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cleanses our body

of the world so that we can become a fuller expression of our spirit. Truly Infinite.


Why Do We Fast?

How does fasting
 heal my body?  

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    1) Healing Dis-Ease and Ailments

   Fasting heals the body in ways medicine never will.

   We're wise enough to know that our bodies are naturally at ease, so when we feel dis-ease, it's because we, or by extension, our environments, are not treating our body right- not because our body is not treating us right.

    Dis-ease occurs inside of a human when that human is doing the opposite of what it evolved to do.

    Sitting for 5+ hours everyday, constantly eating carbs, meat, n' sugar, breathing in numerous governmentally produced toxins, and reacting negatively to stressful stimuli like bills, taxes, and the news, wrecks insane havoc on a human's health in increasingly infinite ways. This is reflected in the growing amount of "newly discovered" ailments and sicknesses that many industries then make trillions of dollars exacerbating. 

    The CDC states that over 40% of Americans are directly dying from the adverse health effects caused by living this robotic capitalist lifestyle, for this global sedentary enslavement is the direct cause of obesity in most people.

    The more fat a human carries on their body, the more likely they are to develop other (increasingly infinite and profitable) health issues like diabetes, depression, all types of cancers, and so many more ailments we don't even have the words to label them. The link between how many humans suffer/die from carrying toxic fat on their bones to how many suffer/die from heart disease is undeniable. 

   Million Hearts states that more than 800,000 Americans die from heart disease every year, making every one out of every three deaths on planet earth being a result of the heart failing to support the body it created to experience life.

    Why would the main brain lose its ability to sustain life? Because the life it's living doesn't sustain it. In fact, everything involving the systems of the modern world are specifically designed to attack and weaken the human heart; Whether thats due to pollution, fast food, cars, stress, school, work, prison, or the massive amounts of medical experiments- heart disease is the 1% killer of humans on the planet.  

    This is why we Fast. To burn fat, keep our hearts strong, and heal our bodies of any dis-eases we may be suffering from, including cancer.

Want to learn how you can use fasting to heal your body? 



   2) Grow Stronger & Reverse Aging

   Modern science is obsessed with finding some external source of youth that will allow the humans participating to live in their bodies longer than they were taught is possible. But what if humans can naturally live much longer than science has conditioned them to believe? 

   A prime motivation in why the Europeans murdered, enslaved, & colonized the indigenous peoples of North, South, and Central America, was because they were searching for a "Fountain of Youth"- and they killed very many natives for supposedly keeping their ancient secrets of eternal youth to themselves.

   What if the Europeans were right? They were certainly amazed at how Native Americans were living much longer than they thought possible, so clearly, the Indigenous peoples had a secret to the "eternal youth" these invaders were looking for.

   Thing is, the European terrorists invading what they label "The New World" show a completely opposing mindset to the countless Indigenous cultures that welcomed these colonizers into their home. Whereas the Europeans are focused on consuming, the Native Americans are focused on creating- thus, these colonizers literally can't imagine that the natives are creating youth for themselves, they can only imagine that the natives are consuming youth from somewhere else, and thus feel justified in dehumanizing them for not sharing their source of life.

   What if there isn't anything in the external world that will give you eternal youth, salvation, or love? What if the idea that you can consume something to become greater only comes from spirits who are internally self-hating and unfulfilled? What if this unfulfilment is the very reason these colonizers find pleasure in constantly stealing native land, enslaving humans to farm sugar n' tobacco, and eating 3+ times a day? It would then be clear that they're killing themselves due to their desire to consume as much of the world as possible, all while enacting genocide in the name of Jesus, a man who had to eat nothing for 40 days in order to talk to God.

   Clearly, the Europeans who destroyed countless indigenous cultures in their pursuit of eternal life subconsciously knew that they should be fasting like their lord and savior. This was in fact, the secret "Fountain of Life" that the natives were drinking from to live so long. They actually lived like Jesus, and didn't eat food in order to be able to talk to God themselves. Europeans talked the talk of Jesus, while murdering and stealing from the humans who walked the walk. 

