The Four CornerStones of Cranial Functioning

When a human baby is born, it pops into the world with all of its baby and adult teeth installed inside of its skull. That means most people are born with over 60 teeth ready to be deployed for communication and consumption.

As babies grow into toddlers, and toddlers grow into children, the way in which they use these full rows of teeth to communicate and consume directly effect how crooked they become over time. Babies, toddlers, and children start to shift and shape both rows of their teeth based on what they eat, how they breathe, how they use their tongue, and what kind of posture they hold on a daily basis. 

How a Human Eats

How a Human Breathes

How a Human Uses their Tongue

How a Human Holds their Posture


My mom went in debt for thousands of dollars so I could spend years suffering from orthodontic treatment because school, TV shows, the internet, and everyone programmed by such systems convinced me that braces were the only way to straighten my "genetically pre-destined" crooked teeth. 

Once I got finally got the braces society told me I needed to fix my teeth problems, I soon realized that braces do the complete opposite of what they're advertised.

I went into the operation filled with ideas about how braces were the way to heal my tooth disorders, but quickly found myself in way more pain than I've ever felt before. 


The longer I had braces, the more my skull started to deform. The more it physically hurt to chew my food, and although it was because the braces my mom took a $5,000 dollar loan out to get me were moving my teeth back into place, I only realize now, after reversing the damaging effects braces had on my quality of life, just how much they were further exacerbating the very problems they claimed to solve while CREATING NEW DISEASES INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY.










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The Four Cornerstones of Cranial Functioning will dictate where a human's teeth set over the course of their life, and by extension, the overall shape and structure of their skull

Malocclusion, the medical term for when a human's teeth stop being spaced out, like they were at birth, and instead- fall in to overcrowd the nasal passageways, happens when the human is not using their cranium correctly. 

It's directly because of malocclusion that so many humans are now suffering from chronic health issues like Temporomandibular joint dysfunction- or TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is characterized by a sharp pain on either side of the jaw (possibly both, depending on your malocclusion) right in the joint that hinges your jaw to your skull.

If you're suffering from TMJ disorder, chances are its because your teeth are over crowding your face. Due to your teeth being in the wrong place, it causes pain on whichever side the teeth don't touch as soon as the other side.

See, your jaw is supposed to close symmetrically. If you have maloccluded teeth, you can't do that anymore. Now, which ever side of your jaw touches first will be fine, but that leaves the other side open to constant popping, shifting, clicking, and pain as the muscles and joint strain to bring the teeth on the other side together.

This is just one of the many painful, even debilitating symptoms that stems out of having crooked teeth. 

Other diseases that stem from malocclusion include tooth decay, breathing problems, speech impediments, peridontal deterioration, and a variety of mental anxieties mixed with emotional insecurities. All of these further lower the quality of life for the human who is suffering from overcrowded teeth, and increase the quality of life for whoever can hook them on a medical system of dependence. So-

What's the collectively agreed upon solution for fixing overcrowded teeth?

Using expensive metal contraptions to over-crowd them even more, and permanently mutilating you by ripping out however many teeth the doctor tells you "don't fit" after they colonize your face further.

In other words, Braces and Wisdom Tooth Removal.

What's amazing is how the same exact governments that makes trillions upon trillions of dollars creating the problem of crooked teeth, which these debilitating diseases stem from, then generates even more trillions of dollars for itself convincing the people who's teeth they maloccluded to invest in painfully expensive experiments.


Now that I've developed a proven system for undoing the malocclusion braces severely and painfully enhanced in my skull, I'm happy to share it with you so you can do the same. If you click the link above, you'll be sent straight to the program I've developed for you to Decolonize Your Face, Anytime Anywhere

Why is our program called 

"DeColonize Your Face"?

It means I'm taking you step by step through the process of how you can straighten your teeth without paying thousands of dollars to have metal destroy your mouth, or your quality of life.

I'm committed to showing you how teeth, bones, and the human body truly works, so that you can fully see that its not you or your body that is inherently flawed, but the way you USE your body that is causing upsets and abnormalities.

See, the problem with braces, and most orthodontic contraptions, is that they colonize your teeth. They overcrowd them, bringing them in even tighter so there's even less space for your tongue to rest.

Braces colonize your teeth so much, that the doctors then have to remove the huge wisdom teeth you've got installed way back near the neck, so they don't cause any infections or complications from falling into the wrong places.

