Your Super-Villain

Yo, what’s good? I hope you’re having an awesome day today, and that you make it even more awesome. I’m hopping on here right quick to talk about staying motivated, which many people can have trouble with, myself included. We’ve all got to do something with our lives, but it takes a lot of energy to tackle your goals relentlessly through out the day- especially when you’ve just started establishing your desired habits.

So how do you stay motivated. Well, I’ve got one method that may inspire you to seize your days like you know you should.

We’re passionate creatures who are not nearly as rational as most of us would like to think. We cognitively understand the importance of logic and reason (Not the rappers.) and how valuable keeping a cool head when making decisions is, but that’s not shit. Socializing, advertising, even our government plays to inspire change through our emotions, not reason. Cinnamon Oats cereal isn’t going to make sales by bullet-point-format listing out why their brand is better than the hundreds others. If they want to make sales, they will run a commercial of a (hopefully) Multi-ethnic family smiling and demonstrating how their Cinnamon Oats breakfast makes life much better. As long as the feelings and emotion is there, people will be less guarded to the intentions.

The brain has many safeguards against change, so no matter how carefully thought out an argument is, it will find a way to create excuses as to why it shouldn’t change. We can see this happen in live time if you present ALL OF the scientific proof of climate change to a skeptic.

Ya. All of it. Until you can rile up enough emotion in someone to inspire them to change their habits, nothing will happen for either of you except frustration.

So, if you haven’t heard, I’m kind of a superhero. Been one for my whole life, honestly. But a superhero would be nothing if they didn’t have a super villain to balance them. Batman and the Joker. Spider-Man and Venom. Flash and Reverse Flash. You get the picture. A super evil will indirectly create a greater good, so to become an even greater version of yourself, you need a villain.

Good news, you have one. Oh lordy lou, do you have a villain. This vile creature has been stealing from you in every possible way. This disgusting monster has been blocking you from your full potential as a beautiful human. Under your nose this whole time, if you haven’t already identified it.

Who is it?

Procrastination- that vile serpent.

Procrastination has been preying on you for as long as you started making decisions for yourself. I'm growing livid just talking about it AHHH.

Imagine- every time you deicide to put something off, procrastination gains a victory over you. Too tired to go to the gym one morning so you decide to sleep in instead? Procrastination has gained a victory on you. Don't feel like starting that business idea you've got because you're dreading all the work? Every hour you decide not to execute the plans you've conceived in your mind, procrastination frolics joyfully. All those wonderful moments where you come up with an amazing idea? Procrastination works to steal those from you.

Hate it. Seriously feel a distain for this invisible evil. Procrastination despises you. Procrastination wants to see your life result in as little as it possibly can. But I don't want that for you, and you certainly don't want it for yourself. That's why you're here.

So next time you realize you have a responsibility to handle, don't allow procrastination to undermine your efforts. Thwart it's plots and take action on yourself.


Ya boii

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