   So, how did fasting allow the Native Americans live longer, stronger, and healthier lives than the European Colonizers thought possible?

  Scientifically, fasting 'reverses' aging through a process called Autophagy- which is where the body, in a fasted state, eats all of the gunk and toxins its been holding onto. 

   This is how Fasting cures cancer before it's even detected.

   Cancer is the uncontrolled multiplying of dis-eased cells, resulting in death.

   Fasting is the controlled destruction of dis-eased cells.

   This means that fasting also revamps all metabolic processes, and doesn't actually just slow the destruction of 'DNA', but is directly responsible for accelerating the repair of DNA. 

   Most of the health problems we've been taught by modern science to associate with aging, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, respiratory failure, chronic fatigue, and cancer- are not a natural byproduct of aging. The genocidally toxic environments world governments have modern humans enslaved in are the sole reason why their genetics are being destroyed, and thus the reason why they're living much shorter, more miserable lives than they designed to. 

The more often a human eats, the more of their life energy they're spending digesting this food than actually living. The indigenous peoples knew this, and thus, only ate when they felt called to, unlike the invading terrorists who feel like they're superior because they force themselves to constantly eat on a rigid schedule. On top of this, when indigenous peoples did eat, they ate the most natural and highest vibrational foods this planet has to offer. 

   Now, the forces that stole this planet do their best to fill all the food up with innumerable toxic poisons, as well as the air and water, in order to create a global environment that destroys the human body on every level possible. 


   By creating health problems, they can offer their health solutions, which in this case, means humans becoming completely reliant, and thus further enslaved, on whatever systems they advertise as the "cure" to the ailments they created for you to suffer from.

   This is why we fast. To drink from the "Fountain of Youth" that is found within, not without.

   If you want to learn how to use fasting to reverse the aging process, cleanse your body of poisons, and become stronger than you ever thought possible, click here.

3) Becoming a Self-Sustaining Super Human

  Are super powers real? According to the bible, after Jesus fasted for 40 days, he came back to the world flexing any superpower he wanted. Healing the sick, walking on water, and rising from the dead are a few of the super powers Jesus is worshipped around the world for expressing. 

  Now whether you 'believe' in the bible or not, its role in creating the modern world is undeniable. The fact that the planet's collective idea of time has been completely reset based on when the Roman government crucified Jesus is a blinding reflection of how powerful the idea of a human fasting to achieve super powers is.

   All around the world, cultures are aware that fasting regularly will turn a normal human into a super human.

   For the Jewish and Christian peoples, Jesus ate no food for 40 days in order to acquire higher powers of self expression. For the Buddhist peoples, Buddha fasted for 49 days in order to achieve ultimate enlightenment and super natural abilities.

   For the Hindu peoples, fasting is a consistent moral and spiritual practice meant to purify the body, raise ones vibration, and allow a human to achieve "God Consciousness." 

  Fasting is even one of the five pillars of Islam, making it integral to the Muslim way of life. Like everyone else, they fast to raise their vibration higher than the world around them and get closer to God.

  Its crystal clear that humans know that fasting is the direct link to a Supreme Cosmic Creator, regardless of the label given to it. All of these cultures build their societies on the awareness that there is a higher power outside of the world, and that we are a reflection of that higher power on the inside of this world, but the only way to achieve true divinity is to stop eating the thoughts of the world and start eating the thoughts God directly sends to your heart.

   This is what it means to become a Fully Self-Sustaining Super Human. Fasting allows your human body to become more like God's body. This results in all sorts of 'Super Natural Abilities' that allows the fasting human to express themselves in greater ways than non-fasting humans. 

   Want to learn how to use Fasting to meet God for yourself, and thus mold your body in its image? Click Here


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How does fasting
 heal my MIND?  

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1) Co-Existing with Your Inner Demons

   Fasting teaches us how to stop opposing our true infinite potential. Fasting allows us to align our energies, become congruent as an individual, and stop being the demon in our own lives.

