The Winner's Way To Maximizing Your Strength Gains                                Develop your                                                              Superhero Physique

And it doesn't matter if...

You've never done strength training your entire life...

You don't have daily access to a gym...

Your body is big, small, long, or skinny...

In the  next few minutes, I can promise you one thing...

As you read every word on this page, you're going to learn how my unique strength training program - no matter your fitness level - will will force your muscles to grow stronger, bones to become denser, and transform your entire life for the better.

And best of all? There is no guess work or doubt about it's effectiveness. ;)

If you're seeing this page, then you are clearly a human who is dedicated to improving themselves day by day.

Sounds like we're in the same boat. 

I don't screw around my my time, my body, or my life. I know what works.

Today, I'm going to dive right into WHY people beg me to share my methods and WHAT makes them so powerful.

What stimulates our bodies to reach the SuperHero level I know they can be?

Now, if you're new to this whole world of genetics and how we can change them, it's all chill.

I'm not here to talk down to you, I'm here to lift you up. Elevate you.  I genuinely believe that the world will become a better place as we learn to work with our genetics to enrich the lives of yourselves and others.

We're a team here. "No man is an island" We all need each other. It's in our genes. 

What I'm about to reveal to you WILL change your life, just like it has changed mine and continues to to do this day. We never stop improving.

For those who know how much I've read Super-Hero comics, it's no wonder that they have impacted me on a deeper than subconscious level.

The Strength. The Power. The Responsibility. The Righteous Actions. The Discipline. 

I'm becoming the man I envision because I have entrenched myself in the hectic worlds of these characters, expecting greatness from myself. 

I realized how truly important it truly is to become the strongest version of myself my freshman year of college.

One fateful Friday night, I was dancing mad hard at a party with all my friends. I had class starting 9am on Saturday, so around 1am I decided to leave. Everyone else was intoxicated to some degree and enjoying themselves, so I departed alone.

Not the smartest idea. 

Actually, because of this event (amount other reasons), my buddies keep tabs on me to ensure my safety.

Again, "No man is an island."

So as I was headed to the Blue Line train stop, I was strolling down this long narrow strip of sidewalk. In the distance, I see three tall frat bros getting rowdy with each other as they stumble towards me. 

Oh, this is St. Patricks Day weekend in Chicago btw, so they were rather tipsy with their shiny green beads and lime shirts.

I can't cross the street, because my stop is on this side of the, there is a long strip of brick wall to my right, and four lanes of asphalt to my left.

As they walked by me, my Spidey-Sense went off right before I heard these startling words. 


Right as I turned around, one of the frat bros snatched me by the shoulders and shoved me against the brick wall. The back of my head collided with the rock- my vision went cloudy for a second as I felt his big hands wrap around my windpipe. 

It was disorienting, to say the least. I got my bearings only to feel spit fly onto my face as this man started yelling at me.




I mean, it's not like we swam here...

Honestly I wish they would leave me alone too.

I'm Sappony and Catawba Native that's just ignorant.

After what felt like an eternity of having my breathing restricted by his hands, my ears assaulted by his voice, and my head throbbing from the collision, it escalated further.

This dude's friends were standing on his right and left side just smiling at me, and one of them made a statement that flooded my blood with adrenaline faster than Flash when Iris texts him "I'm home alone." (A lil comic joke for ya'll.)

"Lets kill this Nigger"

My eyes widened when I saw both of the dudes pull long, thick pocket knives out of their back pockets and flip them open. Seeing those blades shine under the street lights, I knew I had to act.

I took both of my hands and collapsed the bros' grip on my neck, then head butted him as hard as I could. He reeled back as the other bro on my right took his blade and stabbed at me. 

Specifically, he stabbed at my face.

In a split second I dodged to the right, hooked my right hand around the left side of his head and used one arm to SLAM him into the brick wall behind me. He collapsed onto the ground right as the main assailant can back and attempted to tackle me onto the ground. 

This 6 foot 2 bro hand his arms wrapped around my abdomen and his friend stayed back as I lowered my center of gravity to counter his. I took my arms, wrapped them around his body, then in one strained motion threw this man. His about 200 pound body collided with a plexiglass bus stop before he slumped to the ground.

I pivoted and ducked under a wide swipe of the last attackers knife. He started swinging and stabbing at me, forcing me to sway and bob to avoid the metal edge. Once I saw an opening, I kicked his leg out from under him, which brought his head down to my stomach level. I took this opportunity to elbow him directly in the center of his face. 


It was gross.

This man's nose collapsed and blood gushed out as he fell back screaming. 



I bolted right down the sidewalk oh my gosh I ran so fast. What was about to be ten more minutes of walking become a minute of sprinting. When I finally got to the bus station, guess what. I had to wait for that train for a full 20 minutes, completely alone in the station. I pulled my phone out and started texting my friends what happened until the blue line rolled up and I hopped in.

This event was crazy, to say the least. After I took some time for myself, I told the school but knew I couldn't go to the police.  