Now, here's the thing with "Modern Science."

The Freemasonic orders who created the scientific systems that billions of humans have been worshipping for at least 2021 years, did so with the sole intention of pushing 'white supremacist' fueled agendas.  The main agenda, being total enslavement of the human race on every mental, physical, and spiritual level imaginable.

I don't want to see that happen, but I'm also wise enough to know that you can't "save" anyone who isn't trying to save themselves, so if spirits want to come to earth to be purposely lied to and enslaved by other spirits who desire to drain their soul through concepts like "money", then thats just how the universe is turning out.

If you're still reading this however, chances are, you desire freedom. True freedom. The freedom of knowing who are, the freedom of knowing where you're going, and the freedom to be able to communicate, consume, and create in accordance with YOUR spirit.​

Modern science is specifically created by free spirits who don't want you to enjoy the same freedoms as them. All modern science ideas are simultaneously just a projection of how limited either the minds of the scientists are, or how limited the "aliens" (artificially intelligent outsiders) controlling them want humans to be. 

Throughout recorded history, scientists have created countries through encouraging the brutal genocide, r*pe, and enslavement of the very spiritual peoples who they're stealing their ideas from. The scientists must create concepts that encourage the murder of the natives they're stealing from so that they could successfully lie to the entire world about how "life" truly works without any opposition.

For example, there have been multiple hundreds of years of Freemasonic science dedicated to proving that "white" people are superior to "black" people.

For centuries, the smartest men in European-American history have been, and continue to be, the ones who find pleasure in using their intelligence to build systems fueled by the continuous enslavement, r*pe, and dehumanizing experimentation of indigenous peoples. 

Whether they were right-brained religious men, who believed that God wants them to build dozens of countries committing sins against his children, or they were left-brained scientific men, who believed that their horrible genocides were necessary for the advancement of the Industrial Revolution, the men who repeat any logic that justifies genocide are consistently seen as the most intelligent men by societies who benefit from said genocide, and thus, they're given the power and resources to make the governments destructive desires come true.

World history is drowning in examples explicitly showing how modern science is purely interested in rationalizing the completely global and systemic implementation of 'white supremacist' propaganda. This agenda to control the minds of all humans on earth entirely relies on training you to believe that they're somehow never wrong. Even when they are wrong, they're not, because they will always be smarter than YOU.

Modern science is not interested in making you smarter. Modern science is not interested in making you more intelligent. Modern science is not interested in expanding your mind, because their survival relies purely on limiting your mind and draining your soul through their ideas. 

Modern science is only interested in using its platform to train you to believe that they will always be more intelligent than you, no matter how many times they admit fault and prove themselves wrong. Thus, all these medical experts, doctors, and professionals get paid to be passionate about indoctrinating you with ideas meant to make you dependent on their bosses.

If I had continued to listen to these doctors and experts after I got my braces off, I would still be wearing my retainer every night. I would still be painfully suffering through the horrible pain I would get from chewing food. I would literally have less space in my face to breathe if I allowed the experts to convince me to stop healing myself. I would be at lest $2000 more in debt to them if I let them convince me to pay them to rip four of my teeth out. 

Now, because I believe in myself more than them, I'm creating space in my face for my teeth to return back to their rightful place.

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Braces are a contraption the so perfectly reflects the people who created it. Due to the wildly negative effects the filthy violent colonialist lifestyle had on the Europeans themselves, their solution vibrationally had to exacerbate the very issue they were running away from, for the problem was not their bodies, but their lifestyle. 

Because Europeans weren't willing to change their way of life, which directly resulted in their widespread tooth issues, their solution was not a solution at all, but a way to further profit off of the suffering they've created for each other. 

So, when the Industrial Revolution really started kicking off in the 18th and 19th centuries, so did the system of Orthodontics. This is no coincidence.

See, while Europeans were suffering from increasingly severe tooth problems, Indigenous peoples through North and South America did not at all. In fact, when Europeans were colonizing and r*ping millions of indigenous people in the name of Jesus, they were completely smitten with how beautifully structured these Native's skulls were.

Rather quickly, high cheekbones and strong jawlines became a defining characteristic of indigenous peoples, as Europeans who lived an industrial revolution lifestyle, and thus didn't have the same skeletal structure, further fetishized and fantasized about consuming Native Americans. 

