Your Personal, Powerful, Preventative Dental Care

What you are about to Discover may not be an Immediate Fix to your Dental Disorders...

But Knowing this One secret WILL Continuously Straighten your Teeth and Widen your Jawline PERMANENTLY 

Why do 9 out of 10 people suffer from crooked teeth?


Why do doctors make many trillions of dollars building systems on ripping people’s teeth out of their face EVERYDAY?


Here’s a hint:


96.3% of you are probably doing this RIGHT NOW at this very moment.


Anytime you scroll through social media, check emails, watch videos, or really use any regular communication devices- you’re doing ONE thing that creates the circumstances in your body- for not only crooked teeth to manifest, but spinal and skeletal deformities as well.


Yes, you’ve probably guessed it.






neck pain sales page.png

With todays technology, people are looking down more than ever before in human history, for extremely prolonged periods of time.


This action, over the course of many years, encourages neurological diseases and breathing problems inside of your body.


Why? There are Two main reasons.




Your spinal column becomes misaligned, thus applying unhealthy pressure on your spinal cord and all the nerves that allow your brain to communicate with the rest of your body- and vice versa. The less your body can communicate with itself- the quicker it falls apart and dies.




Your teeth fall into your sinuses and neck, applying further pressure onto your spinal cord. This not only exacerbates the problem in the aforementioned way of applying pressure onto the nervous system, it also does so in a more permanent way.



Are you ready for another exclusive secret?


The Health of your Spine and the Health of your Teeth are directly connected. It's not just Forward Head Posture, but SITTING that creates crooked teeth, scoliosis, and more spinal misalignments, by overcrowding the teeth further. This is because the more your teeth fall into your face, the more they force the rest of your spine to shift out of its natural alignment. Disorders and chronic issues in the body are very much linked to how well your nerves are able to facilitate communication.

The more crooked your teeth are, the more your spine become misaligned.

The more your natural bodily processes malfunction, and the more you start to develop disease.

begging skeleton sales.png

I’m not a licensed medical professional.


Meaning that, I have not been formally taught by any institutions how to manipulate the human body.


I just realized overtime that the extensive & expensive treatments Orthodontists use, actually destroy our skulls, spines, and skeletons overall.


Orthodontic Treatment, specifically Braces and Headgear- actually CREATE further spinal misalignments inside of your body by using metal to artificially shift your teeth. Braces also encourage scoliosis through pushing your bones out of their natural position.

How did I realize this?


Because I GOT them.


My mom took a $5000 loan out because no other industry offers another solution to straighten my teeth. The only option was to go in debt and pay a doctor to glue metal brackets and wires onto the bones I use to consume & communicate.


It was like being confined in my own body. Forced to suffer the pain from these metal brackets on my teeth. The pain so was debilitating that I wasn’t able to eat, or even speak, without crying profusely inside. 


I’m sure you can guess what the Orthodontist would say when I expressed my feelings.




No matter how much excruciating agony I suffered from braces, the doctors not only told me that it was necessary, they said that if the pain is too great- then it's MY fault. 


“You Just Need to Floss More”


Everyone knows how hard it is to floss with braces. Virtually impossible. To tell me that I need to constantly do it in order to stop the pain is actually incredibly insulting- as I reflect upon it. Why?

Are you open to me sharing a personal story gave me the first hand experience to see and feel THE TRUTH of how teeth work?

This is a story about how I fully realized that doctors, dentists, and orthodontists

will do their best to use logic

to convince us of anything-

which allows them to

exercise their experimental health treatments upon our bodies


In middle school, I noticed that my teeth were crooked. Not visually, but structurally. Beyond my crooked teeth, the main problem that bothered me was that I had to shift my jaw to the right in order to fully bite down.


The Orthodontist promised me that braces would solve my misalignments, so my mom took out a $5000 loan to get my teeth bound in metal.


Once I got the braces, there was never a day where they were not extremely painful. Especially when they would get tightened!


It was only after this incident that I am about to share with you, did I realize that braces were being used to create painful disorders inside of my body, instead of heal them. 


