Breathing Tips

`Ya Ya Ya


Ah, it's good to see you today. I have quick value to drop.

These quick tips will help you squeeze the energy and force out of your body

Breathe out when doing the concentric part of a movement and breathe in when performing the eccentric part.

Concentric: The portion of an exercise where the muscle is shortening (flexing) in order to exert force.

Eccentric: The portion of an exercise where the muscle is lengthening (stretching) to exert/control force.

Boom, there you go. Done...

Actually I'm not done. There is a caveat I will mention a little further down.

Wait, what's that?

You want to know why you should breathe like this?

Well, have you ever seen a martial artist at work? There is a good reason why many envision a martial artist making audible sounds (perhaps, WOO and HA) whenever they strike. Exhaling while performing a concentric movement enables us to push energy from our bodies in a more direct, powerful manner. Tighten those abs when you exhale, and when inhaling be sure to expand your tummy, not your ribcage. Snapping from an expanded abdomen to a tightly flexed one in one breath generates power all on it's own, so it's best to utilize these biomechanics for your benefit.

Now the caveat.

Here it comes.

Breathing like this while performing lifts like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press- anything that puts load on the spine, will actually put you at a disadvantage. I'll tell you guys how to breathe in these circumstances next time. I've gotta bounce. I appreciate how much you appreciate yourself. Adios.

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