   So many books, plays, stories, and movies have been written about people who chronically create their own problems. How many stories can you think of where the character had an internal emotional issue that they externalized for other characters to deal with? It's probably all of them. Every story I can think of is propelled by people taking their internal problems and making them external, whether that looks like colonizers r*ping and enslaving indigenous peoples because they're endlessly hungry, a super villain wanting to blow up the planet because he can't have what he wants, or a jealous ex killing his girlfriend because she's happy and he's not, these are all catastrophes stemming from humans who can't fast and sit with their internal world. Because these humans can't stop consuming the world, and instead consume the light created from their darkness, they project their darkness onto the light in front of them then destroy life, thinking that they're destroying the evil feelings they're carrying inside.

If these humans who hate the world fasted, they would see that the world is actually just reflecting back to them what they hate inside of themselves. Once they realize how and why they feel so negatively about themselves in relation to the world, they would reconcile these issues inside of themselves and not bring them to the outside and make life harder for everyone else.

   This is why we fast. To learn how to love every part of ourselves, and to actually co-exist with our "demons", not vanquish them. At AlwaysAscendingAcademy, we know that what we resist, persists, so there is no point in hating these parts of our soul. It's about learning to forgive oneself of any ideas that may be creating the low vibrations that trap one in a hell of their own creation, then integrating the lessons so we don't continue playing out the same patterns.

    If you want to learn how to use Fasting to calm your mind and show the different parts of your psyche how to co-exist with one another, click here.


2) Mend and Master Your Mental Trauma

  Fasting is the easiest, most direct method to curing many mental disorders and most cognitive malfunctions. In todays modern capitalistic world, children are forced to lose the precious sleep they need to grow in order to go to school and memorize everything they're being told day in and day out. As these children grow into teenagers, the demand school puts on them to consistently perform in such a specifically robotic way results in an ever increasing number of mental disorders.

   So, children, and by extension, adults, are constantly developing new mental disorders inside of themselves, due to the combination of stress and lack of healthy sleeping patterns forced upon them by the system. The less humans sleep, the less humans heal, and school is specifically designed to destroy the natural sleep, and thus natural healing cycles, of all participants. 

   Thanks to the ways school, work, and the modern system have been set up to destroy human biology, one out of five adults suffer from mental illness every year. 

   In fact, according to the Association for Children's Mental Health, one in five children have some kind of "diagnosable" emotional, behavioral, or mental health disorder. The ACMH further states that one in ten adolescents have a "mental health issue" that impairs them from performing the way school demands of them.  

   The mental health problems the government creates inside of growing children include chronic anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and Autism. These are a few labels for the mental disorders modern humans are suffering from, and they're all a result of an overwhelmingly stressful environment creating trauma inside of a healthy human.

   Luckily, fasting heals the human brain, and thus the mind, like it does the body. Instead of getting hooked on the newest pharmaceutical drug like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, and other experimental chemicals, a human can start water fasting to restore the chemical balance of their many brains. 


How does this work?

   Want to learn how you can use fasting to improve your focus and heal your mind to perform at your maximum capacity? Click here




How does fasting
 heal my Spirit?  

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1) Raise your Vibration

   Everything in the Universe is vibrating at a certain frequency. To simplify this, the vibration is the feeling of the spirit, and the frequency is the intention of the spirit. Vibration, the feeling, shows us that everything is E-Motional. Energetic motion. This is what "powers" the Universe so to speak. The emotions of the spirits who are expressing their imaginations. 

   At AlwaysAscendingAcademy, we inner stand that we create our emotions, and thus, choose to consistently cultivate higher vibrational emotions than the world around us.

   So how does Fasting raise our vibration?​

 Well, it's like this- Have you ever heard that phrase "you are what you eat"? Most people have, but they only think about it on a physical level, not a mental/emotional level. 

   Everything you consume carries a vibration, and once you digest that energy, the vibration mixes with your body's natural vibration. This means that if you eat low vibrational food, you'll feel emotionally low. If you eat high vibrational food, you'll feel emotionally high. 

    Thing is, no matter how emotionally high we feel after eating eating food, its no where close to as high as we feel when we're not eating at all. Nothing in the world is vibrating nearly as fast as our spirit, and this becomes increasingly obvious the longer you go without consuming anything from the world. 