This is quite traumatizing for me, because it ruined one of my favorite foods in the world.



It was a dark and stormy night…


I was about a year into having braces installed in my face at this point. I was spending this particular night working on making a Spider-Man costume, when I “should’ve” been doing homework. While crafting my costume, I was enjoying one of the best food combos in earthly existence.


Hot Chocolate and Popcorn.


(I highly recommend eating popcorn while drinking hot chocolate when the sun is down. Super slaps)


I was doing well, halfway through the bag, BUT THEN- 

Tragedy Struck.


Once I tossed a certain handful of kernels in my mouth, I bit down to be met with what felt like a KNIFE jutting through my cheek! I cried out in pain, waking up my dog as I ran to the bathroom with what felt like a butcher knife lodged in where I bit down. My predominant thought was- “Holy Sh*t I have a popcorn kernel lodged up into my gum.”


In my delirious pain, I truly felt and thought that the sharp Butcher Knife sensation in my cheek was a rouge popcorn kernel, piercing 6 inches into my cheekbone. Then I remembered what my Dentists n’ Orthodontists told me I needed to do in times of extreme pain.


You Need to Floss More- echoed through my brain.

Braces transparent.png

So I pulled out a long strand of floss from the cabinet and went to town. I vigorously, almost violently, plucking away at my teeth, trying to pull that kernel out of my mouth and release me from its painful clutches.


Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed.

15 minutes of now violent plucking resulted in my spilling pools upon pools of blood & gums into the sink. But no kernel. So I brushed, mouthwashed, and went to sleep- horrified at the sensation in my skull still implying that a foreign object was lodged in there. I was already formulating how I would bring this up to my dentist.


Once I did tell my dentist about this horrifying incident, you know what he said?


“There’s nothing up there. If you had an object in your gums, they’d be inflamed”


I grimaced


“but it definitely feels inflamed” I replied.


“Then you need to floss more” he retorted.


How could I not get triggered?


If only he saw how much of my gums I flossed off that night, and how much I was flossing for weeks after. Even when I told him I had been, he said “clearly no matter how much you’ve been flossing, it’s not enough.”


I felt MUCH LESS than anywhere close to okay, no matter what he told me. It only got worse for me over time. Weeks passed. Months passed. The pain just got WORSE and WORSE. I’m talking pain so bad that I couldn’t EAT anymore.


The area where the kernel felt like it infiltrated would flame up, send pulsing signals of pain throughout my skull, and bleed every time I chewed just enough to aggravate it. For months upon months, I told the Orthodontist and Dentist that the pain was getting worse- that that popcorn kernel MUST still be stuck inside of my cheek! Every time I brought it up, they both repeatedly assured me that there was no foreign object in my face, I just need to “take better care of my teeth”, as the braces shift them into ‘place’.

So I continued suffering through braces until a month before senior picture day at school, where I finally got them off in time to 'smile for the camera’. I should’ve been totally stoked, right?


Multiple thousands of dollars, rock-bottom confidence, and over two years of debilitatingly agonizing pain led up to this moment. Everyone in my life was complimenting how straight my teeth were, and even my senior photo featured me sporting a pretty aesthetic and “straight” smile.




There were three huge health problems I noticed after getting my braces off.

1) My Cheek Still Bled and Suffered Extreme Pain Every Time I Chewed Food

2) My Jaw Still had to Shift to Bite Down

3) My Face had become Round and Wrinkled

After I Got My Braces Off

So that was horrible enough, having my face structure destroyed by the treatment that was supposed to correct the shift in my bite- it was EVEN WORSE that I STILL HAD TO SHIFT MY JAW TO BITE DOWN!


Literally, the one reason I got braces was to correct my bite, not straighten my teeth. I just wanted to stop my jaw from shifting. Yet, even after over two years of aggressive, rubber-band assisted metallic manipulation, this painful expensive treatment only created problems inside of my face- without even fixing THE ONE ISSUE those doctors promised it would.


But it was too late. I had already gone thousands into debt to have their experimental treatments ran on me- and somehow, I paid for them to mutilate me in this way. 