Yet, at the same time, Modern Science steps in to save the egos of the all these fragile terrorizers.


Although Europeans enjoyed fetishizing Native Americans for having the cheekbones and jawlines they would also have if they didn't spend their whole lives holding horrible posture, their desire to build North and South America on the consumption of indigenous bodies clearly marked not only that these colonizers wished to be more like the spiritual peoples they're invading, it also shows how much they needed to improve their lives by building system that destroys other's.

Fetishism, although it looks positive, always comes from a negative place. The only reason Europeans became so focused on the shape of humans' skulls was because they were suffering from so many health problems that resulted from their deformed craniums that they, from a purely egotistic place, desired to create a system to prove why their jaws were supposed to be smaller than everyone else's. 

So, although Europeans were fascinated with why Americans and Africans had much stronger cheekbones and jawlines than they did, the only way to protect their desire to appear superior to all other people was to create scientific systems that became the foundation for their rationale as to why they deserve to use the Industrial Revolution enslave everyone on this planet.

One of the most egregious  examples of how Modern Science creates concepts to enforce slavery and genocide, not encourage wisdom and enlightenment, is the system of deduction called Craniometry.




Craniometry, like many scientific concepts, was purely created to generate hate for Indigenous and African peoples, so all the European peoples could rally around the conclusion that they were collectively smarter than all other cultures. This system morally justifies the brutal dehumanization of "black" people up to this very day.

An extension of Craniometry involved Europeans investigating why they had smaller jaws, crooked teeth, and severe health issues, whereas the Indigenous peoples had wide jaws, straight teeth, and beyond perfect health.

To save their egos, they decided to use their medical expertise to spread the idea that, because European humans has evolved bigger brains than African and Indigenous people, they had way less room for their wisdom teeth. According to the smartest men in the world, their brains were so big that they didn't have room in their jaws for the teeth their body grew anymore. 


To validate this theory further, these European scientists stated that it was because they, as cave men, started using fire to be able to eat way more meat than before, and thus amass the calories needed to support their very smart brains. 


This only makes sense if you, as the European government, desired to convince your "white" population, which is suffering from the crippling effects of working in the Industrial Revolution, to actively support building systems on the r*pe, genocide, and enslavement of "black" indigneous peoples based on "science" that makes the people feel good about not having the jawlines they covet indigenous peoples for.


how what we eat
affects our teeth

Now that we know modern science, specifically anthropology, is founded on ideas purely meant to dehumanize African/Indigenous peoples for having larger jawlines, it's time to explore why Industrialized Europeans had such small mandibles they felt it important to build their genocidal rationale on explaining how suffering from dental disorders made them more intelligent than others.

What lifestyle choices led to Europeans having smaller jawlines than African and American cultures? 

Clearly, they were unaware that the skull is a product of how one engages with The Four Cornerstones of Cranial Functioning. The science they've created is designed to make their ignorance of how to use their own bodies seem like it makes them more intelligent than the indigenous peoples who know how to use their bodies. Hence, why the European bodies feel like they need to use their intelligence to enslave Indigenous bodies. They know that they are out of tune with nature, and thus their bodies- it's just that they're so out of tune, they need to create ideas that comfortably support their desire to kill everyone around them (and thus, themselves.) 

The primary way Europeans are killing themselves is by being lost in their desire to consume. They desire to consume the life around them, they desire to consume Indigenous people so much, they don't even care what they physically consume in their pursuit of total control.

As the first stone in our Four Cornerstones of Cranial Functioning states, the shape of the skull is dictated by how a human eats.

The food that Europeans who lived in the Industrial Revolution would consume was drastically different than the food Indigenous peoples were consuming. 

One side of this coin is eating artificially generated and processed food, while the other side is eating naturally grown food. Eating different diets results in different face structures. 

So how have Europeans used the way they consume food to colonize the globe and create tooth problems in indigenous cultures where there used to be none?

Let's cover three ways the Industrial Revolution has used food to destroy the health of all affected populations.

Instead of letting the Industrial Revolution destroy your skull, the functioning of your jaw, and the quality of your cranium- 

Instead of getting lost in the white supremacist lies that you're genetically meant to have a smaller jawline and impacted wisdom teeth-

Instead of believing that you're superior to others because your chin recedes into your throat-

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Once they started eating high calorie animal corpses, instead of low calorie roots and fiber, their jaws became smaller, and they started suffering from the tooth problems we're familiar with today. 

