seconds before the badly injured biker was rescued. Naturally, as a modern superhero does, Boyle wrapped the terrified teen in his arms until the fire department arrived.


    Beautiful. :0

This wild story is just one out of countless examples where a human body will unleash all of its muscle fibers to exert incredibly high amounts of strength in adrenaline fueled emergencies. My strength building program forces our bodies to adapt into powerful beings who can maximize the amount of muscle fibers we use. It also pushes our bodies to develop bones of steel (not literally), change the chemistry of our brains, and drastically improve our health. But what can you do to start reaping these benefits right now? I’m about to give you some sweet sweet info to use today. ;)

First off, if you don’t do any form of resistance training, start. Seriously. Whether it’s lifting weights or calisthenics (body weight exercises), I would love if you do both. You will too. Your genes will even more. :)

          Simply starting to lift weights for 5 sets of 5 reps will place you on the promising path to gains. For example, on Monday and Thursday you will pick a push and pull exercise to work with.Whether its bench press and bent over rows, handstand pushups and pull ups, incline chest press and upright row etc. On Tuesday and Friday you pick an anterior focused and posterior focused leg exercise to work with. I'm talking squats and calf raises, deadlifts and leg press, lunges and bridge thrusts, etc. Let’s take a gander at Jane to demonstrate this concept.

    Jane has recently seen Wonder Woman and became  inspired to become Amazonian ripped. Nice. Now she’s posted at Gold's Gym  and her first exercise is decline chest press and pull ups. Her 1 rep max is 80lbs, so she racks up 65lbs and bangs out 5 reps, although she could have gotten 6. Right after doing this first set, she contracts her chest as hard as possible in an isometric fashion for ten seconds then rests.

   After taking a two minute break from this exercise, she comes back and struggles to hit hit five reps yet succeeds, then she performs another isometric contraction. Rest, then on the third set, she pushes to failure and stops at 4 reps, isometric contraction, then rest. On her last two sets she does 3 reps to failure and performs an isometric contraction after each. After the workout, Jane grabs a protein shake and admires the primo pump her chest, deltoids, and triceps are experiencing.


   If you do what Jane does, you’ll start to gain impressive increases in strength. The goal with any exercise you do this with is to hit 5 reps on all 5 sets. Once you can do that with your selected workout, increase the weight. The 5x5 method is a fantastic way for beginners to double their strength, especially if they employ isometric flexing at the end of every set. This fatigues the muscle fibers/tendons even more and increase blood flow once you relax. Try it out. ;)

Step 2. Natural Nutrition

   You know we're never alone, right? Sure we feel alone, and consistent human interaction is essential for our health  but I'm talking about... slightly smaller organisms. There are trillions, yes, thousands of millions of bacteria that live in our digestive system and various other places. There are so many organisms in our body that if we could somehow isolate all of them, trap them in a bag, then place them on a scale, we would see a number somewhere around 3 pounds.  3 pounds, which is about the same weight as our brains. :0

   Coincidence? I mean, who knows. But it certainly is appropriate, because they essentially form a "second brain" for us. 

"Second Brain? Chase, that seems like an exaggeration. It's not like these organisms control me- like I'm a large sack of bacteria functioning like a biological Voltron." HEY! Be humble. Sit down. We are in fact, large sentient sacks of bacteria with a cranium that tricks itself into believing it's in total control. The saying "You are what you eat" is very common knowledge but certainly not commonly understood. I can't even tell you how many people come to me begging for personal training because they want to be able to eat whatever they want. Sorry to tell you, but the idea of embodying what we consume is much more true than many like to believe. Let me give you some examples right quick.

    When our stomachs and small intestines are unable to digest certain foods we eat, our beautiful gut bacteria will also break those substances down to ensure we reap the nutritional benefits. Pretty dope, right?

    These tiny creatures are also incredibly important for producing essential vitamins. We're here because we want to be as healthy as possible, right? To maximize the function of our DNA. Well, our microbes, when functioning properly, produce cobalamin (vitamin B12) Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and assists in making DNA. It also helps prevent a type of anemia called 'megaloblastic anemia', which makes humans fatigued and weak. 

    BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! :p Vitamin K is another byproduct of healthy microbiome activity. This vitamin regulates blood clotting, making it essential for responding to any bodily injury. In addition, by assisting the transport of calcium throughout the body, Vitamin K is incredibly vital for increasing the strength of our bones (ahem.) It reduces any bone loss we may otherwise face and decreases the risk of our skeleton becoming fractured. 

    Already you can see how vital these tiny friends are to our health, right? There's so much more that I'll share in my weekly newsletter, but I do have a couple more benefits to mention before explaining how we maximize their effectiveness.

    Fun Fact: A broader diversity of bacteria in gut is hella beneficial for our health. Researchers hailing from the University of Alberta and University of Manitoba published an enlightening study in the journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy. These scientists found that infants with less diverse gut bacteria 3 months old were more likely to have negative reactions to certain foods by one year old. You can probably guess what they are, right? We're talking predominantly about-but not limited to- eggs, milk, and peanuts. Not only do less diverse gut bacteria seem to result in different food allergies, but they also influence how much fat we retain. :0

    A separate experiment was conducted by researchers from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and King's College London in the UK. They discovered that a certain strain of bacteria named 'Christensenellaceae minuta' was more common in people with a lower fat content. 

    The experimenting comes in when they introduced this bacteria to the guts of mice. Guess what. It caused these critters to gain less weight, demonstrating that the bacteria seems to reduce or prevent obesity. :0

Yeah, fam. You read that right. More research is always welcome, yet it seems that 'Christensenellaceae minuta' is strongly responsible for our body's ability to regulate fat content. So your friend who can eat three deep dish bacon and cheese pizzas without permanently stretching out their sweatpants is more than likely housing an abundance of this bacteria.

Woo, okay. Talking about this stuff gets me excited and I could go on and on, but I'll save that for the newsletter. Our microbiome influences our susceptibility to cancer, of course. But get this, our microscopic friends produce an array of neurochemicals enhance the brain's physiological and mental processes, including memory, learning and mood. In fact, 95% of the body's supply of serotonin is produced by gut bacteria, according to the APA. 

    95% of serotonin. 95% For those of you who know what serotonin does, this is pretty amazing to think about. For those who don't know what serotonin is, you're about to learn today.

    Serotonin is so important because it carries signals along and between nerves, otherwise known as a neurotransmitter. 

It's functions include: constricting smooth muscles, regulating our body processes, and contributing to our well being.

When I say it contributes to our well being, I don't say it lightly. A deficit of serotonin is STRONGLY linked to depression.

THAT is what makes this such a wild discovery.

   Okay Okay. How do we diversify our little buddies and get the most out of this symbiotic relationship? Food choices, first off. Eat those yummy whole grains. They have protective effects against heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. These protective effects seem to come from the way that the fiber in grains nourishes the microbiome. 

You best be consuming bunches of whole fruits and vegetables too. Preferably raw, but honestly just eat them way more. Eating a hearty apple will fill you up and be drastically more beneficial for your DNA than a bag of chips. People get weirded out that I eat asparagus and green beans raw with various meals but my micro biome is certainly applauding and multiplying in the best way. Make sure you hit up carrots, garlic, jicama, leeks, red and white onions, radishes, and various tomatoes as well. These foods (and more) contain the some of the best fiber that the most beneficial microbes feast on. 

    Fermented foods. Fermented Foods will get your buddies real excited and working well for you. I'm talking about tempeh, kimchi, kombucha (very yummy it's got some alcohol too eyy. .5% but eyy.), sauerkraut, any fermented vegetable, and kefir (fermented milk that I personally don't enjoy but I know people who do.) Why fermented foods? Fermented foods have gone through a process called lactofermentation. This is where natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food, which is pretty helpful for avoiding overconsumption of those 'generally' unhealthy substances. This process not only preserves the food, it also comes with increased benefits. Beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics come along with these. Good shit.