Before I got braces, I know for a fact that I didn’t have deep eye wrinkles that cut from under the eye, through the cheek. Not only did braces create deep wrinkles underneath my eyes, this expensive medical treatment DECIMATED my jawline. By decimated, I mean maloccluded, as in braces made my jawline much narrower- much skinnier than it was before I walked into that Orthodontist office for the first time.

“Why?" I asked. "Why do I have to get metal bars permanently glued onto my teeth?"


“To keep them in place after treatment” was their response.


That doesn’t seem very…natural- I thought to myself, as they glued these metal wires onto my teeth.


“You also have to wear both of these retainers 24/7 for six months, then every night afterwards” The Orthodontist told me.


“Will there ever be a point where I don’t have to wear these?” I ask.


“No. It’s important you keep wearing your retainer for the rest of your life, or else your teeth will shift out of place and you might need braces again”

My Jaw D R O P P E D.

What the F**k- I thought. HOW is this the way?

“My jaw still has to shift to bite down.” I said, assertively. “How will that get solved? It’s the whole reason why I got braces. You said this would correct my bite, and it hasn’t. If anything, it’s worse. Now I have to do all this extra stuff for the rest of my life?” I calmly asked, despite my true feelings.


“Well-” The Orthodontist started. “-You do have four molars that need to come out as soon as possible. We don’t do that here but we can refer you to some of our outside specialists who can remove those teeth for you. It’ll only be around $4,000 since you’re connected with us” My Orthodontist smiled at me.


My Eyes Widened. My Body Froze. My brain, my heart, was hit was a feeling I’ve never felt before.


A mix of Rage and Fear. Anger and Confusion.


All of this powerful emotion, manifesting as adrenaline and cortisol pumping through my veins, spiraled into the thought-


This thought grew with the nourishment of my emotion.

There is no way I’m going to let them make more money off of destroying my body.

I won’t let them make me agree to trapping myself further in their system, in exchange for mutilating my jaw.


“Would you like our list of specialists?” my Orthodontist asked. “It’s important that you get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible” they pushed.


My anger could only grow in response to the urgency and emotional manipulation at play.


I took a deep breath. “Right… That’s still a good bit of money, especially after having to take out a loan for all of these treatments. I’ll have to talk to my mom about that”


After that interaction, I knew, deeply from my core, that these treatments were not the solution. Despite what the system was pushing onto me, at that point, I knew going in debt thousands of dollars further to get my four wisdom teeth pulled out was NOT about to be the solution to why my jaw shifts when I bite down.

So what did I do after that?


I obeyed. Not the wisdom tooth extraction, of course, but I followed the retainer wearing policy religiously.


All day, every day, sitting in a desk inside a box called school, continuing to wear metal in my mouth after having metal taken out of my mouth. Even after, I STILL couldn’t eat without having to stop from the excruciating pain that would shoot through my cheek with each bite.


“This is hell” I thought. “This is truly hell. Forced to be a physical and mental slave established by the government founded on the constant r*pe, enslavement, and dehumanizing manipulation of my indigenous ancestors. All because they’ve stolen this land using the concept of ‘money’ so they can limit our freedom and force us to sacrifice our individuality in exchange for metallic treatments that seem to create way more problems than they solve.”


“Wild” I thought.


Yet, I was in too deep. All I could do was continue to wear the retainer, keep those wires glued on my teeth, and suffer from the pain that I was growing more and more sure that braces caused everyday.


So what changed? How did I heal myself?


Once I graduated from high school and went to college, I stopped wearing my retainers during the day. Throughout Freshman year, I continued to wear my retainer all night- suffering from the pain of that popcorn kernel every time I ate. No matter how much I flossed, the pain remained.


It was only in Sophomore year, through the accumulation of much diligent studying, research, and meditation (as well as profound psychedelic trips) that I started developing connections. From these connections, sprung Ideas. Ideas that led me to doing certain things, developing certain methods- that actually allowed me to COMPLETELY REVERSE the immense damage braces brought upon my skull.

I call it...


It’s thanks to everything I’ve done to decolonize my face that I started to remold my teeth NATURALLY.


