Your Cognitive Function

    Do you feel like you could be functioning on a higher level? Perhaps your head gets cloudy and you forget things quite  a bit, passing out those "brain farts."  Our brains only make up about 2% of our body weight yet consume 20% of the energy we produce! They're greedy organs but seeing how I am literally a brain using this body to communicate to your brain we can't deny their (our) importance. The more we learn about our craniums the more complex and mysterious they become, but what do we know about our ability to change our genes in relation to brain power?

    Of course, genetic mental disorders are just that, genetic; Which is a debilitating idea for those who falsely believe that they are permanently set with what mommy and daddy gave them. For those who know that is not the case, the conversation becomes HOW. Yes, we were born into bodies without consultation, undertaking the genes and mutations our ancestors have produced us from. No one chooses to be born into sex they cannot identify with, an ethnicity that consistently faces oppression from another, or with a brain/body predisposed to any number of illnesses. But, we are not prisoners. No sir, we are all the sperm that made it. Our genes WANT to function at their highest capacity.

    The question becomes HOW. 

    How can we offset how our modern society and our current genes are sabotaging the superpowered craniums we could have? 

   First we have to learn the specific ways modern society is fighting, and losing, against nature. I continuously cover these topics and more in my weekly newsletter, but let me hit you with some info you can use right now.

   Since Homo Habilis began using stone tools, us Homo Sapiens have been about 3 million years in the making.  That is 3 million years of life involving active hunting, exploration, eating the healthiest most natural foods, highly active social groups, and proper sleep cycles. But thanks to the European Industrial Revolution, the past 200+ years have resulted in an exponentially rising climate, departure from the natural world that we came from, and dysfunctional humans. Yes, dysfunctional humans. We are organisms that evolved for millions of years in opposite environments than we have the past 200 years. Do you seriously think we have evolved in the past 200 years to oppose millions of years of genetic engineering? Of course not. Colonialism and artificial societies are wrecking havoc on our DNA. Over years of humans being mutated by "The New World" and spreading those mutated genes, we see that in the prevalence of cognitive glitches like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety just to name a few.

    How late do you normally stay up? 10pm? Perhaps 11pm? Maybe you haven't even pecked sleep on the cheek for the past three days. Perhaps you get so little sleep when the sun goes down you end up counting half of your sheep during daylight hours. This is one major way modern technology is at battle with our DNA.

   The human body – like all living organisms on Earth, in fact – runs on an internal clock that regulates our functions, our sleep, our behavior, etc. This precise biological pattern is aptly named a circadian rhythm, from the latin circa (approximately) and dia (day), as it is programmed within us, within our genes, to follow the 24 hours of a day. 

   It is well known that artificial light negatively impacts wildlife, at levels from the individual all the way to an entire ecosystem. Animals can get disoriented by this fake light and their migration patters/living conditions are thrown out of flux. We are no different.
   Our bodies, just like every living organisms on Earth (what a coincidence.)  runs on an internal clock that regulates our biological functions. I'm taking our sleep, behaviors, lifestyle, and thus, genes. You may already know about this process, the circadian rhythm. The root meaning comes from the Latin circa (approximately) and dia (day), because we are hardwired to follow the sun in our 24 hour days. 


   For those that don't know, daylight inhibits our body's production of melatonin. This neurotransmitter is essential for rejuvenating sleep and proper growth hormone production. 


How it's supposed to work: The suns sets and our bodies stop getting hit with light, we start to produce melatonin for bed time. Then as morning approaches and daylight hits us, melatonin levels fall and we awaken. 

What usually happens now:  People stay up way past dusk thanks to artificial light, throwing their melatonin out of whack. Sitting under lights until 12am and starring at LED lights is damaging our ability toot only receive enough sleep, but the proper quality of sleep.


We can see this in populations far from the equator, when days become shorter by fall equinox and through wintertime. When humans don't receive enough sunlight, they feel depressed, have less energy, and experience negative genetic affects over the long term. Why? Because this instance, the body produces too much melatonin. This is commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I definitely experience it during those Chicago winters. Concrete structures blocking out the little vitamin D rays that make it outside will chip away at my happiness and productivity.  My brain will become cloudy to the point where my productivity is significantly impaired. 


   No exaggeration, there are times where, if I happened to see sunlight break through that polluted sky, I would run down those 14 floors and bathe in those rays to recharge. We can't fight it, it's our genetics. Remember, nature will always have the last laugh if we work against it. We must live by our genes, not against them, if we want to be our highest functioning selves.

For starters, all of our brains has a natural “default setting”. This consists of our more frequent emotions, our inner monologue, and outlook on life. These aspects make up the difference a being who lives in harmony with their genes and one who may feel like a prisoner in their own skin. Those who cling to negative views of the world around them, and even themselves, are naturally consistently less healthy. Not only are they mired by destructive thoughts, but as these thoughts become actions they enter into a vicious and destructive perpetual cycle.

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