   You, as a spirit, have created this body in order to accomplish whatever desires you personally have. The only reason you're alive, is because you FEEL like being alive. Your spirit FEELS like sending signals to beat your heart so it can constantly sustain the body you're inhabiting inside of this bigger body.

   So, in the simplest terms, if you want to live the life of your dreams, you must raise your vibration to match how you would feel when you've accomplished your dreams before physical reality starts to reflect those feelings back to you. Otherwise, you'll stay stuck reflecting back to reality the -comfortable- feelings its creating to trap you in a world not built with your best interest in mind.

   This is where "You are what you eat" then gets extended to "You're truly yourself when you're not eating." 

   You're truly yourself when you're not eating physical food, because now, you're eating purely your thoughts and emotions. Now, instead of getting slowly killed by the sugar, chemicals, and poisons the government pumps into all the food it provides, you're eating the high vibrational feelings your spirit is sending straight into your heart.

   Once you're aware that your true self "exists" outside of the world, and that your subconscious soul is the feeling that made you create a conscious body which allows you to express those feelings in physical reality, it becomes a constant practice to cultivate a vibration higher than the world around you.

   If you would like to learn how to use Fasting to create the life of your dreams by raising your vibration, click here.

2) Connect with your "Higher" Self

    Like we covered in #3 of the Body section, Fasting is essential to the existence of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many more systems of belief based around worshiping a "Higher Power." In each of these religions, fasting is the agreed upon way for every human to meet "God" face to face.

   As someone who has fasted 20+ days straight, with a cumulative 100+ more under my belt (I like being in the spirit realm) I can tell you right now that there is no "Greater Power" calling all the shots. There is no One Creator who owns everything in existence. The entire Universe is created by individual spirits of varying awarenesses. This is why almost every religion is started by, or at least based around worshipping, someone who met God through resisting the desire to eat. 

   That "God" is you. You are the ultimate creator of your life. Any desire to worship a creator outside of yourself will eventually lead to you realizing that you're only truly happy when you express your uniquely infinite individuality. You are the infinitely powerful spirit who has decided to limit themselves to a human body, because there are certain experiences you can only enjoy in this form. As a spirit, you came here to learn how to build your own world, not get trapped in someone else's.        Especially getting trapped in what a spirit tells you is heaven because you're scared of going to hell.

   If you decide to fast, if you decide to stop consuming the light the world creates for you, and instead you start to consume the light created from your darkness, you will be forced to start loving yourself. Self Love is not only the main tool necessary to accomplish a long fast, a long fast is the quickest path to acquiring large amounts of self love.

   As you eat the light that is your thought, you'll start to operate more from the space of actually being the CREATOR of your thoughts, not the CONSUMER.

   This shift is everything. As you fast, you are forced to realize that you are greater than this body. You'll be forced to realize that you're an infinite spirit creating this body through the combination of your thoughts and feelings.  

   This is everything life is about. Right here. Realizing that no matter where you are, you're creating your existence with all the other spirits inside that space.

   This is how you can use fasting to connect with your higher self. Once you stop eating food, and start eating your thoughts, you'll realize that the only way you'll be able to persevere with the fast is if you eat positive thoughts that actually motivate you to continue. If you eat the negative thoughts the environment is constantly throwing at you about how what you're doing is wrong, then you will stay enslaved, and washed under the current, of the vibration the world created for you. Thus, you'll be disconnected from your spirit, your God, and you won't be able to fulfill your truly personal spiritual mission. 

   If you would like to use Fasting to take your power back and remember who you truly are, before becoming a human, click here.

3) Grow Into an Infinite Individual

   Once you meet God, your higher self, face to face, heart to heart- Once you realize that you in fact are the supreme creator of your YOUniverse, your life will truly transform to reflect your divinity. 

   Fasting is a lifestyle choice that allows one to constantly level up in every single way imaginable, and unimaginable. 