It’s thanks to Decolonize Your Face that I finally undid the immense pain inside of my cheek. Thanks to the process I’ve personally developed in my college dorm room, I actually REVERSED the debilitating skull disorder that constantly inhibited by ability to eat or communicate comfortably.


I started fixing my teeth so successfully that I not only started easing the chronic pain braces created inside my cranium, I noticed that my cheekbones were actually getting SHARPER. Thanks to my system, I started to widen my cheekbones, and thus, I started reducing my eye wrinkles. My eye wrinkles, which everyone in my life had told me were genetic, were disappearing.



My progress started to slow. Although I had started easing my pain by truly fixing my teeth, the permanent retainers glued into my mouth were inhibiting further progress.

I had to go back.

Back to the Orthodontist to get these metal confines off my teeth.

Since I was in college in Chicago, and my Orthodontist was in Cincinnati, I had to wait over a month before I could get back for an appointment. Cue- a very uncomfortable month, as the metal retainers were causing increasing pain as I continued to fix my teeth.


Once I got back to Cincinnati, I visited my dentist for a cleaning before getting my bars off. During my dentist appointment, I told him that I was shifting my teeth back into their proper place with remarkable results. I just needed to get the metal bands off.


He told me that I needed to stop immediately because I would pull the root out. "If you keep moving your teeth like this you’re going to pull the roots out and create problems for yourself.” He continued. “The body doesn’t grow new bones”


My eyebrow raised, and my face scrunched. A flame ignited inside of my naval. “Considering I’ve actually been healing the pain in my face that you just dismissed as being due to lack of ‘flossing’ with my methods, I’m going to keep going” I replied. 


I walked out of that dentist appointment with a newly ignited fire inside my gut. A fire that made me feel much more confident in my ability to tell my orthodontists about how I’m consciously undoing the damage their expensive treatments inflicted upon me.


A few days later, when I walked into the Orthodontist office, the professionals there asked me why I wanted my permanent retainers taken out. 


I told them that the wires were inhibiting my growth. “I’ve figured out a way to straighten my own teeth"


“But you’re going to undo all the hard work we put in to make your teeth straight” they told me.


“Did you hear me? I’ve developed a way to truly straighten my teeth by expanding them outward instead of pulling them inward. It’s been working so well that I’ve actually remedied a lot of the pain in my left cheek” I reply.

“Oh no.” They said. “You shouldn’t be doing that. You’ll move your teeth out of place, and that’s going to cause problems. We used braces to move your teeth where they should be, and its important you continue to wear your retainer, so your bones can grown and calcify your teeth to hold them in place. Also, your teeth will be straighter once we can get your wisdom teeth out of there. That needs to happen A.S.A.P.” the Orthodontist pushed.

Woah! Hold up. My Dentist told me that I shouldn’t expand my teeth because I’ll move them out of place and not be able to grow new bone to help. Yet, my Orthodontist said I shouldn’t expand my teeth because I need to keep them in place for new bone to grow over and calcify it.


This makes NO SENSE

“No.” I say sternly. 

“I can make them usable like the rest of my teeth” I say more calmly, remembering to keep my emotions in check. “As long as I keep doing what I’m doing after you take these off, I’ll be able to keep all my teeth.”


My Orthodontist proceeded to play herself by pulling out one more statement with hopes on convincing me to stop listening to my heart.

“Chase, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to undo our work and ruin your bite- then you really won’t be able to eat or do anything” She urged me. “Now, look at this tooth” She pointed at the second incisor on my left (popcorn pierced) side. “It looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did even after we took your braces off” She praised me. “Wearing your retainer has clearly been working. You don’t want to undo that, do you?


… “Right” I slowly replied, baffled.

Did she really just listen to me tell her about how I’m reversing the over-crowding effect braces had on my teeth, turn around, and then try to convince me that I should stop because the benefits I’m experiencing are somehow because of the very metal I want removed?

The Mental and Emotional Manipulation utilized by systems built on harvesting as much ‘money’ as possible knows No Bounds.