Does this make sense? That a human is so smart they can't fit their teeth inside their jaw, so now they must use their "superior intelligence" (as these white doctors would say) to develop a system where they make money pulling bones out of each other's faces. 

craniometry title pic.png

1) Baby Food

Officially commercialized in the 1920s, baby food as we know it today is credited to a U.S. citizen named Harold Clapp, who created a soup made out vegetables, beef blood, and cereal in order to nurse his sick son back to health. 

He did this because the physician recommended that the infant should eat strained vegetables.

NOTE: Although European Doctors logically knew humans should be eating vegetables- emotionally they know the only way people will need them is if they create the problems they claim to solve.

In this case, we're talking about the malnourishment, and proceeding malocclusion, that the post-Greco Roman ideologies have done their best to exacerbate in every land they colonize.

Malocclusion is heavily linked to malnourishment, because someone having overly crooked teeth is a sign that they consumed a lot of soft, sugary, processed foods on their developmental years.

This is the epidemic Europeans created for themselves, and forced upon the world, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

When Great Britain kickstarted the Industrial Revolution in 1760, the European governments radically changed the mentalities and lifestyles of their citizens through forceful employment of their factory systems.

It is of course, no wonder why the Europeans desired to r*pe and enslave all the many continents of Indigenous peoples they stole everything from. Spiritually, no one can treat you better than how they treat themselves. No one can love you more than they love themselves. They may DESIRE something from you, so they'll act like they love you to get that- but once they've taken what they want from you, the "if I can't have it nobody can" mentally kicks in. and the very little love they truly have for themselves eclipses the apparently unconditional love they displayed towards you.

Most of the health issues the world largely suffers from today, whether its cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression, or tooth problems, we can trace the origins of these disease to how Europeans treated themselves during the the Industrial Revolution, and how they then projected their self-afflicted slavery onto the cultures they invaded.

It's certainly no coincidence, and clearly indicative of their intentions, that Child Labor Laws became a systemically profitable solution to their systemically profitable problem. That problem, being that they were enslaving European children to build their system at genocidally alarming and unsustainable rates. To fuel the Industrial Revolution, the government forced as many children as they possibly could to slave away in toxic and hazardous conditions for little to no money; Money, which is an imaginary concept the government created to convince humans that slavery is the path to freedom.

The conditions Freemason have, and continue to, forced children to build their world under, are worse than horribly morbid, to put it lightly. A quick internet search will blast you with countless historical articles and documents expressing the objectively inhumane, dangerous, and deadly circumstances under which Britain, and by extension most of Europe, made its people work.

So, its important to note how all the horrible atrocities Europeans continue to commit onto Indigenous and African peoples was because they expanded their global empires through externalizing the the brutal r*pe and genocide they internalize on themselves.

The British and overall European powers encouraged malnourishment in their populations through forced enslavement and indoctrination of their children into a robotic form of servitude. The government then created a whole new culture around normalizing and supporting the brutalization of their children, which many now see the effects of today in the form of "pizza gate" and Hollywoods' cult-rally open secret.

To successfully create a culture reliant on convincing children to kill themselves, and by extension encourage adults to support the enslavement of their kids, the spirits ruling these governments had to work hard to disconnect these humans from their spirits. To sever peoples' connection to God, the government made themselves the new god by using their awareness to fill the population's minds with colonial ideas about why they need to destroy their bodies working in this factory every day.

This meant that factory workers were sitting a lot, breathing through their mouths, and worst of all, were reliant on eating whatever processed carbs the factory made over-priced and scarcely available to them.

This is the origin of baby food as we know it today. Processed Industrial Slop meant to get children the basic sugar energy they need to serve the government. Then, when they get that inevitable sugar crash, they only have governmentally provided bread and processed sugars to consume. Thus babies, infants, children, and the adults they grow into all become hooked on the Industrialized Sugar Products the government is forcing them to eat.

Industrialized Sugar Products, which are then creating the tooth decay, gum disease, and malocclusion that modern doctor's paychecks pray for/upon. 

It's because of these centuries of sugary n' toxic malnourishment that made the idea of "eat vegetables" so revolutionary in 'white' people's brains that they created a whole separate industry based on selling the idea that their products are finally healthy for babies.