As I recounted this traumatic experience to my closer friends and had to consistently re-tell it, there was one phrase I heard the most.

"Good thing that happened to you, because if it were me I definitely would have died. If anyone is capable enough to handle that situation it's you."

As insensitive as the comments seemed in the first few seconds, I understood why. People who know me are very aware of my dedication to becoming my "Superhero Self." 


That day I was attacked, I had already hit heavy weights twice that day (Sometimes you've got to "overtrain") and had been dancing my butt off right before. 

These three men were all at least two to three inches taller than I was, certainly dozens of pounds heavier.


Yet, I won. Thank God.

And, thank my workout methods. :p


See, as I continued to exercise the next few days, I noticed some interesting differences in how I worked out versus how the much bigger muscle bound men at my local LA Fitness worked out.

I noticed that I in fact, was lifting the same amount of weight as these muscle bound 30 year olds were, sometimes I was even actually lifting more. Being only 18 at the time, weighing 150 pounds, I realized that my methods were much more effective than I gave myself credit for.

Life is unpredictable, and if we are going to survive we have to consistently bet on ourselves. Striving for excellence everyday so that we can be ready for a plethora of situations.

Yes, strength training will transform your body into a walking adonis. Sure, bench pressing 300 pounds and busting out one arm pull-ups is rad. But this is deeper than that. 

If you want to grow stronger just for the sake of "being ripped" or to attract a partner, this program definitely isn't for you. I suggest going to and picking up a generic workout to do.

For those who seriously want to improve themselves to not only reach their highest possible potential and make the world a healthier, happier place, AWESOME.

You're my type of person.

This program will be a valuable tool for you, and I feel good about bestowing it to someone with such noble intentions.

It's all about MOTIVATION...

Motivation to strive for excellence. Motivation to inspire progress. Motivation to master your domain and be the change you want to see in others.

Let me tell you what most people think...

Most people think that they just have to put in 30 minutes, maybe an hour of work every week.

Most people think if they flex one day out of the week, it will outweigh all of their self-destructive tendencies from other six days.

Most people think everyone will want to kiss their faces if they can just manage to pop out some six pack abs.

Then once reality fails to meet their expectations, they blame everyone but themselves.

Here's what they lack


  The Discipline to do what       they know they have to.

           Self Discipline 

They're in sort of limbo. Unsatisfied with mediocrity while lacking the self-discipline to follow the proper action steps for success. 


This is the worst place to be. Trust me, I know. 

Self Discipline is just as much of a muscle as your big ass gluteus maximus. Sometimes it will fatigue, and you can waver from your path. That's okay...

As long you get back and flex that discipline muscle, regardless of if you failed yesterday, you will grow. It will become stronger and you will follow suit.

So, before I get into how this program will help you, let me give you some prime information that will be essential for you to succeed. Not just to succeed in your fitness; But also in your business, in romance, and in acquiring any skill you set out to develop.

The third and final key concept is Persistence.

  Progress is not a linear path straight        to the top.

So many people think this, it pains me. This is what I believe is one of the largest factors to separate the great ones from the nobodies. Even when the road to success is mapped out for them, they will fail to reach the end because of the tiniest "hinderances." 

Please, don't be like this. Do you really think the most successful people in the world never face a set back? I hope not, because that's clearly not how life works. In fact, life would be pretty boring if it were like a Sims game, where you just level up in a steady path. Never having challenges to overcome and knowing what the set level cap is. 


Our stories don't end until we die, and even then we are just a small part of a large story that has been developing for millions of years.

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger gave up when he couldn't squat as much weight as he could two days before? OF COURSE NOT. The road to success will have so many hills and valleys. Twists and turns. Any stall or roadblock you face, and there will be a lot, is nothing as long as you understand what I'm sharing.

Be persistent. Be disciplined. Be motivated.

If you can take these principals and apply them to every aspect of your life...

All you will do is WIN

Following my strength training program has taught me this lesson and reminded me every day of how valuable it is. It's all one large biofeedback loop. 

Please don't buy this program, think "Wow this is cool" then not take action with it. You're wasting my time and yours. If you dedicate yourself to this, you will see amazing results. 

What results? I'm glad you asked. ;)

The Benefits of Developing                  Your Superhero                                 Physique 

You'll gain a competitive edge in any sport, from golf to boxing to underwater basketweaving.

You'll develop a skeletal structure so durable and stable that Wolverine would be impressed.

Every movement you make will feel smoother and easier. Your body will feel so much lighter and full of energy.

Your muscles will become stronger, denser, bigger, and way more defined all to different degrees, depending on how you personalize the flexible workouts.

Your heart will become incredibly efficient at pumping blood around your body, and your capillaries/arteries will grow larger and more flexible to accommodate.

Fat will essentially melt off of your body, and STAY off due to the high metabolic functions these methods will elicit.

You will adapt to start lifting heavy weights for extended amounts of time, instead of "short bursts" of strength like the masses have. Maximal strength and endurance mixed into one.