I reply “Right, yes. Thank you. My tooth looks better and has more room because, like I said, I’ve been actually fixing them myself, hence why I’d like you to remove these metal retainers. They’re painfully stopping me from correcting my teeth further.”


The Orthodontist went silent. Her body language became defensive and closed off, and overwhelmingly negative as she said “Okay, we’ll have to take X-rays before doing that.”


“Great. I would love to get all the X-rays from my time here as well.” I replied


“Yes, we’ll do that” said the Orthodontist.


After the professionals took my X-rays and showed me how my wisdom teeth are so impacted they’re lying horizontally in my face, they finally released me from my mouth prison. The moment they removed those metal wires from my teeth, I immediately heard some of my teeth pop into place as much of the discomfort in my face vanished.


Pure relief. 


But guess what?


To this day, those medical professionals still will not send me my X-rays. They’ll verbally agree to send me my X-rays every time I call to ask about it. Weeks and months pass before I ask again, where they then say they will, only to ghost me on repeat. Why won’t the Orthodontist Office send me my X-rays after they promise they will?


Maybe they forgot? Maybe they got lost in all the files they’ve got?

Or perhaps they won't send me my scans because they knew that I would be using my X-rays to prove how braces actually MUTILATED and MALOCCLUDED my skull, exacerbating the impacted wisdom teeth they were urging me to get removed.

Luckily, although I may not have my X-rays to literally show you teeth work-


I’m quite the artiste.


In Decolonize Your Face, I’ve hand-drawn over a couple dozen diagrams to show us how our teeth ACTUALLY shift through our skulls.


When your teeth shift out of place, they’re silently screaming, begging for you to shift them back to where they belong.


After I walked out of that office, free from the confines of their binding metallic bands, I proceeded to use all of the exercises in Decolonize Your Face to expand my jawline and sharpen my cheekbones at a remarkable rate- to the point of completely obliterating the debilitating pain I started to suffer from at the bands of braces.


But you know what? Despite all the lies about how bones work; despite gaslighting me about the painful effects braces wrought upon my skull- those doctors were right about ONE THING.

I had to fully heal myself to actually be sure, and I’m happy to say that they were at least correct when they kept telling me that I did not have a popcorn kernel lodged in my gums- despite how much the ensuing pain correlated to that experience.


No. My inability to chew or communicate comfortably was directly created by the very expensive technology I went into debt for because I was convinced it would solve a problem, which it never did. 

Now that I’ve been using all of the techniques I’ve developed inside Decolonize Your Face, I’ve been experiencing these benefits and more.

Key Benefits of Decolonizing Your Face

Straighter Teeth, Naturally!


Learn how to expand your teeth alone, with FULLY PERMANENT results - instead of letting someone else profit from damaging them.

Breathe Better!

Reverse snoring, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, and all negative effects of having your teeth overcrowding your nasal passageways.

Speak Better!

Reverse any Lisps or Speech Impediments by creating more space for your tongue to sit in your face.

Move your teeth out of your spine, and thus out of your throat, so you can truly hold the proper posture you desire.

Correct Forward Head Posture!

forward head sales.png
speaking sales.png
straighten sales.png
breathe sales.png

Heals TMJ Disorders! 

If you have difficulty chewing- or get frequent pain in the jaw, ear or face overall- you may have TMJ. With my program, there will be no more of your jaw clicking, shifting, locking or popping!

tmj sales.png
cheekbones sales.png

Sharpen Your Cheekbones!

Create the face structure you want, while also improving under-eye wrinkles you thought you were doomed with. In the end, you will have strikingly sculpted and spaced out cheekbones. You will learn how our environment destroys our cheekbones, and how we can reverse the damage.

Expand Your Jawline!

It’s not that the jaw is "naturally skinny/narrow.” Your molars have just fallen in due to improper use. My tips, tricks, and techniques will space out the molars, and expand the jawline.

Jawline sales.png

Abolish Tooth Pain!

If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic tooth pain, it may signify that your teeth are overcrowded to the point of creating physical issues. Use methods in "Decolonize Your Face" to heal discomfort in these areas.

