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  • If you feel like you should have sharper cheekbones and/or a wider jawline, this course is for you.

  • If you want straight teeth, truly straight teeth that feel good to flash, this course is for you.

  • If you have impacted wisdom teeth that you don't want to get removed- then this course is 100% DEFINITELY for you.

  • If you suffer from debilitating tooth pain stemming from overcrowding and malocclusion, then this course is for you.

  • If you have trouble breathing clearly, then this course is for you.

  • If you can't open your jaw without it clicking, shifting, locking, or popping, then this course is for you.

  • If you suffer from chronic neck, back, and spine pain, then this course is for you.

  • If you have a lisp or any speech impediments that you'd like to remedy, then this course is for you.

  • If you want to be more comfortable, live longer, communicate better, and enjoy more freedom inside of your body, then this course is for you.

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Breathe Better!

Reverse any Lisps or Speech Impediments by creating more space for your tongue to sit in your face.

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Sharpen Your Cheekbones!

Create the face structure you want, while also improving under-eye wrinkles you thought you were doomed with. In the end, you will have strikingly sculpted and spaced out cheekbones. You will learn how our environment destroys our cheekbones, and how we can reverse the damage.

Expand Your Jawline!

It’s not that the jaw is "naturally skinny/narrow.” Your molars have just fallen in due to improper use. My tips, tricks, and techniques will space out the molars, and expand the jawline.

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Prevent Gum Disease, Heart Disease, and Much More!

Your mouth is truly a reflection of your overall health (ex. The state of your teeth connects to the state of your spine and heart) The more crowded your teeth are, the more bacteria can stay in your gums, no matter how much you brush or floss. This bacteria can enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc around your body- mainly in the heart. You will learn how you can protect the heart and the rest of your body, from oral invaders!

Save Your Wisdom Teeth!

If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic tooth pain, it may signify that your teeth are overcrowded to the point of creating physical issues. Use methods in "Decolonize Your Face" to heal discomfort in these areas.

Impacted wisdom teeth are completely hidden underneath your gums, unable to be used. Before you let any Doctor violently pull out your molars, learn how to make those impacted teeth completely usable. Save them from extraction, and save yourself from a world of pain, inflammation, and bodily discomfort!

Learn how crooked teeth can create a crooked spine so you can reverse symptoms of scoliosis & other spinal disorders- such as back pain, and bad posture. When it comes to healing the skeletal system, the neurological benefits are infinite!

Straighten Your Spine!

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Learn how to expand your teeth alone, with FULLY PERMANENT results - instead of letting someone else profit from damaging them.

Straighter Teeth, Naturally!


Reverse snoring, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, and all negative effects of having your teeth overcrowding your nasal passageways.

​Speak Better!

Move your teeth out of your spine, and thus out of your throat, so you can truly hold the proper posture you desire.

If you have difficulty chewing- or get frequent pain in the jaw, ear or face overall- you may have TMJ. With my program, there will be no more of your jaw clicking, shifting, locking or popping!

Heals TMJ Disorders! 

Abolish Tooth Pain!

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Correct Forward Head Posture Forever

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Health and History Class- 323 Minutes of Educational Content

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Class 2- What Lifestyle Choices Lead to Crooked Teeth?


Class 1- Why do Humans Have Crooked Teeth?

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Class 3- Why do so many people want to be what they were taught "white" is?


Class 7- Why have the Solutions to Crowded teeth been to crowd them more?

Class 4- How has Focusing on Metal created Massive Dental in Industrialized populations


Class 5- Spreading Metal Across the Globe

Class 6- How does having crooked teeth affect our health

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Class 8- Using Our Water to Heal Ourselves


Maxilla Expanders- Learn how to Hold Proper Tongue and Head Posture to Heal your Diseases and Spinal Misalignments- For Good

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Spinal Straighteners- Learn how to Protect yourself from Neurological diseases by stabilizing your skelton

Proper Posture- Learn how to Hold proper Tongue and Heal posture to heal your diseases and spinal misalignments- for good

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Mandible Expanders- Learn how to Sharpen your Cheekbones, Widen your Palette, and Pull your Teeth out of your Nose- so you can breathe more freely


My Malocclusion- A deeper look at how braces worsened my malocclusion, and how I'm using our program to reverse what these doctors have done to my body

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