In the 1920s, might I add. A couple centuries after they effectively took vegetables and healthy foods away from the common person in order to get them addicted on sugar n' meat instead.

It's hilarious that feeding babies vegetables just became a good enough idea to Euro-Americans a century ago, and its even more hilarious that industrializing the concept of feeding children "healthy food" created even more health disorders for doctors to profit off of.

Did you know that the scientists and governments who mass produced and popularized baby food, only did so so they could continue poisoning their citizens? It's only been in the past couple months of 2021 that America's four biggest manufacturers of baby food have finally been publicly outed for selling products loaded with high levels of heavy toxic metals. This means that the government has been poisoning the population with these heavy metals since they industrialized and commercialized  Harold Clapp's baby food idea one hundred years ago.

It was only just back in 2017 when a non-profit organization known as the Clean Label Project released the results of their extensive studies into the contents of baby food. This collective found contaminants such as arsenic, lead, and mercury in leading brands of infant formula and baby foods. An organization called Healthy Babies Bright Futures confirmed these findings in a 2019 investigation of their own.

This organization tested 168 popular baby foods in America, and found that they're basically the closest thing to edible poison one could create.

According to the HBBF, a whole 95% of manufactured containers give off toxic heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. They also found the these heavy metals were most abundant in products containing rice, juice, and sweet potatoes. (that's most kid food btw) 

Two years before their 2019 findings, The Clean Label Project conducted a separate study to see if baby food could truly be mostly neurotoxins disguised in 'organic' mush. In this study, the organization acquired 500 different baby food products from 60 different brands and had them tested for more than 130 contaminants. 

According to the CLP 2017 study, about 65% of baby food products contain arsenic. 36% of baby food samples had detectable levels of lead. 60% of the products labeled "BPA Free"(BPA is a poisonous Industrial chemical) guess what, tested postive for BPAs.

Baby foods labeled "certified organic" had higher levels of arsenic than generic baby food.

Heres the link to the article I'm citing if you'd like to learn more.

So, the question is then, WHY?

Why are Euro-American powers obsessively devoted to poisoning their citizens under any means necessary? Why have these colonial governments been so obsessed with implanting heavy metals into the nutritionally-limited and hyper processed food supply they make people pay for?

The European and American populations were already experiencing extremely negative health effects from injesting the large amounts of heavy metals the government pumped into all the food and water they had been consuming up to this point.

Its no wonder then, that Harold Clapp's sick child, who had surely been consuming these poisons as well, healed his disease when he was fed homemade vegetables. Considering the whole origin and point of citizens developing baby food was to stop getting sick from the governments mandated poisons, why do you think the system would quickly commander this idea and turn it into an industry where they claim its "healthy and organic" while contaminating these products with the same heavy metals parents wanted to avoid in the first place?

It's clear that the Health and Food Industry wanted to sell people the idea of health while still killing them, but just how bad are these heavy metals?


Many may forgive and forget the hundreds of years of intensive manipulation by the government in spreading these toxic heavy metals into the entire environment, atmosphere, and food supply, because they are simply 'ignorant' of their horrible effects on all animals, including humans.

In fact, for decades, scientists have been tasked with training the population to see these heavy metals as harmless pesticides that are only there to kill any -bug- life that interacts with the food. The health experts and scientists then have to train people to believe that these heavy metal pesticides are in such small amounts that they only harm animals in nature, not humans. 

This belief fundamentally instates the idea that humans are somehow above and disconnected from nature. 

The poisons that kill bugs and critters do nothing to humans- "but humans do need to eat three times a day- so do that with our processed pesticides" says the health system.

So lets look at what the government has finally admitted, as of 2021, about a few of the chemicals and contaminants they've been injecting into humans.

First off, the World Health Organization has arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, which were found in 95% of ALL manufactures containers preserving food, in their top 10 chemicals of concern for infants and children.


Because all of these heavy metals have been directly linked to causing cancer, chronic disease, and neurotoxic effects, which makes them even more destructive if given to a human in its most developmentally sensitive stages of life. 

Although all humans are susceptible to the negative effects of heavy metals, babies, from birth to the age of two, are extremely susceptible to developing debilitating neurodegenerative disorders in reaction to these things. All of these heavy metals have been well known to cause cancer, diabetes, liver disease, comas, and virtually every brain/nervous system disorder known to man.