   Then of course you can intentionally consume healthy bacteria in the form of powders, pills, and all those Probiotic yogurt brands.

   What should you limit in your diet? Basically everything you already know are unhealthy for you because YOUR BIOME DON'T LIE. Limit refined flour. Limit simple sugars. Limit saturated fats and trans fats (mono/polysaturated fats are actually pretty rad get those.) Limit additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners of course. Anything made in a laboratory, honestly. 

   There is a reason I say limit, and not restrict, for it's essentially impossible to not consume these in the largest societies were food is mass produced with the sole intention of hooking people into buying more. Capitalism, baby. In the United States, most of the food distributed to the public will have loads of these gross substances, even in foods you think wouldn't. Even salads have sugar and extra stuff added for people to enjoy more. We are not equipped to handle so much excess sugar, and it stimulates our reward centers so much that it's pretty difficult stop consuming it on willpower alone.

   It's much easier to prime your environment to give yourself no other option than to eat healthy. 

Step 3. Facial Posture

Woo. Okay. Strap in. This one is quite a doozy. So you know about braces, maybe you've had braces. I certainly did, and they were definitely one of the biggest mistakes I've made my whole life. :p Luckily I haven't let them rip my wisdom teeth out of my head, because that is completely unnecessary and honestly harmful.

    I'm seriously about to challenge everything you believe about our teeth and skulls right now, but this whole concept will seem so simple to you by the end you'll wonder how there are multibillion dollar industries built on harming us.

   Braces are a sham. Wisdom Tooth removal is too, unless there is actually irreversible damage like a harmful cavity or something. See, there is no animal on the planet that grows teeth that don't fit it's skull. We are no exception. 

   Think about it. We already know that we are the result of MILLIONS of years of evolution, but the world has rapidly changed the past couple centuries. Nature did not design us to glue metal brackets on our teeth and force them into shape. Nature did not design us to pay people to pull four of our largest teeth pulled out of our skulls, resulting in excruciating pain and weeks of recovery. 

   So why do the majority of people believe that this is necessary for our bodies? It's mainly all based on one lie-er "misconception." 

"The human skull has evolved to have smaller jaws, so our teeth get crowded and there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth."



    This is what the orthodontist will probably tell you before you hand over thousands of dollars for them to mutilate your face. It's certainly what they told me, but after spending months correcting the damage they have done to my skull the solution to 99% of tooth problems is so blatantly obvious it physically pained me to see all those poor souls in the orthodontists office.

    Check out this perfect set of teeth on the right. They're all straight and strong. Not only that, but the wisdom teeth that orthodontists so desperately want to pull out are functioning perfectly with all the other teeth, as they were evolved to. Any deviation from this structure, will result in "crooked teeth" and depending on how drastic the deviation is, people are told they must get their teeth pulled/straightened by horribly medieval means. 

     Really. Think about it. How could there NOT be room for your teeth when the roots and everything grew in the first place? It doesn't even make sense from a biological standpoint.


THIS is what the inside of our mouths should look like, more or less. Look at all that room for the tongue and notice how the teeth are in a wide arch.

So what happens when you deviate from this? So many issues, from slight discomfort all the way to complete disfunction of the mouth. Around the age of 10 I notice that my jaw had to shift slightly to perform an effective bite. Friends, family members, and of the course the orthodontist told me that braces were the solution. Of course, this small problem I had with my teeth was made 10 times worse by braces. Sure, after braces my teeth LOOKED straight, but the function of my mouth was even more off. I could feel it. It's not all bad of course, since it was a major learning experience and I've been successful in singlehandedly shifting my teeth to correct the damage. Now I can share my experiences and knowledge with you, and the rest of the world.

       Here are a few of the most common issues I see people have on a daily basis due to improper function.

1. The teeth become way harder to clean. Makes sense, right? The more crowded our teeth become, the more particles will get stuck between them and bacteria will latch harder onto the surfaces that are supposed to be underneath the gums, not exposed.

