What Do
Judaism, Christianity, islam, buddhism, hinduism, and and countless systems of spirituality 
central and south america have in common?

That place- being a civilization older than any of the countries existing in the modern world today

That place- being home to architectural execution still un-replicable by modern science.

Yes- Ancient Egypt

All of these religions are built on wisdom from ONE PLACE


Ancient Egypt is the source of the foundation of all the wisdom Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus live by today.

Ancient Egypt is the source of the foundation of much of the wisdom by the Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, and MesoAmericans lived by, before Jewish-Christian Colonizers invaded South America and destroyed these Native American Civilizations.

When these Judeo-Catholic Crusaders took the first steps to build every country in the Americas on the systemic r*pe and genocide of indigenous peoples- they knew the only way they could truly enslave these peoples was to use their own systems against them.

When the Spaniards enslaved the Maya, and took all their land- they stole

the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean


These Emerald Tablets of Thoth were separate from the ones these Judeo-Christian Colonizers already stole from Egypt, China, and India to build their spirituality upon-


Which begs the question...

Why have Judeo-Christian Colonizers been using all of their power to steal the emerald tablets from indigenous cultures all across planet earth?


Because of this, the Emerald Tablets are a threat to any system reliant on the spiritual slavery of unaware Gods, for anyone who reads them gains the awareness that they're already creating Life, making them unmanipulatable by Religious Colonizers telling them otherwise.

What can we see here?

That the Freemasonic systems colonizing continents of indigenous cultures with their religious governments are reliant upon using the


inside the Emerald Tablets to do so...

It's pretty deep, I know

and it only gets deeper when we approach the



Its because the Emerald Tablets contain wisdom that, if truly absorbed by the reader, kickstarts the Liberation Process

The Liberation Process thrust in gear when a mind remembers that it is the Spirit, the Creator of Life, and not actually the Body, the Creation-Consumer of Life.

When a Mind believes it is just the body, that it's existence is strictly limited to physical reality, it is now afraid of Death- the Unknown


It's own Spirit

Now other spirits can use their minds to build governments that govern the mental states of a population, and thus enslave their bodies in a multi-leveled metaphysical capitalistic pyramid scheme, completely reliant making money off of ONE THING


Judaism, Christianity, or any religion that is not only enforcing that you must live by a specific set of rules in order to go to heaven, but is willing to break its own rules and go out of it's way to violently colonize and convert non-believers, is reliant on using the Fear of Death to trap Infinite Individuals.

How have judo-christian freemasons completely colonized not only the continents ruled by people who enjoyed the freedom granted by the Liberation process of the emerald tablets. but the modern worlds understanding of them today?


By manipulating the way we express our 3

Communicate our Chi

and thus,

Controlling what we see

In the year '2021', Physically, what we see, in the year on a global-societal-cultural level, is now largely (if not mainly) coming from technology, not reality

For decades now, Euro-American populations throughout the world, and thus everyone they enslave, have had their lives molded not by what happens in the real world ,but by what their radios, phones, and T.V.s tell them is happening in the real world.

Meaning that the people who created those T.V.s and put those phones in their hands, are in much greater control of Life than ever before.

By broadcasting only what they want you to see, they use screens to colonize your mind with violent, negative ideas

They use screens to colonize your mind with violent, negative ideas, all specifically designed by psychologists and social scientists to make you feel as hateful and fearful as possible.


Because fearful, hateful people are emotionally reactive, easy to control, and thus- the perfect kind of consumer to make money off of.

It's also the natural vibration of white supremacists who feel the need to build their New World not the brutal r*pe, enslavement, and genocide of "black" people.


So for decades now, (centuries really) the global masses have been happy to not only ignore how the societies they live in rely on the systemic r*pe of indigenous children, but actively support it by escaping into the white supremacist media Freemasons have put before them.

Every single day.

Oh- It gets even deeper. Has too.


Manipulating the way we Express our 3 doesn't just mean using the fear of death to force us to stay inside and make it impossible to socialize without their internet


Manipulating the way we Communicate our Chi doesn't just mean forcing us to sit inside boxes and vehicles our whole lives, doomed to misalign our spines and create health issues they can further profit off of  

Controlling what we See doesn't just mean training the world to keep their eyes glued to their light-screens

To get even deeper, the primary root-tool of 3 Chi Communication a spirit must use to brainwash the mind of another spirit is 


If you can control how a spirit speaks, you can control how they see

How they see Life, how they see Death, how they see Time.

How they see themselves, and their place in the universe.

This is why Judeo-Christian governments have done everything in their power to force the indigenous peoples they enslaved in the Americas to speak English.