This literally means that most food Americans have been consuming for the past hundreds of years are swarming with the heavy metals that destroy our bodies from the inside.

And guess what?

To this day, the Food and Drug Administration has done nothing to even label these poisonous baby foods as 'containing toxic metals.' They still don't even require the manufacturers of these poisoned goods to test them for heavy metals in the first place. 

Why? Why would the FDA, which the government claims it maintains, with your tax dollars, to "protect public health" by "ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices" not want to stop manufacturers from flooding all of their products (and thus the humans consuming them) with well know neurotoxins?

To read the FDAs recent response to these proactive group's finding neurotoxic metals in all the food supply- click here

Regardless of the many reasons why the FDA encourages food manufacturers to poison their consumers, the direct result has been collective malocclusion, malnourishment, and malevolence across the globe for centuries now.

2) Improper Positioning


2) Fast Food

We just covered how the Industrial Revolution and the lifestyle that came with maintaining it, forcefully colonized the globe. This aggressive spread of white supremacist ideologies spread their health problems as well. Euro-American society has somehow become simultaneously obese, yet malnourished, which physically shouldn't make sense unless these obese humans were eating substances that are somehow high calorie enough to make them pack on extra weight, but nutritionally empty enough that they stay hungry, even when they're stuffed. 

Enter, the Euro-American Industrial powers newest idea for Human enslavement.

Fast Food.

"Ah yes- glorious , yummy, oh so convenient fast food. Its so awesome how easy it is to find fast food, right? Like, its everywhere. No need to make my own food when there's fast food. They probably cook better than I do anyway. And Fast Food tastes so waaaay better than anything I could make anyway. It's so cheap too. Oh my gosh and there's so many options for Fast Food too!"

This is generally the thought track of most of the 110 million Americans who consume fast food on a daily basis, as the CDC reports that over 1/3rd of American adults rely on obtaining their nutrition from these popular processed breads and meats. 

It's no secret that fast food is notoriously unhealthy in every way, shape, and form. There are so many documentaries, scientific studies, and various communications about its purely negative health effects, so why do over 1/3 of Americans continue spending their money consuming poisons?


As I expressed in my facetious monologue up above, most people eat and love fast food because the government has them hooked on supporting the Industrial Revolution Factory Slave Program that kickstarted their global takeover of this planet. Thats a huge problem. People are constantly complaining about how painful it is to have their job drain them of all the prime hours of their day. Furthermore, most Americans are getting paid just enough to survive in a granite box when they're not slaving away for someone else, resulting in them not being in the mental, emotional, physical, or financial position to create their own healthy meals. If you happen to be one of the millions of people who live in a "food desert,"  which is where the government has decimated the fertile land so well that the communities there can't even grow their own food, then the ONLY option for you could be a Mcdonalds  or Burger King. It's very specifically set up this way for a reason.

Fast Food is essential baby food for adults. All those neurotoxic heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, are just as present in fast food as they are in babu food- considering all of these seemingly different food distribution companies are literally being both financially and resourcefully provided for by the same exact Industrial Colonialists who made them "necessary" in the first place.

If anything, fast food is full of even more untested and unknown chemicals specifically designed by the government to slowly kill whoever is consuming them.

We're now aware that the FDA encourages baby food manufacturers to fill their products with neurotoxic metals, because the medical industry can generate endless profit through constantly treating all the health issues that come with consuming these poisons. If the FDA is happy to profit off of providing Americans/food consumers the illusion of safety, just how many more toxins do you think they'll allow in adult food, than they'll allow in baby food?

The answer, in its simplicity, is much more. In reality, the poisons we're about to cover could very well be in baby food as much as it is in adult food, since the source of these contaminants are the Industrially Revolutionary processes they employ to create "food."

For example, Flourine. This neurotoxin can be found in french fry cardboard sleeves, sandwich wrappers, and desserts wrappers, because the governments use polyfluroalkyl substances  (PFACs) to make the packaging grease and water resistant.

What do you think happens when you're done eating and you throw these toxic packages into the trash? 

They seep into the ground, poison the water supply, and ultimately, everything, because this planet is one giant ball of water with 30% land for us to call "earth" All of the water connects everything on earth, period. All the billions of tons of Flourine products in landfills and the ocean and everywhere in-between are ensuring that all plant and animal life are affected by the governments intentions.

So, what does Flourine cause?