2. There will be less room in the mouth for your tongue to function properly. I want you to try something real quick. Close your mouth so that all your teeth are touching, like you're biting down on an invisible sheet of paper. Then touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth right behind your incisors and press it into the roof of your mouth. If your wet mouth muscle comes into collision with any of those bones, then they are not aligned to where they should be. (More on that later, I'm getting there.)

3. WISDOM TOOTH REMOVAL. Ughhh this is definitely one of the most painful, expensive, and damaging results of crowded teeth. When the teeth in a human's mouth start crowding together, the wisdom teeth are the first to go. In people who are implored to get their wisdom teeth removed, it's usually because they have crowded so far in that they are actually under the gums. This is the case with mine and countless other people, but as I've been expanding my palette on my own, these previously hidden bones have erupted to join my other teeth. Oh my gosh, there is so much tension and pain relief when you know how to shift those large molars to be functional. 

4. Finally, your face shape is a RESULT of where your teeth sit in your mouth, it is not the cause. I've become pretty fantastic at identifying how people's teeth are arranges just by looking at their face structure.  People seem to forget that our teeth ARE bones that contribute to the structural integrity of our skeletons. This is why huge strong cheekbones and wide sharp jawlines are the much more common in indigenous populations. They certainly don't need braces or oral surgery, do they? No sir/ma'am/person they do not.

   Let me tell you, now that I've been employing my simple, yet incredibly effective methods to widen my palette and shift my teeth, the results have been more than satisfactory. I had chronic pain in the left upper side of my mouth that the orthodontist told me would be corrected. Of course, it only got worse. So bad in fact, that at some point while I had braces I was eating popcorn and thought I got a kernel stuck in my gums. For years. YEARS. I thought there was a kernel of popped corns lodged deep in my gums that was causing the constant pain. After I got my braces off, it persisted, yet both my dentist and orthodontist told me there was nothing there. Want to know the solutions they both recommended me? Floss more and GET MY WISDOM TEETH REMOVED. Turns out that the pain was due to my teeth being so far shifted inward that they were pressing against each other with incredible force, and pinching my gums. (People with sensitive teeth generally have this problem.)

   Luckily, over the past few months, I have relieved myself of this disfiguration. Ya boy's cheekbones and jaw have started to become bigger and stronger as I have shifted the teeth back into place. I still have a good amount of shifting to do, and two molars to fix in my jaw, which is honestly so awesome. 

     Not only have I relieved myself of consistent discomfort, fixed my shifted bite, and strengthened my facial structure- the process barely hurts. :0

    At least compared to braces. If you're one of the millions of Americans who have had braces, you understand the pain I'm talking about. Braces stop you from enjoying so many foods due to the brackets and awful pain. Ugh especially after they tighten them. Makes sense, looking back. That pain is our bodies crying out "DON'T DO THIS YOU'RE HURTING ME" as those metal wires coral your teeth into an awful position. THEN after the braces mess everything up the administer of the pain wants you to pay even more money to remove the "extra" teeth that don't fit.

    As you can gather from this site, I love my body. I love biology. I love nature and I trust millions of years of evolution to get things functioning well. Working against nature brings nothing but pain, whether it's in climate change or our own tummies. 

Oh. You probably want a valuable tip on how you can work with your biology to "unlock" your strongest possible skull, right? :p I gotchu.

    Start holding your jaw closed, all the time. NEVER let your jaw hang open, and god forbid you breath through your mouth. If you do, stop that. Always be biting down while simultaneously pressing your tongue into the roof of your mouth. This will slowly but surely align your teeth to their desired position over time. When you catch yourself not holding this face posture, just correct it and move on. Don't beat yourself up just take all of this information I've shared with you and use it. There is no use in learning if action is not taken. :) 

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Before they massacred most of them, Europeans documented how amazed they were at the Native American's natural beauty. Amoung many other reasons, this was due to their strong facial development.

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Braces are torture you pay for, my gosh. So much pain. So much damage. 

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This isn't Mr.Boyle but he's impressive.

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