Prevent Gum Disease, Heart Disease, and Much More!

Your mouth is truly a reflection of your overall health (ex. The state of your teeth connects to the state of your spine and heart) The more crowded your teeth are, the more bacteria can stay in your gums, no matter how much you brush or floss. This bacteria can enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc around your body- mainly in the heart. You will learn how you can protect the heart and the rest of your body, from oral invaders!

Gums sales_.png

Save Your Wisdom Teeth!

Impacted wisdom teeth are completely hidden underneath your gums, unable to be used. Before you let any Doctor violently pull out your molars, learn how to make those impacted teeth completely usable. Save them from extraction, and save yourself from a world of pain, inflammation, and bodily discomfort!

Straighten Your Spine!

Learn how crooked teeth can create a crooked spine so you can reverse symptoms of scoliosis & other spinal disorders- such as back pain, and bad posture. When it comes to healing the skeletal system, the neurological benefits are infinite!

straight spine sales.png

Who this Program ISN’T FOR:

Now, hold up, before you jump in here thinking you’ll immediately develop perfect teeth for yourself, it’s important that I tell you who this program isn’t for. Like any educational-skill based program, none of my teeth-correcting techniques will work if you don’t use them. So this program isn’t for anyone who-



Gives up on their health easily.

Is Unable to Commit to Growing as an Individual.

Enjoys Complaining more than Changing.

Doesn’t Enjoy Putting Effort into Expanding.

Expects Quick Solutions to Long Term Problems.



Who this program IS FOR:


If you desire to have your teeth straightened PERMANENTLY, without any invasive technology- then you are in the perfect place! This program is for people who-


Are Committed to Healing your Body on a Consistent Basis.

Enjoy Growing Stronger & Healthier as an Individual.

Enjoy Changing more than Complaining

Are Persistently Patient with your Progress.

Genuinely Love their Bodies

Once I realized that I could fix my own teeth, I got extremely excited and hasty in my expectations of what was possible. Once I had expanded my palette enough to heal my nagging tooth pain and sharpen my cheekbones, I thought I’d be seeing my molars in months. I would go to work on my teeth for hours upon hours, day in and day out. 

For weeks, months, and now years, I can say with absolute confidence that





Considering it not only took 10+ years for my teeth to shift out of place, but that I also had my malocclusion painfully exacerbated by manipulative metallic technology- it began to hit me that correcting my bite would take longer than even a couple months.


After using these techniques for three years now, I’ve consistently expanded how I experience all the benefits listed above, and more. Every day I use my program, I feel more free in my body as I create more space in my face!

So, considering everything that is possible with Decolonize Your Face, how much do you think it should cost?

Although my mom went in debt $5,000 to pay for the treatment that destroyed my cheekbones and over-crowded my teeth (to the point of creating debilitating pain and dis- functionality inside of my body,) I somehow got off easy on expenses in comparison to other orthodontic patients.


Many people who get braces or headgear spend upwards of $8,000-$10,000 for many years of painful treatment.


All of the money and time being invested in technology, is actually creating way more health problems for the system to profit off of- instead of fixing the issue that made you get them in the first place. Only to then have to pay however much more money maintaining your retainer schedule, just to end up "needing" braces again?


How is that natural? How is that healthy? 

How is that fair to you, or your right to be free?


Let’s not get started on Wisdom Tooth Removal. My Orthodontist wanted me to pay a DISCOUNTED price of $4,000 to have their partners rip my molars out of my face. That would’ve been $1,000 per tooth being ripped out of my skull BECAUSE their braces pulled my teeth into my throat! 


I’m aware people who get braces and wisdom tooth removal are easily spending anywhere above $10,000+ to have the industry profit of of the problems purposely created inside the populations they “protect”


So, you can go the old way- spending thousands upon thousands to get hooked on invasive treatments that create more problems than they solve.




You can spend a fraction of that to learn how to straighten your teeth PERMANENTLY!





Just You, Your Phone, and Your Body.


You can spend a sliver of what millions of other people pay to get their face violently mutilated learning how to heal your body from the inside out, while correcting a multitude of health problems along the way.