Cancer, fertility issues, infantile developmental issues like mental retardation, a weakened immune system, and skeletal deformations are all par for the course when Flourine accumulates inside of a human body.


This is wild, because most modern health issues can feasibly be linked under the umbrella oft he effects excess Flourine has on humans. Especially, of course, if those humans are exposed to the fluorine from ages 0-2, let alone if their mom is already flooded with it. Its a pyramid scheme of heavy metal poisoning, truly. The more Fluorine a mom has in her system, the more her child will have, and so on.

If you want to learn how you can naturally cleanse your body and mind of these sneaky neurotoxins, click here

Another toxin people are unknowingly consuming everyday is Potassium Bromate, which is used to enhance the texture and rising of flour- meaning, its mainly found in sandwich buns and pizza dough.

Now, you may only be consuming this toxin if you eat bread in the U.S, because its been banned in Canada, the UK, and the European Union because they acted upon their awareness of how this poison is linked to causing cancerous tumors.

The FDA "encourages," but of course does not require U.S. based bakers to stop using this chemical to make bread. Fun. This "Food and Drug Administration" clearly serves their masters well.

The list of Carcinogenic Neurotoxins inside of food created through the Euro-American Industrial manufacturing process is seemingly never ending, as the government very slowly releases small details on all the ways in which they've been poisoning humans at demand of the public. For you genuine health and safety, I recommend looking into more details about how the food you're consuming is made, because that government is only going to communicate about the ways in which they're killing you if you constantly yell at them about it. Even then, they'll never share the full story or scope, so just know that the details of everything I've shared here are indicative of a much greater agenda.

Before we continue covering how the New World Order governmental powers manipulate the environment and enslave humans into creating the very health problems they worship the corporations for exacerbating, I feel many of you asking... How?

How could the government morally and emotionally continue to suck the souls out of spirits by poisoning humans in order to enslave them on their concepts of 'money' and 'jobs'?

The answer to this question, is a spiritual one.

It's all a matter of awareness. Spirits know that they can't truly force anyone to do anything, they must emotionally manipulate their target to take actions against their best interest. Even then, you can't even directly emotionally manipulate people- you must create light, or art, that is tailored by your understanding of how your target emotionally manipulates themselves.

This is why, in 2019 alone, the United States spent more than 240 billion dollars on "Advertising." Advertising ideas that directly benefit their agendas, whether that involves getting children hooked on candy, fast food, pharmaceutical drugs, or any variety of dopamine dumping products.


Advertising, is a spirit purposefully manipulating the light appearance of an idea to resonate with the dark feelings of as many spirits as possible, with the intention of converting the energy of how the consumers feel the idea will serve them into serving the creator of said idea on a much greater scale than the consumer could possibly be aware of.

The hope of advertising is that that spirit can create a tantalizing enough light to make it seem like it's not only a higher frequency than you, but that if you give them your soul (feelings tied to money) in exchange for consuming this light, you will finally feel fulfilled inside yourself. The more of your soul they can convince you to sell in exchange for their idea, the more/longer they can use your body to build their business. 

America's motto ends with "The pursuit of Happiness" for this very reason. By advertising ideas that encourage humans to consume their way to higher vibrations, the government is able to consistently lower the populations spiritual frequency, trap them in hell, then harness that energy to continue building their New World.

At AlwaysAscendingAcademy, we know we 'create' hell, and would thus have to trap ourselves there. We're wise enough to know that there is no light we can consume in this world to fulfill our darkness. The point of being in this flesh bodies is to learn how to create and embody our own light- be fulfilled- inside our dark soul. True self love. True aloneness. That is the only way to the spirit, for True Spirituality is Individuality. Anyone trying to use advertising to convince you to consume their light, whether thats drugs, food, or ideas, is imbuing you with their true spiritual intention.

A perfect example of this is cigarettes, which, until 1950, were aggressively advertised as "healthy" and "cool" in order to not only increase demand for tobacco slave plantations, but get humans addicted to something that will make them reliant on expensive medical treatment.

Three years ago, I didn't eat food for 24 days because I ate the higher vibrational thoughts my spirit created from outside of the world instead of continuing to densify myself consuming everything the world advertised at me. In the first five months of 2020, I didn't eat food for over 60 days, and on the days I did it, it was one meal.


I've only felt beyond amazing as I get deeper in touch with my spirit as I purge my body of the effects colonialism has had on the world.