  Want to learn the secrets of the universe? Fast. Want to learn who you were in your past lives? Fast. Want to know your ultimate spiritual purpose for being in a human body?



   If you want to learn the truth about who you are, where you are, and why you are, then fasting is the move for you. Fasting will allow you to learn and see things the world won't be able to comprehend, because it's unique to you as a spirit. It's up to you as a God, a creator, and artist, to translate your imagination into something relatable and practical. 

   The universe is created by spirits who fast. The less you consume, the more you create. The more you consume, the less you create. 

   The Global Capitalist systems that have colonized earth have coined the term "consumers" to describe all humans for this very reason. The government considers itself as the Spirit, the creator of life, and it considers its people the body, the result of their creation. 

  To be a full Individual, you must govern your own thoughts. This is where Fasting is the only way to truly cut through the noise of everything in existence that is not you. The longer you fast, the easier it becomes for your body and mind to consistently level up in accordance with your intentions. 

   Any skill, talent, or ability you want to improve will only be propelled through fasting. A human in a fasted state is operating at a physical and mental level that allows them to express greater aspects of themselves in ways they couldn't even comprehend before becoming so disciplined. 

   Fasting turns consumers into creators. 

If you want to learn how to use Fasting to embody your infinite individuality, click here.


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3) Hyper-Conscious and Creative Clarity

   How different would your life look if your brain could function 100x times its normal capacity? 

   For over a century, modern science has pushed the lie that modern humans only use 10% of their brain capacity to as many people as possible. It's only been recently that the scientific community has valiantly defied this myth they've been pushing onto the world, and although they have started disproving themselves, that hasn't stopped the government from creating many movies driving this concept into the viewers' subconscious mind.

   For example, millions of people love the Hollywood Blockbuster 'Limitless', where Bradley Cooper becomes superhumanly intelligent once he started taking a pharmaceutical drug (nootropic) that allows him to go from using 20% of his brain, to 100% 

   In the movie 'Lucy', Scarlett Johansson gains the ability to teleport, telepathize, and telecommunicate with the universe on an infinitely superhuman level after she's given an experimental drug. In this movie, Morgan Freeman explains that Lucy has infinite mental power because the drugs pushed her brain from functioning at 10% to 100%.

  Even in one of my favorite movies ever, 'Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World', there is a character who, by eating a pure vegan diet, has supernatural telekinetic mind powers.

   Thing is, we know this myth isn't literally true, so why is it the basis of so many profitable science fiction concepts? Clearly, humans FEEL like they are not utilizing their mind to its utmost potential, despite the physical world saying otherwise.  


   Considering that tapping into one's full brain power is one of the most popular ideas for humans across the world, the big questions would then be; Why are scientists so obsessed with making people think that the human body is doomed to be weak and flawed without their constant experimentation? Why do modern 'health care' systems spend countless billions of dollars advertising the idea that you need to consume their latest concoction of chemicals in order to function at a higher capacity. And then to take it a step further, would they really be advertising something that would cure you, and thus not make them money; or do you think they want to get you hooked on their product so you become a repeat customer?

   This seems to be the main point why any Capitalist-driven system would invest in advertising. To hook people on a product so they can make as much money back. This is why many governments are adamant about implanting this idea into the heads of their citizens. It further enslaves them on whatever drugs are then offered as a solution for their low functioning brain.

   These mystery concoctions pharmaceutical companies create to "clear your mind" are called Nootropics, and just like any movie about these performance enhancing drugs will show you, there are dire, usually deadly consequences to becoming reliant on these medicines.

   What if the best way to actually clear your mind, is to clear your body? What if eating some mystery chemicals actually limits your mind to the vibration and intention that medicine has for you, when not eating anything at all results in your brain becoming more limitless than you ever thought possible? What if the only way to truly see the world for what it is,  you must stop consuming what the world desires you to consume?

This is why we love to Fast. We know that the best way to boost our cognitive functions, improve our memory, and attain hyper-clear focus is thought eating less of the physical world, not more.

If you want to use Fasting to achieve your Creative Conscious Clarity, so that you can create the life you desire at your fullest and healthiest capacity, click here