The tendons and ligaments that hold your body together will grow stronger and denser, which is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. This is where the biggest strength gains are. They will become "tear proof", drastically reducing any risk of injury during your life. Increased tendon strength is what allows a 150 pound man to be stronger than a 300 pound man.

You will be able to tap into more and more of your dormant muscle fibers, neurologically increasing your strength and function.

Drastically increased mood boosts and self esteem will just fuel you to grow more and continuously raise your confidence. It's a beautiful cycle. :D

Even your brain structure will improve for the better. Seriously. Your cognitive functions will improve and protect you from mental disorders such as depression and dementia.

You will transform into the Super-Hero I know you are genetically meant to be. Imagine how amazing it would be to consistently reap these benefits. It's not like it's a one and done deal, this is for life. We never stop progressing, it's just a matter of the direction you want to progress towards.


At forty years old, I know that I will be way stronger than I am at twenty. Our bodies may naturally deteriorate over time, but we only lose what we don't use.  Not only are we using all of our facilities, we are improving them. Always. 

Whats's the other option? Coasting through life, sometimes eating correctly and occasionally hitting the gym to do some bench press and MAYBE deadlifts? 


Seriously, NO.

As far as we know, we get one life. One shot to leave our imprints on this big blue orb. We have one body, one temple, one fleshy domain that we are in control of until it shuts down and we ascend to some unknown dimension

I don't know about you, but I see literally no reason to coast throughout this world being "good enough." I see myself as the best, and I sure hope you see yourself as the best too.

I'm about to share a secret real quick. When I started sharing this full program with a select group of people, they had some interesting things to say. After just a month of drastic changes in all of their bodies and lives, the consensus was to provide this program for $1000.

Lifelong health, drastic strength increases, a whole world of change. These clients we're adamant that it was essentially priceless. But honestly, that would severely limit the amount of people who have access to it. It would definitely hinder the people who I know really need something like this from getting it in a timely manner.


That would be pretty lame, and totally against my mission. $1000 for personal consulting, sure, but not when I want everyone to become their genetic best. Their Superhero selves.

Cut it in half? $500 is nice, but I truly want my dedicated, persistent, motivated humans to benefit as soon as possible. 

So it's not even $500. It's not $250. Fam, it's not even $100.

For just $67, you can kickstart your journey towards unlocking your genes.

  The Superhero Physique.

  The Incredible Strength.

   The Control Over Your                  Domain

The changes, the over-wheliming feeling of constant improvement. It's amazing. This is not your above-average exercise program, this is me sharing my strength building secrets. I delete DMs from people asking me for these very methods nearly every day.  Now I'm spilling my guts here for the truly dedicated humans in this world to learn from. To achieve your Superhero Physique.

Let me ask you, is it worth a couple of bucks or so a day over the next month to radically improve the physiology of not only your body but your brain too? To achieve the dense, powerful muscles you admire in comic books. To inspire positive change in others once they see how dedicated you are to yourself?  To extend your life for years and enjoy the countless health benefits for the rest of your time on this planet?

You bet it is. And once you reap these benefits you'll think exactly what my select clients did. 

"Wow, this is priceless."

But I want you to succeed. I just ask you a favor in return.

Take control of your life. Be the best, and know you're the best even when some days it doesn't feel like it.

I could very well be dead right now, if I weren't strong enough to handle those big frat bros. Friends made sure to remind me for months after the incident that if I weren't as capable as I am, that if they were in that situation, events would have transpired much differently.

That's scary. I want my friends and loved ones to be prepared for anything this world throws at them. It can be the difference between life and death, literally and figuratively.

 My Muscular Domination        program is perfect for 


If you want to achieve your maximal potential.

If you feel like you're settling in a body that you know can be much better and beneficial for your life.

If you have low self esteem and lack of confidence in yourself.

If you play any sports or participate in recreational physical activities.

If you want to be as strong as you can possibly be.

If you want to age gracefully and prevent countless physical and mental ailments from hindering your progress.

If you want a skeleton that can handle increasing amounts of stress without breaking under pressure.

If you struggle with finding a program that will give you the results you desire.

If you want to live life as an athletic beast among a sea of mediocrity. To stand out from the crowd.

If your goals are to manifest better relationships, increase your income, and utilize your growing discipline to improve any other skills.


If you feel like a prisoner in your own body.

Do it now, because I'm definitely not keeping this open for long. I have to reward the truly dedicated action-takers out there. It wouldn't be fair to them to me to let procrastinators get their hands on this treasure trove of info.

If you're an action taker, then I'll being looking forward to your results. ;) Please do email me a month or two later about how much better you look, feel, and act. We're all in this together, and it's inspiring to ALL of us to see you succeed.

I'm signing off now, because I've actually got a wicked weighed pistol squat and deadlift workout to hit up. Take care, and I'll see you soon. ;)

Become your genetic best

Chase Calloway