Hydrate Those Genes.

Eyyy. Welcome to my first of perhaps many blog posts. Why should you read? Well, depends. If you’re not a very dedicated or motivated person, perhaps these nuggets of wisdom aren’t for you. And if you’re not even INTERESTED in becoming more motivated to improve your life, then leave. Seriously. I’m not tryna have mediocre people around these parts hindering the progress of everyone else. You feel me?


So you’re tryna become your strongest self. Dope. So am I. That’s why we’re here, right?

In this post I’m going to address our relationship with the natural world, and how modern society forces us to become unhealthy and self destructive. If we’re not careful that is.

So let’s be careful. J

In what ways does our society work against us? I’m sure you can think of a few. Our food industry certainly doesn’t seem to have our best interests at heart, right? McDonalds isn’t built on the idea of nourishing everyone adequately, because there is not as much money in that as their current business model. To get all of us to eat more fries, they add extra sugars and fats, which is not only unhealthy but addictive. Funny fact, sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. Seriously. Not only McDonalds, but all fast food manufacturers add unnatural preservatives, simple sugars, and the worst fats for us to possibly injest. Gross type stuff. It’s quite the challenge to cut these toxic foods from our everyday diets, especially if you’re on a tight budget. It’s much more difficult to eat organic quinoa salads when you’re a single mom of three making $23,000 a year versus a single household CEO making $150,000. Don’t fret, I have ways that will make healthy eating a much more viable and enjoyable option for even the busiest people.

For most people eating is a matter of willpower, which is usually a losing battle. For example, most people are easily able to resist ordering desert from the menu, but if that triple chocolate cake is placed in front of them that’s a totally different story. At that point its biology vs mental capacity, which is quite the one-sided battle.

Biology wins, obviously.

But what can do to start priming your body for success? I have a tip that, if you commit to making it a part of your daily routine, will put you on the right track to becoming your healthiest self.

To preface, this is obviously long term actions. Nothing here will give you a six pack in a week, because that’s not real life. :p But if one of your goals is to see your abdominal muscles pop from your tummy, yeah, these will help.

Take every opportunity to drink water.

Every time you pass by a (trusted) water fountain, take a big gulp. It’s rather difficult to consume so much water that your body will experience negative effects from it. In fact, over hydration really only happens when someone drinks over a gallon of water in one sitting.

My advice of drinking from every water fountain you pass by is meant to increase the amount of water you’re consuming over a natural span of time.

Bonus, and this one is awesome for your wallet too, refrain from ordering drinks when you go out. Instead of spending $2.37 on a small Sprite, hit up that free water cup. When you have the option to take a free bottle of water, do it.

We all know we’re made of water. I don’t need to over-explain to you why it’s important. :p

If you take every opportunity you can to consume even small amounts of water, your DNA will be happier. :)

#water #hydration

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