What Will You Get When You Join Today?






Health and History Class- 323 Minutes of Educational Content

crooked sales.png

Class 2- What Lifestyle Choices Lead to Crooked Teeth?


Class 1- Why do Humans Have Crooked Teeth?

lifestyle sales.png

Class 3- Why do so many people want to be what they were taught "white" is?

Class 4- How has Focusing on Metal created Massive Dental in Industrialized populations


Class 5- Spreading Metal Across the Globe

Class 6- How does having crooked teeth affect our health


Class 7- Why have the Solutions to Crowded teeth been to crowd them more?

Class 8- Using Our Water to Heal Ourselves


Maxilla Expanders- Learn how to Hold Proper Tongue and Head Posture to Heal your Diseases and Spinal Misalignments- For Good

mandible sales.png

Spinal Straighteners- Learn how to Protect yourself from Neurological diseases by stabilizing your skelton

Proper Posture- Learn how to Hold proper Tongue and Heal posture to heal your diseases and spinal misalignments- for good

palette sales.png

Mandible Expanders- Learn how to Sharpen your Cheekbones, Widen your Palette, and Pull your Teeth out of your Nose- so you can breathe more freely


My Malocclusion- A deeper look at how braces worsened my malocclusion, and how I'm using our program to reverse what these doctors have done to my body

Access to Our Cosmic Community!!

Join Our Tribe of Infinite Individuals Dedicated to Leveling Up Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Access to Decolonize Your Circle!!- Join Our Inner Circle of Individuals dedicated to encouraging one another on our Teeth straightening, Spine Correcting journeys.

Gain Access to all of these Resources for 720 Days When You Join Today

How much is Decolonize Your Face?

Honestly, I could very comfortably charge at least ten times as much braces cost me, for the information in this course. Considering you can straighten your teeth and correct your dental problems PERMANENTLY and naturally, with the constant stream of knowledge and wisdom I’m granting access to- this course could easily go for $100,000+


Add in the fact that there’s enough valuable and true historical information on how humans have created the global circumstances that have us suffering from crooked teeth. It will blow all the over-priced Colleges & Institutions out of the water! 


When I was in University, any class would cost well over $3,600 each. That’s me paying over $40,000 a year for classes, which the school would make up, and tell me that I needed to take in order to fulfill my pre-requisites, which they also made up.


I didn’t learn anywhere close to as much real world, applicable knowledge in any of those classes than what I’m offering in Decolonize Your Face. This is-


Knowledge that no one else in the world has until I continue to communicate it.

Knowledge that can save people from spending tens of thousands of dollars destroying their body.

Knowledge that, when applied, will radically transform your body, and thus your life, for the better.


Thats definitely worth the $100,000+ people can spend going to school.


It's pretty clear that I am not the U.S. Government.

I Do not Desire to profit off of your slavery and suffering.

I Desire to Enable, Expand,

and Encourage


Infinite Freedom of Expression

We can all see, and perhaps feel, that times are wild right now. The pandemic has seemingly changed the infrastructure of the entire world and we’re all adjusting to that, so just for now, I’m going to make this course less than it's truly worth.


Actually, I'll make it less than my college tuition

Hell, I’ll make this course less than A YEAR of college!


In fact, because I care way more about you being able to heal your body than gaining money.


I’m going to make this course LESS than what I paid for braces. 


Yes, LESS than what I paid for braces!


I’m giving you the tried and true solution to your crooked teeth for less than the price of the widely popular invasive solution that worsens your issues.

Decolonize Your Face isn’t









or even



Decolonize Your Face is only $3,333!




Because I love you as a fellow spirit co-creating this reality with us, I’m going to cut the price even more. For the first 3,333 people who join the course, it won’t even be the low price of $3,333!


For the first 3,333 people who opt in, it will be an easy $1,991



Because I’m deeply passionate about helping you grow stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually- I’d like to reward the people who love and believe in themselves enough to invest in their health first.


So, first the first 1,111 people who join Decolonize Your Face are only going to pay...


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