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3) Processed Foods

Alright- so humans around the globe are severely maloccluded and malnourished, because despite how obese they became in pursuit of nutrients, the governmentally provided food is created to be as empty as soft as possible. Nutritionally empty and soft baby food, nutritionally empty and soft fast food, and of course, nutritionally empty and soft everything else food.

All this because the Freemasons colonized Indigenous peoples to create an environment where humans will suffer from as many tooth problems as they possibly can.

When was the last time you walked into a gas station and saw *real* vegetables for sale? When was the last time you walked into a movie theatre and saw organically grown superfoods for sale?

I, personally, never have- in all my time on earth. I've never seen a movie or show where characters walk into the #1 most active and cancerous building ever, a gas station-linked-convienience store, to pick up something healthy, let alone naturally grown. These characters always pick up and viscerally enjoy something packaged and processed for the viewer to then mentally digest that idea. This is why the U.S. government invented Hollywood and the concept of worshipping movie stars in the first place. To advertise their ideas with the intention of amassing worship

This is why the U.S. government made their first 12-reel, 3 hour long film glorifying their version of how the United States came to be. "Birth of a Nation", which was originally called "The Clansman" is essentially the start of the superhero genre so beloved today.  Made in 1915, this widely popular film was was the first American motion picture screened in the White House, because the Freemasons believe in the message they're broadcasting deeply. 

So what was the message of America's first ever Blockbuster Hollywood Superhero flick?

To enslave, r*pe, and murder indigenous (black) peoples.


This is the main emotional message this government desires to broadcast to the world through movies.


Do whatever you want to people of color because they're all inherently evil. This is why the only "black" people in the film are portrayed by Europeans painting their faces black so they can act as unintelligent and aggressive as possible. This set the stage for over a century of musical and movie star fame for any European willing to put on 'blackface' and behave in the horrible ways the government wants the world to think dark-skinned people act. 

In this superhero origin story of the creation of the Americas, the government has portrayed the people who's land they aggressively stole and then enslaved as the evil villains. 

So who are the heroes?

Them, of course. The Freemasons. The European powers who use money to manipulate people into chasing desires through their system. The government, the police, the KKK.

In Birth of a Nation, the U.S. government paints the most influential terrorist organization in human history as the original superheroes. The Ku Klux Klan is the solution to exterminating these evil indigenous people (that they want us to believe are African) that plague the two whole continents they just "discovered." 

Every movie, especially superhero movies, made by Hollywood from 1915 on out, are completely built upon the foundation set by this film. Back then, the genocidal Ku Klux Klan, who found pleasure in sexually abusing indigenous peoples, were considered heroes because they're controlling the sexually aggressive "black" people depicted in the movie.

Please take a second to consider just how backwards that is. That religious rapists are celebrated by society for sexually enslaving natives who they've painted as "sexually immoral."


Behold, the power of advertising. Now, like the Ku Klux Klan, real superheroes wear masks. Just like Spider-Man protects his secret identity so his enemies can't find his loved ones, the KKK wear masks so that they can't be held accountable for "heroically" r*ping and murdering 'black' people before going back to their jobs as police and politicians. 

Because the entities (whoever owns the concept of 'money') that control Hollywood also control the Food Industry, it's only in their best financial interest to use their platform to encourage consumption of products you can't make yourself.

In this case, its processed food, loaded with unnaturally copious amounts of the most addictive neurotoxin on earth- sugar.


Breakfast cereal, microwave dinners, sodas, ice cream, candy, and the never ending rotation of packaged are loaded with sugar and other toxins then pushed into humans' subconscious environment in the form of advertising, movies, entertainment, and education- and pushed into their environment with vending machines and convenience stores.


Sugar is now publicly well-known not only as a neurotoxin, but the singular prime culprit for tooth decay as well; So you can see why a system that profits off of sickness would inject as much sugar into as much food as possible.

It's not just that sugar based products that are creating tooth problems in the populations consuming them, but the fat and meat based processed foods too. Bread, cheese, tofu, sausage, bacon, pasta, and a plethora of other soft foods are all major culprits for malocclusion (and malnourishment) because they don't offer the consumer enough fiber to warrant having all those teeth.

As children grow up eating all the products I've listed above, and many more, the improper use of their teeth causes them to fall into their fall, resulting in many health disorders. 


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