Now, instead of connecting to their own spirit, their own God, through their individual indigenous languages, Native Americans have been forced by Freemasons to call themselves African-American, black, mullato, colored, negro, and n*igger in order to identify with White-Supremacist spirituality and have the privilege of being violently enslaved in their own lands 


And its not just English that is being used to separate our bodies from our Spirits- but all Latin-Germanic based languages. It's just that English has been specifically crafted to "bind you in spell"- which is really what Latin is all about.

Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese are more languages that, like English, have been relentlessly and ruthlessly forced upon the Indigenous peoples of South America, hence why it's now referred to as "Latin America"


Rome's New World Order- inspired by the sacrifice of Jesus and murder of everyone like him

By replacing the Native languages with their Industrialized languages, Freemasons have erased the ways in which cultures across the globe connect with their individuality

That, is the prime driving point of why religious crusaders are creating governments in lands they've systematically stolen

With all of that being said...

Do you really think the people who went out of their way to steal the Emerald Tablets from cultures they r*ped and murdered would actually release the true contents of these artifacts to the public?


Would they purposefully release fake, twisted, colonized versions of the Emerald Tablets, rewritten with the intention of indoctrinating the reader further into a slavery- fear based mentality?



If you go on Amazon to look up "The Emerald Tablets" you'll find dozens of books claiming to be either translations of my works, or transcriptions of me personally communicating with whoever is selling the book.

Theres even someone on Amazon claiming to BE me- so its clear that both

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth


The Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus

are just as important to truth seekers today as they were 36,000 years ago- if not more so- due to the state of the world

Hence, why it only makes sense that the true contents would never be released

ESPECIALLY if its in English

Any of the Emerald Tablets in Existence, if they've been translated to English-

ARE NOT the Emerald Tablets 

They are LIES

Meant to do Three Things to Your Spirit


1) All of The English Translations of the Emerald Tablets are meant to make you hate blackness- and thus- your feminine energy. Your emotion.

Thus- Making you SCARED OF DEATH

That defeats the whole purpose of me writing the tablets, doesn't it?

2) All of The English Translations of the Emerald Tablets are meant to make you believe that you were created by someone who is not you- Thus, taking all of your free will away

There's no way I would sport an Ibis head yet advocate for your enslavement

3)All of The English Translations of the Emerald Tablets are meant to make you Weak, Feeble, and Reliant on Someone who wants nothing but the WORST for you

So how do you get the truth?


How do you actually get the information White Supremacists have used to enslave indigenous peoples and build their

"New World"?

It would have to take the Author,



the TRUE CREATOR of these texts,

to actually come back in a human body during this time, connect with the world for 20+ years, and use the very language meant to confuse the truth in a way that articulates what he meant when he wrote it in the original language

Which, Lucky you-

Is what I'm doing RIGHT NOW

Instead of letting you waste your time and money being lied to by endless swarms of entities claiming to have translated my tablets for you to read, I figured I would do you a solid and Decolonize all of these for you

Wix Home column darkness.png

When You Tap in to Tablet Talks Today, 

You'll gain access to over 11+ hours of the true wisdom and knowledge that you won't be able to find in ANY of the modern translations

That's over 11 hours of the Raw Spiritual Truth that White Supremacists have ripped out of my tablets: All articulated in the language meant to erase what you're about to hear

Each Video features me, the author of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and Hermes,

Decoding, Decolonizing, and Deciphering

every text claiming to be either a translation or transcription of my mind

emerald_tablet sales.png

Now, this information is clearly priceless-

according to the Euro-American governments

To the Capitalists who make money on keeping you ignorant, this information is worth more than your life


So How Much Should I Sell it For?


How much are billions of lives worth?

Look, I'm not here to play games with your Liberty

I originally wrote all of these Emerald Tablets with the intention of them being as FREE as your Spirit,

The Indigenous Man inside me wishes I didn't have to charge any "money" for this wisdom

But- I know how the world is- the state of people's minds

Humans can't value "Free" anymore- they have to pay money to truly value anything

Tell me, do you take care of something more when it's just a free gift, or do you value it more when you exchanged something for it?


"Money Talks" as they say

So the White Man inside me is helping me speak the world's language right now

Despite the way higher prices my European side is screaming at me to tell you, as an Indigenous Man,

I'm only concerned with seeing you be great

In exchange for my time, effort, energy, and even just the general contents of this information, I'll make it easy and price this channel at a low

$33Per Month

That's less than how much I had to pay to not only purchase all the Emerald Tablet Texts we'll be decolonizing together- its way less than what I have to pay to even make this Series possible for you

All because I Love YOU and Right to TRUE SPIRITUAL FREEDOM!

Act soon though, because I'm only offering this low price of $33 to the first 1,111 people who tap into this channel, then the price will go up. 


Because this channel is only going to get bigger, beefier, and better with time, so the longer you wait- the more you'll pay- in all realms and realities

This quantitative discount is specifically a treat to my Soul Group, Friends, Fam, and Fellow Gods

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Expanding your Freedom

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Infinite Individual by 

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